CALL TO ORDER:  President Connie Kacer called the meeting to order at 1:07 PM.  Eighty-four members were in attendance.



INTRODUCTIONS:  One new member was introduced. 



MINUTES:  Minutes for the May 9th Membership Meeting were approved.



TREASURER’S REPORT:  Treasurer Riley Jackson reported that the STC has a current bank balance of $31,017.81.  The STC Charity fund has $5970.40.  Current active members are 506.





By-Laws:  Steve Leane, Chair of the By-Laws Committee presented background for the proposed changes; process for any proposed amendments; and the requirement of 2/3 of the members voting to approve a change.  As Chair of the committee proposing the changes, Steve made a motion that the By-Laws as amended be approved for immediate implementation.  Steve then went over each proposed change in order.  For several sections there was little or no comment.  Those that generated comment/amendment are as follows:


Art. 1, Sec 4:  not much discussion on this except Jim Fabio proposed a 2/3 vote be required for anything over $1000.00.  President Kacer said this was not within the scope of this article.


Art. IX, Sec. 2:  (Changes regular membership meetings from 7 to 4.)  The question was asked why eliminate September.  Steve replied the Board felt not enough snowbirds would be back yet.  Some members liked September as a meeting month as opposed to October.  A motion was made to change the regular meeting months to January, April, September, and November.  This motion failed to achieve a 2/3 majority vote and therefore was defeated.  Another motion was made to change the September meeting date from the second to the third Wednesday of the month.   This motion passed.  It was pointed out that additional special membership meetings could be scheduled as needed.  President Connie Kacer informed the members that the Board is also recommending to the By-Laws Committee a change to allow the President to change a meeting date as necessary.  Since it is too late to change to a membership meeting on the third Wednesday of this month, a motion was made to cancel that meeting this month and have a “special” membership meeting on October 10th.  The motion passed on a voice vote.


Quorum change from 50 to 25:  Steve explained the previous four membership meetings had not had a quorum.  Also, Robert’s Rules of Order states the quorum should be the number that can be reliably expected to attend meetings.  Leon McKinzie felt 25 wouldn’t be sufficiently representative of the club.  Diane Ray said even 50 is only 10% of the members and therefore may not be very representative.  It was suggested that less meetings might result in higher attendance.  Steve Leane pointed out that the proposed change Art. IX, Sec. 4 limits voting only to those items on the agenda.  This will prevent a small group with a specific special interest from bringing an issue up at a meeting as new business, then voting it in with only a small number of members voting.  Also, if “Items of Special Importance” is passed, many more members will be able to vote electronically or by absentee ballot, thereby increasing the representativeness of the voting group.


Art. IX, Sec. 5 “Items of Special Importance:”  Steve Leane explained the process.  Steve Watry expressed an interest in seeing pros and cons presented for issues up for vote.  George Ray suggested minutes of the informational meeting could be published – perhaps on the STC website.  Steve Penner suggested a 2/3 vote should be required for these items.  George Ray felt a 2/3 vote requirement would hamstring the club.  Dick Partridge thought with more people voting electronically, a simple majority vote should be sufficient.  Jim Fabio made a motion that items of special importance, such as capital expenditures over $3,000 or a change in organized play, require a 60% vote to pass.  After much discussion, the examples were deleted from the motion and it was voted on.  It did not pass (on a voice vote).


Finally, the entire By-Laws with proposed changes and amendments thereto, were voted upon.  They passed unanimously.


President Kacer announced the voting for the Web Bridge Option (the ability to sign up for organized play on the internet) has been determined by the Board to be an item of special importance and therefore voting will follow that procedure.





Charity Committee:  Bruce Nissenbaum brought the members up to date on the Charity Event:  entries accepted at the end of this month; members on the STC e-mail system will receive an entry form by e-mail; Oct 22nd will be the deadline; a total of 88 players will be accepted.  The Food Bank will collect donations in October.  A Card Party benefiting the STC Charities and hosted by Carol Zupanic has sold out.  Sarah Smith is handling corporate contributions for the Charity Event if anyone has a lead, give her a call.


Capital Expenditures—Steve Watry (chair):  All the projects previously approved by members are “essentially done” and about $2300 below budget.  The respective HOA’s will provide maintenance on installed items.  Pavers for the pathways to DV and Preserve courts have been purchased and should be laid soon by HOA-2.  Thanks go to STC members who helped prep the area at DV prior to the pouring of concrete.  Steve thinks this probably saved the STC about $1500.  The $3900 (limit) for the Web Bridge Option (to enable sign up for Organized Play online), which the membership will soon be voting for electronically, is not part of the original $21,000 approved for capital projects, but it has been determined that the STC has sufficient reserves to cover this expense.  Any potential new projects will be presented to members in November.





Free Clinics/Exhibition Match on Saturday, the 15th of September


Nominating Committee:  Chaired by Frank Farrell and seeking prospective candidates.  Let Frank know if you would like to volunteer or know someone you think would make a good officer.


SCOPE—sign up sheets posted/ask if members want another info meeting.  Members favor another informational meeting, so will probably combine with the Web Bridge Option meeting.  


Tournament Committee—thanks to Carol Eisenbraun and her committee of Bob Weiss, Tom Larkin, Loretta Edgerton, Sylvia Wilson for organizing the draw/play for the Labor Day Social matches.


Volunteer sign up sheet—sign up at attendance table


Marje Valenti requested volunteers to help distribute flyers of a list of corporate sponsors for the last Charity Event. 


Kathy Majer announced the Holiday Party will be on Dec 18th in the Vermillion Room and the New Years Eve Party will be in the HOA-1 Activities Center.


Marsha Weiss would like to see a better use of the pro in the morning, perhaps providing some instruction to members on court.  The Board will discuss this more at their next meeting, preferably with the pro. 



ADJOURNMENT:  The meeting was adjourned at 2:43 PM.




Respectfully submitted,

Don Stull, STC Secretary