WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 8, 2006



CALL TO ORDER:  Dick Partridge, STC President, called the meeting to order at

3 pm.  Sixty-six members were in attendance.


INTRODUCTIONS:  No new members were in attendance.


ANNOUNCEMENTS:  President Partridge mentioned that this meeting would have an adjournment to Wednesday, November 29th, to consider recommendations from the Capital Expenditure Committee and also action on 2007 STC dues.


MINUTES OF THE OCTOBER 11TH MEETING:  Marje Valenti,  STC Secretary, once again informed us that the last Membership Meeting’s Minutes had been posted to the STC website and at the Tennis Center without need for correction.  The Minutes were approved.


TREASURER’S REPORT:  STC Treasurer, Riley Jackson, indicated that as of November 3rd, the STC had 526 active members and $25,148 in our bank account after paying both the General Liability Insurance and Directors’ and Officers’ insurance premiums.  When a question was asked how this amount compared to last year’s balance at this date, Riley stated that the amount was approximately $18,000.  Another member suggested that we need to have the exact surplus of dollars for the Capital Expenditure discussion on November 29th.


BOARD OF DIRECTOR’S REPORTS:  Marje Valenti stated that the Membership Meetings scheduled for 2007 have been changed to 3:30 pm, but still in the Vermillion Room in the HOA#1 Clubhouse.  The time had to be changed for set up reasons by clubhouse employees.



Charity:  President Partridge thanked all who helped make the 2006 Charity Event a success again this year.  $18,500 was raised for our chosen charity this year, The Giving Tree Outreach Program.  A huge thanks was given to Al and Kathy Majer who organized this event.

HOA#1:  No report.

HOA#2:  No report.

Capital Expenditures:  Chair, Steve Watry, reported that the Capital Expenditure report is completed.  He thanked the other members of his committee: Bruce Nissenbaum, Linda DePew and Bob Rutstein for their input and hard work.  The complete report, including bids and pictures of suggestion for this year and the next five years will be posted to the STC website, with additional copies at the Tennis Center.  He requested that members read this report and have a good understanding of the possibilities prior to attendance of the November 29th meeting.

Rules:  Chair, Dick Fleming, informed all present that at the November 1st Board Meeting, the Board appointed an ad hoc committee for November and December entitled the Rules Task Force.  The purpose of this five member committee composed of: Dick Partridge, President, STC; Bob Rutstein, Chair, HOA#1 Tennis Committee; Allan  Grodsky, Vice-chair, HOA#2 Tennis Committee; Steve Leane, Chair, STC Bylaws Committee; and Dick Fleming, Chair, STC Rules Committee; is to coordinate STC efforts to obtain approval of consistent 2006 tennis rules by both HOA Boards.  Dick explained that “our HOA tennis rules are under attack by the HOA#1 and HOA#2 Boards.  He continued that during the past twelve years, the STC has been recognized and charged by both HOA’s “with administering and effective and equitable court reservation system for the benefit of all SaddleBrooke residents and their guests.  At the October 23rd HOA#1 Board Meeting, two residents Cathy Hill and Betsy Harrigan, brought issue against HOA#1 Tennis Rules Section 10.1., Section M, involving nonmember reservation of courts during prime time.  This rule had been made to insure that nonmembers have courts available for their use without interference of member use.  The result was that the HOA#1 Board decided to defer action on the acceptance of our Tennis Rules.  In HOA#2, the RCC has done major rewrite to “simplify” the HOA#2 Tennis Rules and has proposed a set of tennis rules “which would put the continued operation of the SaddleBrooke Tennis Club in jeopardy.”  Dick spoke also of four letters written by Cathy Hill to HOA#1 General Manager, John Price, stating that the STC should only be a social club, that she wanted to have her own tennis team composed of residents and nonresidents, wants her own tennis club and to delete Article M which prohibits members playing on courts with nonmembers.  He further stated that there would be a packet of these letters available at the Tennis Center.  The Rules Task Force is in the process of planning an e-mail campaign to counterattack the change of Rules in HOA#2.  Betsy Harrigan spoke to explain her position on rules prohibiting her attainment of a court during prime time to play tennis with her husband who is a nonmember.  Betsy indicated “the STC should not be making rules for nonmembers.”

Social:  Claudia Enea, Chair of the Social Committee, reminded us of the upcoming Holiday Gala scheduled for December 7th and also of the New Years’ Eve Social with an Italian buffet for $28 each to take place in the Road Runner Grill.

Publicity:  Chair, Karen Gray, needs more tennis related information for publication.



Election of 2007 STC Officers:  A motion was passed that the recommended 2007 slate be elected.  Motion passed.  The officers for the 2007 STC Board of Directors are:

President:              Connie Kacer

Vice President:     Bob Rutstein

Secretary:             Don Stull

Treasurer:             Riley Jackson

Director at Large: Karen Gray

2007 Robson Cup:  Ron Bechky graciously attended the 2007 Robson Cup informational meeting.  The event is scheduled for Saturday, February 24, 2007 from 9 – 4 pm.  Teams would be composed of mens’ and ladies 3.0, 3.5 and 4.0 levels, as well as, mixed teams.  There would be no entrance fee and no prizes.



Bylaws Revision Action:  Bylaws Committee Chair, Steve Leane, explained that the bylaws should provide a stable ground upon which a club stands with the RRO as the default law.  The RRO requirement is to review all bylaws article by article.  Amendments can be made and then voted upon.  Upon completion of all review, the entire document is then open for approval with a 2/3 affirmative vote of members present.  This RRO procedure was followed today and the bylaws revision was passed.  The newly revised bylaws will be posted on the STC website and at the Tennis Center.


The meeting was adjourned at 5:15 pm to be continued on Wednesday, November 29th, at 3 pm in the Coyote Rooms North and South in the HOA#1 Clubhouse to consider recommendations from the Capital Expenditure Committee, including action on 2007 STC dues.


Respectfully submitted.                           Marje Valenti,   STC Secretary