WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 13, 2006



CALL TO ORDER: President, Dick Partridge, called the meeting to order at 3 pm.  Sixty-four members were in attendance.


INTRODUCTIONS:  New member, Kathy Cotton, was introduced.


MINUTES OF MAY 10TH GM MEETING:  Marje Valenti, STC Secretary, informed us that the minutes from the last General Membership Meeting of May 10th had been posted to the STC website and at the Tennis Center without need for revision.  The Minutes were approved.


TREASURER’S REPORT:  STC Treasurer, Riley Jackson, reported that, as of this date, there was $29,764 in the STC treasury and projected an approximate amount of $23,000 at years-end.  Bruce Nissenbaum pointed out that the Board director’s and officer’s liability policy and the STC general liability policy still needed to be subtracted from that projected amount and Riley agreed.  Riley also mentioned that there might be new members during the rest of this year with corresponding dues but that that amount should be small.  The STC membership today is approximately the same as last year at this time.



1.)   Women’s Organized Play Change:  Vice President, Tom Larkin, explained the update to the Women’s Organized Play System and the subsequent Board’s decision at the September 6th STC Board Meeting.  Tom elaborated upon the fact that the STC ladies expounded at two workshops, August 8th and September 5th, expressing their views as to what changes needed to be made to make Women’s Organized Play a success.  The overwhelming majority of those present expressed their desire to self-rate.  The Board decision was that effective October 2nd, STC women will return to their letter ratings (A,B,C+,C,D,E &F) that existed prior to implementation of the current system and new members will be placed at their specific level. Provisional matches have been discontinued.  If a female player feels that she should be placed at a different letter rating level, she may self-rate into the social play level she deems appropriate with her skills.  This system will not include a scoring play option.  Tom explained further that there is also a possible consideration of adding a B+ level and that this option will be discussed at the September 25th Special Board meeting.  Guidelines are being prepared that will assist ladies in their individual self-rating decisions.  Also STAMP will remain as another play option. Leon McKinzie asked why this change applied only to the women.  Both Tom Larkin and Dick Partridge explained that due to the small number of women presently participating in OP and the concern expressed by the women of their displeasure with the present system, that this decision had to be made quickly.  The men have not complained and are playing in consistent numbers in the present system so no change will be made regarding the men at this time.  Allan Grodsky voiced his displeasure that the Board had not allowed the general membership to vote on this issue.

2.)    Hal Monsor Memorial Plaque:  Connie Kacer, Director-at-Large, informed those present that the Board voted to place a memorial plaque, in the honor of Hal Monsor, on the STC Tennis Center’s umpire chair.  Hal had built the umpire chair for the use of the STC.  Connie has already ordered the plaque.



Charity:  Charity Committee Event Chairman, Al Majer, told us to set aside Saturday, October 28th, for attending the newly named, Don Martin Memorial Charity Event.  Don had been instrumental in forming this event and had been its first chairman.  Al introduced Kathy Fast representing The Giving Tree Outreach Program, the charity event’s charity of choice for this year.  Ms Fast explained that the purpose of The Giving Tree Outreach Program is to help the homeless and needy children and to change the unhappy cycles of the lives of their recipients.  The Grace Home will be the focus for our donations where needy children are housed.  Also a portion of funds raised will go to fencing the playground area at the Compassion Hope Center.  Al added that at this time, $6,700 has been raised and to continue to purchase groceries and mentioning fund #29100 at Bashas so that this charity may reap additional funds.  Also there will be a silent auction again on the day of the event. The week prior will be a tennis tournament, assisted by Greg Hlushko, with the finals on the morning of the event.  Three hours of group tennis clinics will also be run on this day with local teaching pros in charge.  Lunch, composed of finger foods, will take place at the Tennis Center.  Al said to watch for news releases and to observe the STC website for further information.  Volunteers are still needed and should contact Al Majer.

HOA#1:  No report at this time.

