3:00 P.M., WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 9, 2008





CALL TO ORDER by President Kacer at:  3:12 p.m.

Note: The meeting was not called to order until a quorum was present.


BOD Members present:  Ayers, Gray, Hamilton, Kacer, and Rutstein

BOD Members absent:  None


Total Members Present:  

25 present at start and 32 present at the end of the meeting all signed in at door.



A. Introduce the 2008 BOD: Sue Ayers, Treasurer; Karen Gray, At Large; Dick Hamilton, Secretary; Connie Kacer, President; Bob Rutstein, Vice President.

B. Welcome new members:

Names: None present




A. President's address:


Theme: Teamwork for the Good of STC on the Court and Elsewhere.


B. Announce 2008 Committee Chair appointments


President Kacer, on behalf of the STC BOD, thanked the past volunteers for their service to the STC in 2007 and present in 2008:


                        Tennis Committee: Bob Rutstein [HOA1], Joel Wyner [HOA2]

                        Bylaws: Steve Leane

Computer: Allen Kacer

Maintenance: Vic Martin & Tom Larkin [interim]

Membership Orientation: Bob & Marsha Weiss

Nominating: TBD by 2007 Committee carryovers

Rules: Craig MacPherson

Social: Bonnie Johnson & Kathy Majer

Tournament: Carol Eisenbraun

Charity: [Open]


C. Solicit chairperson for Charity Committee

                        Thank you to Bonnie and Bruce Nissenbaum for their leadership in 2007.           


2008: Still need this important position filled.


  D. Announce other important member posts


                        Doorkeeper: Tom Larkin

                        STC E-mail Transmitter: Dick Hamilton

                        Parliamentarian: Steve Leane

                        Publicity [Tennis News]: Dick Hamilton

                        Sunshine Lady: Judy Schlak

                        Webmaster: John Holmes [temporary], Jim Marchisio [Assistant]

                        Financial Auditor: Jerry Sandvig

                        Robson Cup Event Coordinators: Carol Eisenbraun & Steve Leane

STC Liaison to USTA: Marv Klapp

Directory: Bill Lunquist and Leon McKinzie

Well Wishers List: Karen Gray

Coordinator Liaison: Connie Kacer


E. Member participation and conduct guidelines at meetings


President Kacer read from a prepared statement regarding this agenda item.


F. Web sign-up trial


                        2008 BOD action extended the trial to Friday, February 1, 2008.

                        John Holmes is the interim Webmaster during the trial only.


G. Ballot Question: Proposed Patio Extension


Voting period: Jan 2-16, 2008

                        Voter Eligibility requires paid membership prior to voting.

Voting by Electronic or Paper Ballot Method:

Date &Time Polls Close: Jan. 16 at 1:45 p.m.




Signup trial is completed and SCOPE is on hold as of 2007 BOD decision.

[Due to insufficient numbers of persons signing up to be statistically relevant]

The 2008 BOD may take up the issue at a later date.


I. Copper Bowl [3rd Annual]

                        Date: Jan 2-4, 2008

                        Comment(s):  Ref. See Connie’s Communiqué of January 7, 2008.


Special mention was made to the HOA Tennis Committee, and Bruce and Bonnie Nissenbaum’s team of concessionaires.


$330.51 was submitted by Bruce Nissenbaum as the amount collected through the sales of snacks during the three-day event.


J. University of Arizona Men’s Tennis team practice at SB


Date: Jan. 19, 2008

                        Time:  1:00 p.m.

                        Court Nos. 1, 5, 6, 7 and 8




A. Approve Minutes from November 14, 2007 Membership Meeting


Motion to Accept, by: Don Stull, Second by: Frank Valenti

Discussion: None

Motion Call: Yeas: All                         Nays: None

Motion Carried






As of January 9, 2008

                        Balance:                         $52,115.66

                        Members: 415


Other information:

As of January 2007:

Balance:  $53,087.00

Members: 428


Discussion: Kacer reported 425 members as of the close of the Tennis Center today.




  A. Club Championship Tournament 

Report by Carol Eisenbraun, Co-Chair


Dates of 2008 STC Club Championship: 1st 3 weeks of April.

1. Singles: 1st Week starts April 1 & finals on Saturday, April 5.

2. Men & Women Doubles: 2nd Week starts April 7 & finals on Sat., April 12.

3. Mixed Doubles:  3rd Week starts April 14 & finals on Saturday, April 19.


Other Information:

1. Players will register to play in the bracket according to their Club rating as of the date they paid their 2008 dues.


B. Robson Cup

Report by Carol Eisenbraun, Co-Chair


                        Who: Open to all SaddleBrooke resident players

Date: Saturday February 23, 2008

                        Where: SaddleBrooke Courts 1-20

                        Signup Period: January 9-18 for Men’s & Women’s doubles

                                                January 16-30 for Mixed doubles


Team Selection Procedure: See STC bulletin board posting and Club membership E-mail transmission. Persons must sign up with a prearranged teammate.


Other Information:

1. Time of day: 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

2. Format: Round robin, 8 game pro set.

3. Flight Ratings: USTA-NTRP 3.0, 3.5, and 4.0



New Business brought before the meeting:


1.  Member, Chuck Rezba recognized by President Kacer to speak for three minutes.  Rezba spoke with regard to an alternate proposal in the event the Patio Extension ballot proposal fails.




                        Motion to Adjourn by: Marje Valenti, Second by: Bobbie Klapp

                        Discussion: None

Motion Call: Yeas: ALL

                        Motion Carried


Meeting Adjourned at: 3:37 p.m.


Respectfully Submitted,

Richard L. Hamilton

STC-BOD Secretary


Source: Dick Hamilton   Date: 01-17-08  Expiration Date: Archive