CALL TO ORDER:  President Connie Kacer called the meeting to order at 3:32 PM.  Thirty-two members were in attendance.



INTRODUCTIONS:    Jack Jeffrey, candidate for HOA #1 BOD introduced himself.





The Holiday/Dinner Dance will be on Tuesday, Dec 18th in the Vermilion Room and the New Years Eve Party will be Monday, December 31st in the HOA-1 Activities Center.  Look for more info on the TC bulletin board or e-mail. 


SCOPE update – It looks like there are enough A and B+ men signed up to start the trial for these categories sometime soon, perhaps in early November.  Creation of score sheets and Coordinator training must be completed.  The BOD will discuss the actual start date at their October 24th meeting.


Web Bridge Option update – based upon ballots cast so far, it appears that approval for funding this project will pass with a substantial margin.



MINUTES:  Minutes for the September 12, 2007 Membership Meeting were approved.



TREASURER’S REPORT:  Treasurer Riley Jackson reported that the STC has 517 members, 515 of which are permanent.  The current bank balance (checking plus savings) is $27,055.79.  The STC Charity fund has $12,560.40. 





Capital Expenditures Committee:  Bruce Nissenbaum presented for Steve Watry (chair) who was unable to attend.  The CEC is reviewing projects suggested last year and new one’s proposed this year.  Any potential new projects will be presented to members in November for them to decide on.  The committee is currently focusing on a patio extension for the Tennis Center.  Drawings have been prepared (for free) by a resident architect and the committee is awaiting bids on various elements of the project.  There is no dollar price tag for the project at this time.  The HOA-1 President has stated his preliminary support of the plans subject to full HOA#1 BOD approval and any approvals required from HOA#1 ALC.  In response to a question, Bruce offered his opinion that he would not be inclined to expect funding to come from HOA#1.  Once the CEC has cost estimates, they will meet with the Board then with the members at the next membership meeting.  A member raised the question of why spend money on buildings.  President Kacer said the November meeting will include the subject of dues for 2008 and this will be a good time to debate spending plans.  Bruce commented that the 2006 procedure involved a continuance of the Nov membership meeting to later that month at which time projects were reviewed, debated, and voted upon, followed by the vote on dues.  He suggested that if all the bids are not in yet by November 14th  and/or for more extensive consideration of the facts and funding alternatives by the membership prior to their vote, the BOD could continue and reconvene that meeting later in the month when all bids and/or additional facts are in.


Charity Committee:  Bruce Nissenbaum brought the members up to date on the Charity Event:  entries close the 22nd of this month; there will be 44 men and 44 women spots for tennis.  In addition, there will be a 50/50 raffle, and Food Bank donations will be accepted at the Tennis Center now until the Event on November 3rd.  Volunteers are still needed to help out at the Event.  Marje Valenti also needs volunteers to help distribute sponsor flyers.  So far $7,750 in cash donations have been received plus about $9000 in charity auction items have been donated.





Nominating Committee:  Chair, Frank Farrell, presented the committee’s slate for the 2008 STC BOD nominees:  Connie Kacer, President; Bob Rutstein, Vice President; Dick Hamilton, Secretary; Sue Ayers, Treasurer; and Karen Gray, Director-At-Large.


A call was made for any nominations from the floor.  The following were added to the slate based upon floor nominations:  Riley Jackson, Vice President; Diane Ray, Treasurer; and Linda DePew, Director-At-Large.


When Secretary Stull has biographies of the candidates, they will be posted at the Tennis Center, sent out by e-mail, and posted on the STC website.



ADJOURNMENT:  The meeting was adjourned at 4:02 PM.




Respectfully submitted,

Don Stull, STC Secretary