HOA#2:  Joel Wyner, HOA#2 Tennis Committee Chairman, reported that The Preserve tennis courts will be available October 10th.

Nominating Committee:  Committee Chair, Frank Farrell, said that the slate would be posted no later than September 28th.

Capital Expenditure:  Linda DePew, Capital Expenditure Committee member, informed us that the committee is obtaining cost estimates at this time for various project and recommendations will be presented to the STC Board at their October meeting.  These recommendations will be presented to the general membership at their October 11th meeting.

ByLaws:  Steve Leane, ByLaws Committee Chairman, stated that there is a combined ByLaws/STC Board Workshop scheduled for September 29th at 2 pm at the Tennis Center.  The membership will vote on any proposed STC bylaw changes at the November General Membership Meeting.

Rules:  Dick Fleming, Rules Chairman, reported that due to additional court availability that there is a need to allocate them properly.  The STC has been involved, as well as, the HOA#1 and HOA#2 Tennis Committees. It is also protocol for HOA#1 and 2 to go to their respective homeowners for their opinions.  The HOA#2 Rules Compliance Committee found fault primarily due to Bob Lewis’mail campaign.  Dick will report to us on this issue in the near future.



Social:  Social Committee Chair, Claudia Enea, thanked everyone who volunteered to help make all the STC social events successful this past year.  The successful events included: the Memorial Day Social with 118 players and guests; the 4th of July Social with a Mexican buffet and 100 attendees; and the Labor Day Social with HOA#1 doing the catering for 123 attendees.  Claudia emphasized that due to the STC Board voting that all socials must be self-sustaining and not subsidized by the STC, all meals at these events must be paid for by the individuals attending and not taken from STC funds. Claudia asked us to mark our calendars for the annual Holiday Party scheduled for December 7th at MountainView with music by Tom Chestnut and the New Year’s Eve Party scheduled for December 31st at the the Road Runner Grill.  A straw vote was taken in favor of utilizing mixed doubles for future socials.  Also a possibility for cutting costs would be for attendees of socials providing meat casseroles as their dish of choice.


Publicity:  Karen Gray, Publicity Chair, thanked Joe Schullik for providing items for print use.  She requested other members to contact her with other newsworthy tennis information.


Maintenance:  Connie Kacer reported for Al Kacer, Maintenance Chair, that six of the twelve work orders written since July have been successfully handled. The concrete issue has been postponed until 2007 and landscaping where the mesquite trees were removed will be postponed until all work on the HOA#1 Clubhouse has been completed.  Connie said the Maintenance Committee is working in conjunction with HOA#1 but if members have problems with HOA#2 court conditions, they need to contact Joel Wyner.





1.)   Membership Consideration of Court Usage for the Copper Bowl:  Steve Leane reported that John Price had received an agreement  regarding the SaddleBrooke Homeowner’s Association involvement in the Copper Bowl scheduled for January 2 – 4, 2007.  All eight courts would be utilized at the Tennis Center from 8 am – 6 pm on those days; HOA#1 would receive a $250 court rental fee per day, liability insurance would be provided and that Sylvia Wilson would be the designated tournament referee at the SaddleBrooke site.  Unanimous approval was extended by the membership present.

2.)   Self-rating Issue for Men:  Leon McKinzie raised a motion that the STC should apply the same self-rating organized play system for men that the STC Board approved for the women.  Leon explained that he thought this issue was essential so that the STC would remain as one club.  The motion was defeated.

3.)   B+ Self-rating Consideration:  The STC Board will be meeting to discuss the possible inclusion of the B+ level as part of the new women’s self-rating organized play system.  This Special Board Meeting is scheduled for September 25th at 3 pm at the Tennis Center.

4.)   Club Championship Rating Levels:  The Board will discuss this concern in the near future.




Meeting adjourned at 4:15 pm.                         Respectfully submitted.   Marje Valenti, STC Secretary