CALL TO ORDER:  STC Board President, Connie Kacer, called the meeting to order at 3:07 PM.  Seventy-four members were in attendance.





a. Tennis Court updates:  Courts 9&13 are being resurfaced starting Sept 15 and courts 5-8 will be repaired starting Sept 29 – both requiring about two weeks.


b. Copper Bowl 2009:  Girls 16 and under will compete on courts 1-8, Jan 2-4.  Jay Wilson has volunteered to coordinate a Canteen in the Tennis Center as we did last year, with any profits going to the STC Charity fund.





Don Stull, STC Secretary, informed the members that the minutes for January 9, 2008 were the last meeting where a quorum was present.  Those minutes were posted to the STC website and at the Tennis Center.  There are no requests for correction.  A motion was made and seconded to approve the minutes and carried by consensus.



TREASURER’S REPORT:  Sue Ayers, STC Treasurer, informed us that we currently have 500 active members.  Last year at this time we had 506.  The STC has $38,832.54 in the bank.  The Charity Fund has $2430.16 in the bank.





a. Social Committee---chairperson, Kathy Majer:  The committee is looking for new members.  Contact Kathy if interested.  Kathy described the October social (afternoon of Oct 30th); the Holiday Gala; and the New Year’s Eve bash.  Sign-ups for the Oct. social will begin Oct. 1st.


b. Tournament Committee:  Carol Eisenbraun provided details regarding format/play for the October social. 





a. Nominating Committee:--chairperson, Jay Wilson, presented the committee's slate for the 2009 STC BOD nominees.  They are:  Don Stull, President; Joe Schullick, Vice President; Pam Willis, Secretary; Sue Ayers, Treasurer; and Judy Renfrow, Director-At-Large.


 b. Nominations from the floor: Larry Gray was nominated from the floor for President and Larry accepted.


 c. Proposed Bylaw revisions:  lead by Steve Leane, Chair of the By-Laws Committee:


Steve explained that two thirds of members present were needed to pass a proposed change, but only a simple majority of those voting were needed to modify the language of a proposal or introduce a new proposal.


Art IX, Sec 2:  Meetings:  Steve explained the rationale for the proposed annual meeting including failures to achieve a quorum; the ability of the Board to call special meetings; and to call Informational Meetings as part of Items of Special Importance.  The proposal was discussed.  A motion was made to retain the current four meetings per year.  The motion was passed with 42 in favor.


Art II, Sec 1:  Purpose:  Steve explained the rationale for the proposed language.  The pros and cons for adding “promote…facilities…” in addition to “programs” was discussed.  A motion was made to take out “and facilities” from the proposed language.  The motion passed with 56 in favor.


Art III, Sec 1:  Proposed language passed unanimously.


Art III, Sec 3:  Proposed language passed unanimously.


Art IV, Sec 1:  Proposed wording passed unanimously


Art IV, Sec 3:  Annual budget – a motion was made that it be made available to the membership at least 7 days prior to the November meeting.  The motion passed unanimously.


Art IV, Sec 4:  A motion was made to leave the amount requiring a vote of the membership at $1000.  The motion passed with 42 in favor.


Art VI, Sec 1:  A motion was made to change the wording as follows:  committee reports will be “made available” instead of “presented.” to the membership.  Passed with one opposed.


Art VI, Sec 2:  Proposed language passed with one opposed.


Art VII, Sec 1-A:  The only change approved is limiting membership on the Nominating Committee to two years (passed with one dissenter).


Art VII, Sec 1-B:  The only change approved is to change “should” to “shall” for posting slate of candidates (passed unanimously).


Art VII, Sec 1-C:  The only change approved is to change “biography” to “resume” (passed unanimously).


Art VII, Sec 2:  The proposed language passed unanimously (except for proposed changes that related to an annual meeting, which had previously been rejected).


Art VIII, Sec 4:  Proposed changes passed unanimously except for old item B., which is changed to “Develop an annual projection of income and expenses and present to the Board of Directors.”


Art IX, Sec 6:  BOD Meetings:  Proposed language approved unanimously except for reference to quarterly meetings.


Art X:  The proposed language passed unanimously with the exception of the reference to an annual meeting.


Art XII:  old Sec 1:  Passed unanimously – deleting old Sec 1


Art XII:  Sec 2 (new Sec 1):  Proposed changes were approved unanimously except for “…within a reasonable period of time.”


Art XII:  Sec 3 (new Sec 2):  Proposed numbering change passed unanimously with the addition of a motion to change “may” to “shall” in sentence one.


Art XIII, Sec 1:  A motion was passed unanimously to add language including “destruction/abuse of tennis facilities” to the list of behaviors that may be subject to the disciplinary process.


Art XIII, Sec 2:  Approved unanimously as proposed.


Art XIII, Sec 3:  Approved unanimously as proposed.


Appendix I:  Changes approved unanimously, including:  1) Remove last sentence of introductory paragraph.  2) Sec. 6, Nominating Committee:  remove old language and add language referring to Art. VII, Sec 1.


A motion was made to accept all the changes in the entire document and passed unanimously.



ADJOURNMENT:  The meeting was adjourned at 5:15 PM.




Respectfully submitted,

Don Stull, STC Secretary







By: Don Stull, Secretary STC BOD               

Date: September 29, 2008

Expires: Archive