Wednesday, January 14, 2009

HOA #1 Vermillion Room


CALL TO ORDER:  STC Board President, Don Stull, called the meeting to order at 2:04 P.M. Board Members present were President Don Stull, Vice President Joe Schullik, Secretary Pam Willis, Treasurer Sue Ayers, and Director-At- Large Judie Renfrow.

STC Members Present:  22 members were present – 3 short of a quorum, therefore no official business could transpire.

ADJOURNMENT: President Stull adjourned the meeting at 3:20 P.M. with no official business conducted.  The Board did take the opportunity to present some information to attendees via Board Reports.

BOARD REPORTS:                 

INTRODUCTIONS: All new 2009 Board Members were introduced.  There were no new members present.

ANNOUNCEMENTS: by President Stull

a.      2009 Committee appointments and other important positions were announced.( see attachment)

b.       A need still exists for a volunteer publicity coordinator.

c.       Plans are currently in the works to create a preference poll on a website to get input on color choices for the Saddle Brooke courts ( the ultimate decision rests with the HOA #1 Board)

d.      The STC will renew its USTA membership for 2009.

e.       A big Thank You goes out to Jay Wilson and all of the volunteers who helped with the Copper Bowl Tennis Tournament.

f.        The Tennis 1-2-3 Program is starting up again.  Jim Ward has taken over as its instructor and the first class is already full.


STC Account Balance: $ 46,665.47

Charity Balance: $ 2,886.10

Membership: 443 members


Claudia Enea, chairperson of the 2009 Club Championships announced that entry forms for this competition would be available the end of January.  The cost is $7 for singles and $14 for doubles. The competition will be divided into singles, gender doubles, and mixed doubles.

Carol Eisenbraun, co chairperson for the Robson Cup Invitational announced that this competition would be held on Saturday, February, 21 at Sun Lakes in Chandler.  Playoffs will be held here in SaddleBrooke to determine the top two teams in both gender doubles and mixed doubles.  Two teams will be selected from the 3.0, 3.5, and 4.0 USTA rankings.


Respectfully Submitted,

Pam Willis, STC Secretary












By: Pam Willis

Date, February 21, 2009

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