WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 11, 2006



CALL TO ORDER:  The meeting was called to order by President, Dick Partridge, at 3 pm.  Seventy-eight members were in attendance.


INTRODUCTIONS:  No new members were in attendance.


ANNOUNCEMENTS:  President Partridge reminded all present to support our 3.0 Men’s Senior Tennis Team, captained by Joe Schullik, by attending the National Championship Tournament at Randolph on October 27th – 29th.  Go team!


SEPTEMBER 13TH MEMBERSHIP MEETING MINUTES:  Secretary, Marje Valenti, alerted us that the minutes from the last membership meeting had been posted to the STC website and at the Tennis Center with one correction necessary.  The minutes were corrected and resubmitted for posting without need for further revision.  The minutes were approved as standing.


TREASURER’S REPORT:  STC Treasurer, Riley Jackson, reported that at the present date, the treasury contains $28,628 and that the STC Charity has approximately $15,000.

At last month’s meeting, a member had requested the present membership numbers and how they related to past year membership.  Today Riley informed us that the 2006 membership as of today is 516 and that for the same time in each of the following years was: 2005: 511; 2004: 523; 2003: 500; and 2002; 537. 





Capital Expenditure:  This committee is in the process of finalizing their recommendations to the Board at a Special STC Board Meeting scheduled for October 24th.  Their report and recommendations and report will then be presented to the membership at the November 8th Membership Meeting.

HOA#1:  Bob Rutstein.  No report.

HOA#2:  Joel Wyner.  Chairman Wyner reported that The Preserve tennis courts would open on-or-about November 1st.

Charity:  Chairman, Al Majer, informed us also of his projected amount for The Giving Tree Outreach Program.  He mentioned also that he still needs volunteers for set up and take down and to contact him if interested.  Lucy Kalinske, the local rep for Cookie Lee Fine Fashion Jewelry, will be hosting an open house/fundraiser in her home on Thursday, October 19th from 6 – 9 pm with 25% of sales designated for our charity.  He reminded members of the October 14th deadline for entering into The Don Martin Memorial Charity Tennis Tournament and the Serve ‘Em Up for Charity Tennis Clinics taking place at the Tennis Center.  There will be a Silent Auction taking place at the same time.

By laws:  Chairman, Steve Leane, stated that this committee has submitted its final draft and is on display at the Tennis Center and on the STC website for member perusal.  The vote for its approval will be placed on the agenda for the November 8th Membership Meeting.

Rules:  Dick Fleming.  There will be an HOA#1 Rules Committee Meeting on Thursday, October 12th, at the SaddleBrooke Country Club.

Social:  Chair, Claudia Enea, related that there are two more scheduled STC social events scheduled for this calendar year.  They are The Holiday Dinner Dance on December 7th at MountainView and the New Year’s Eve Party in the Road Runner Grill.  Ticket information to follow.

Publicity:  Chair, Karen Gray, reported that she had placed an article in the newspaper about the approved IntraClub Tennis Team for all residents to consider.  Greg Hlushko will be the lead in this worthwhile program again this year.  Sign up sheets should be available at the Tennis Center in December.  She pleaded for team captains to feed her information for more articles to enhance the tennis community.

Maintenance:  Al Kacer.  No report.





1.  Motion to Change Ladies’ Organized Play:   Treasurer, Riley Jackson, presented the following Draft Motion for changes in ladies’ organized play: 

The STC Board makes the following motion to revise the TOPS proposal approved by the membership in the March 18th Membership Meeting.

Effective October 16th, the STC Board be granted the authority to implement, monitor and maintain the following changes to the Provisional program currently in place for Organized Play.  This authority includes the right to make minor changes when needed to insure or improve the quality and fairness of the program.

                                               Ladies Only

  1. Return all ladies to the level where they were prior to the current program approved March 8th.   Those who had no level rating prior to the current program will be placed at the level corresponding to their current level.
  2. Rename all levels to the previously used letter designations (A, B, C+, C, D, E, F).  This change applies to both men’s and women’s programs because of computer program constraints.
  3. Establish a new level between A and B.  This level will initially be called F until the computer program can be modified to call it B+.  This may take several months.
  4. Discontinue provisionals.
  5. Allow self-rating.  Ladies may rate themselves into any play level they wish.


The motion was seconded and discussion began wholeheartedly and heatedly.  Members wanted to know if the alpha designations related to the past numbered levels; what is the definition of “minor changes” as designated in the proposal; should the Board change whatever the membership had voted upon previously; Board workshops had given the Board the pulse of ladies’ concern about OP; guidelines for self-rating concerns will be available; etc.  Jim Fabio made an amendment to include a B+ level in men’s OP.  The amendment passed overwhelmingly.  Discussion continued on the previous motion.  Carol Eisenbraun asked if these new levels would be utilized in the Club Championship Tournament and President Partridge responded that that would be up to the Club Championship Committee.  Leon McKinzie amended the motion to include the men in the ladies’ proposal.  A discussion ensued as to whether the men’s program is working in its present state.  George Ray stated that he couldn’t see any harm in giving the program a chance with the men also.  Steve Penner suggested that we go back to the drawing board which was not well received.  Question was called.  The amended motion that the men also be included with the women in the ladies’ proposal passed 30 – 20.  The Discussion continued with Hedy Grodsky’s amendment that the sentence, “This authority includes the right to make minor changes when needed to insure or improve the program and fairness of the program”, be stricken.  This amendment was defeated 20 – 16.  Another amendment was presented to eliminate the #1 point in the main motion.  This amendment was defeated.  The main motion, including that men be included in that motion, was then passed by the membership present.  Further discussion ensued about STAMP as also being a choice in Organized Play.  Sherry Jacobson presented a motion to continue STAMP with the expectation factor eliminated.  Parliamentarian, Steve Leane, stated that since this consideration was not on the agenda for this meeting, that a 2/3 majority of the members in attendance would be needed to pass this motion.  This motion was defeated.

President Partridge emphasized the importance of all of us working together in a positive manner so as to restore STC Organized Play to what we enjoyed in the past.  An e-mail will be forthcoming to explain all changes to this system.

2.  Nominating Committee Report:  2007 Slate Committee Chairman, Frank Farrell presented the slate of proposed 2007 officers:             

    President:                Connie Kacer            

   Vice President:       Bob Rutstein

   Secretary:                Don Stull

   Treasurer:                Riley Jackson

   Director at Large:    Karen Gray

3.  Floor Nominations for 2007 Officers:  Due to an absence of floor nominations, all above slate candidates will run unopposed in the election of 2007 officers.  Secretary, Marje Valenti requested that all candidates e-mail her a mini biography so that members could see their qualifications for the positions and get to know them better.

4.  President Partridge announced to those assembled that the Board would be going into executive session upon conclusion of the Membership Meeting to discuss a personnel matter.


Meeting adjourned at 4:45 pm.                                      Respectfully submitted.   Marje Valenti