CALL TO ORDER:  STC President, Connie Kacer, called the meeting to order at 3:02 PM.  Twenty five members were in attendance.




Items approved by the Board at its last meeting were:  STC committees staffing and goals.  Funding for a USTA membership for the STC.  Funding for STC computer program upgrade feasibility studies.  Allow the Treasurer to make transfers as necessary between the checking and savings accounts to accomplish the financial business of the STC.  Not approved was the trial removal of windscreens at SB courts.


Vic Martin has accepted leadership of the HOA-1 maintenance team, replacing Al Kacer who has assumed leadership of the Computer Committee. 


Al Kacer stained the umpires chair and had a canvas cover sewn from material Tom Larkin salvaged from an old canvas canopy.


Some members have expressed concern regarding the upward migration in the ranks of the self rating system.  Since the Board is uncertain of the extent of this concern, members are encouraged to submit signed comments and suggestions to the Suggestion Box at the Tennis Center. 


The lock on the SB ball machine cage has been changed because it was often not being re-locked after use.  The code has been changed, so be sure to ask the Coordinator for the combination before using it.


Organized play sign up sheets have been revised/improved.


AED (defibrillator) training classes are available to SaddleBrooke residents for free.  President Kacer ran down the schedule and locations.  CPR is included.  Additional information is posted at the TC.


There is a vacancy for the Charity Committee.  If anyone is interested in serving on this committee or know of someone who might, please contact President Kacer or a Board member.


MINUTES FOR JANUARY 10, 2007 MEMBERSHIP MEETING:  Don Stull, STC Secretary, informed the members that minutes from the last meeting were posted to the STC website and at the Tennis Center.  There were no requests for changes or corrections.  Since there was no quorum, the minutes were approved by general consensus. 


TREASURER’S REPORT:  Treasurer Riley Jackson reports 470 active members, of which 18 are associate members.  The STC also has $52,894.02 in the bank.  President Kacer pointed out that in March of 2006 we had 495 members total.




Tournament Committee:  Carol Eisenbraun provided information on the 2007 Robson Cup to be held at Sun Lakes, Phoenix on Saturday Feb 24, 9-4.  Carol has a full team now after filling the vacant 4.0 women’s doubles slot with Dee Bartels and Belinda Ostendorf.  Fans are encouraged to support their teams.  Further information on team composition is posted on the TC bulletin board.


STC Club Championships, which will be held as follows:  Men’s and Women’s Doubles – Mar 19-24; Mixed Doubles – March 26-31st; and Men’s and Women’s Singles – April 9-14th.  Levels will be A, B+, B, C+, C, and D.  These levels will be determined by ratings in effect on January 1, 2007.  Only regular (not associate) STC members may participate.  Information and entry forms are available at the Tennis Center.  Entry fee checks must accompany the form.  Carol asks for all to promote the tournament. 




Frank Farrell addressed the absence of a quorum and encouraged everyone to recruit members to attend.  Steve Watry suggested more notices of the meeting.  President Kacer said she would try sending out more notices for the next meeting due to the fact that we have had no quorum for the last two meetings.  Different ideas were discussed for increasing attendance, such as changing meeting times; posting notices on the TC door; and forming a phone tree.


Jim Fabio asked for an update on capital expenditures.  Steve Watry brought everyone up to date (see last Board meeting minutes).  Jim thought the vote on the items was flawed because only a straw vote was taken to determine which items would go on a list - which was later voted on as a whole.  Jim favors a revote.  Steve Watry said it was clear beforehand the items would be voted on and we should not go back at this point.  President Kacer said from people she has spoken to, the consensus is the vote was legitimate and we should move forward.  Several members attending concurred.


ADJOURNMENT:  The meeting was adjourned at 3:31 PM.



Respectfully submitted,

Don Stull, STC Secretary