CALL TO ORDER:  President Connie Kacer called the meeting to order at 3:40 PM.  One hundred and fifty-six members were in attendance.





a. Present Gary Sprouse—candidate for HOA #1 Board.  He described why he is running.


b. Welcome new members:  Chris Donovan and Jim Scofield.



READ AND APPROVE MINUTES:  Minutes for the October 10, 2007  Membership Meeting were approved.



TREASURER’S REPORT:  Treasurer Riley Jackson reported that the STC has 522 members, 3 of those are associate members.  Last year at this time, we had 526 members, so about in the same ballpark, as we have been all year.  The current bank balance (checking plus savings) is $24,702.  The STC Charity fund has $23,844. 


Treasurer Jackson gave a brief update to his 2008 Projection.  He projects the club’s financial status for 2008 as somewhere between a “best case” of a $29,284 surplus (assuming no increase in expenses over 2007) and a “worst case” of $25,299 surplus.  This is if dues remain the same at $80 and the current surplus is carried over.  Some of the variables which could affect the amount of surplus include the final cost of the Web Bridge Option; number of members; whether or not the contract with the PT Pro is extended for another year; and a possible increase in Coordinator salaries.  Treasurer Jackson is fairly comfortable that the 2008 scenario will be closer to the “best case” than the “worst case.” 


Larry Gray asked how much had been spent on socials and the club Championship this last year.  Riley replied nothing, since the socials and Club Championship are self-supporting and have been for two years.


Al Kacer asked if the club would have sufficient dues by May to pay for the CEC recommended patio extension.  Riley replied that approximately 90-95% of dues are received by March.  Riley doesn’t expect a cash flow problem if the members decide to fund a patio extension in May.


Steve Penner wanted to know how much surplus we would have in 2008 if we funded the patio extension.  Riley said it depends on circumstances - it could be a couple of thousand dollars.


The question was asked whether we get any money from the HOAs.  The answer was no, except for 1K budgeted by HOA-1 for 2008 to help with maintenance of our computer system. 


A member asked what are our expenses?  The answer was:  operational; computer; supplies; insurance; PT Pro. 


Another question was:  “If the socials and Club Championship did not pay for themselves, how much would it cost?”  Answer:  $10,700 last year.


A motion was made to accept the Treasurer’s report.  The motion was carried.





a.   Info meeting for Capital Expenditure presentation will be held November 28th 2:30 on the patio then 3:30 in the Coyote Rooms


 b. Orientation Committee—a successful social for D-C level players was hosted by Linda DePew (assisted by Kay Koontz, Marje Valenti, Ellen Efron, Anne Hammond, and Pam Willis).  Snacks and beverages were provided by these volunteers at no cost to the STC.  The Board added a Membership function to the Orientation Committee.  The committee will be called the Membership/Orientation Committee. 


 c.  SCOPE---STAMP:  Still not enough signed up.  Will wait until after holidays then advertise more.  STAMP is still available for those interested.


 d.  Holiday Dinner/Dance:  Tuesday, Dec 18th; information and sign up sheets at TC


 e.  New Year’s Eve party:  Will be held at the old Sales Office at HOA-1.  More info will be going out soon by e-mail and posting at the TC.





a. Charity Committee---event summary presented by Bruce Nissenbaum, Event Co-Chairperson.  Bruce thanked all who helped to make this year’s Charity Event a success, including his co-chair, Bonnie Nissenbaum.  A total of $23,500 raised will be split evenly between two charities:  Youth Own Their Own and the Tri Community Food Bank.



b. Capital Expenditure Committee update:  Steve Watry, Chair of the CEC gave an update on the CEC report and recommendations to the Board.  A full explanation and discussion will be given at the November 28th informational meeting. 


The committee is currently focusing on a patio extension for the Tennis Center, to be completed in two phases.  The CEC has received a firm bid on the first phase of $26,150 to complete the base concrete work and finish in stucco to match the existing patio.  Until the covering could be completed at a later time, canopies and umbrellas could be used for shade.  Drawings have been prepared (for free) by a resident architect.  The HOA-1 President has stated his preliminary support of the plans subject to full HOA#1 BOD approval and any approvals required from HOA#1 ALC.  Steve is still looking for possible cost savings, such as having HOA-1 remove landscaping as needed; and getting Travis Walsh, the architect who drew up the plans, licensed in Arizona so that the STC wouldn’t have to pay another architect to sign off on Travis’ plans.


A question was raised regarding the need for a patio extension.  Steve indicated it could be used for events such as charity functions, USTA team matches, socials, the Copper Bowl, and the Club Championship.  Ultimately, each member will have to assess the need/value for themselves when they vote on the project.   





 Marje Valenti, Chair of the Tellers, presented the results of the vote for the 2008 STC BOD to President Kacer.  Total votes were 191.  Distribution was as follows:  President:  Connie Kacer – 166;  Vice President:  Bob Rutstein – 112, Riley Jackson – 76; Secretary:  Dick Hamilton – 172; Treasurer:  Sue Ayers – 95, Diane Ray – 92; Director-At-Large:  Karen Gray – 115, Linda DePew – 75.  President Connie Kacer announced the 2008 Board will be President: Connie Kacer, Vice President: Bob Rutstein, Secretary: Dick Hamilton, Treasurer: Sue Ayers, and Director-At-Large: Karen Gray





Dues:  The Board of Directors recommends setting the schedule for the 2008 dues at the current $80.  The Straw poll indicated (178 responding) that 60% were in favor of some form of capital expenditures, while 71% were in favor of some form of STC support for tennis social events (which are now pay as you go).  Until the BOD knows specifically what the members want and how much that will cost, the Board feels it is best to keep the dues constant at $80.  President Kacer submitted a motion on behalf of the Board that the dues for 2008 remain at $80.  Discussion followed.


Sy Efron suggested that funding for capital expenditures should come from somewhere other than dues.  Jim Fabio said the question concerning capital expenditures in the Straw Poll should have asked if dues should be increased to pay for capital expenditures.  A member asked what happens if the CEC recommendations are not approved by the members.  President Kacer replied that the surplus could possibly be used to pay for tennis events or the dues could be reduced next year.


Sue Case made a secondary motion to raise the dues to $85 based upon the results of the Straw Poll.  Upon a vote, the motion was rejected.


Steve Penner made a motion to reduce the dues to $60.  Upon a vote, the motion was rejected.


The Board’s recommendation to keep the dues the same at $80 was voted on and carried. 



ADJOURNMENT:  The meeting was adjourned at 5:18 PM.




Respectfully submitted,

Don Stull, STC Secretary