†††††††††††††††††††††††† WEDNESDAY, MAY 10, 2006



CALL TO ORDER:STC President, Dick Partridge, brought the meeting to order at 3:05 pm.


INTRODUCTIONS:There were no new members present.


ANNOUNCEMENTS:President Partridge encouraged members to attend the upcoming Sectionals to be held at the El Conquistador Resort on May 19 Ė 21.SaddleBrooke will be represented by two 3.0 Sr. Menísí teams captained by Joe Schullik and Sam Sitland.Dick also brought to our attention that in the past year, SaddleBrooke has been represented by 41 USTA teams, of which 8 have qualified for Sectionals and that Joe Schullikís 3.0 Super Sr. Menísí team has advanced to the Nationals.

Dick mentioned that there will several trees removed from around the courts at the Tennis Center and to please have patience with the mess and the noise factor.Also there is still a lingering odor from the skunks that seem to favor court #1.


MINUTES OF MARCH 8TH GM MEETING:Marje Valenti, STC Secretary, stated that the minutes from the March 8th Meeting had been posted on the STC website and at the Tennis Center without request for change and/or correction.Minutes were approved.


TREASURERíS REPORT: STC Treasurer, Riley Jackson, related that the STC has $35,209.78 in the treasury.The end-of-the-year projection remains at $20,000.00.





HOA#2:Committee chairman, Joel Wyner, gave current status of projects at MountainView, DesertView and the Preserve.He stated that the HOA#2 Tennis Committee submitted its recommendation for court resurfacing of cracks on courts 9 Ė 13.Joel gave credit to Don Stull for organizing and following through on interviewing representatives, evaluating and testing various court surfaces.The company chosen by Donís group is Armor Crack Repair.The approval process next goes to the Finance Committee and then to the HOA#2 Board of Directors.Joel stated that it should be accepted.The five courts will cost just under $35,000.00 and have a two-year guarantee against old cracks.There will also be new windscreens installed on courts 11 and 12.Rocks have been spread around the DesertView courts to improve the landscape and there is no current plan for additional walkways.Joel continued with his report by addressing the Preserve timetable with his opinion that the courts and clubhouse will probably be completed by October 1st.

2006 Club Championships:The final report, including revenue earned and next-year recommendations will be presented soon for Board review.

Nominating Committee:Committee chair, Frank Farrell, reported that this committee would be meeting throughout the summer.His committee is composed of Betty Edwards, John Bartels, Sue Bixler and Jim Fabio.He asked to please pass on names of interested candidates who have a willing commitment.The committee will need to submit a slate by September.

Capital Expenditure:Committee chair, Steve Watry, enlisted the General Membership present to identify areas in which our tennis facilities could be improved.Some suggestions were:a sign on inside of each gate stating, Keep Closed; patio extension; a barbeque on the patio extension; a computerized signup system, lowering of fence on court six with bleacher between courts 6 and 7; water fountains on courts; shading at DesertView for court areas; court 1 viewing expansion; ball machines with remote controls and regular change of balls; add upper level for viewing at the Tennis Center; move storage shed to increase viewing capabilities; etc.Steve explained that his committee would be sending suggestions to all members with members prioritizing and eventually to ask membership approval.He plans an early start with preliminary costs on possible improvements. As for funding, the STC is a non-profit organization and that status should not be compromised.If needed to complete projects, Steveís opinion is to raise annual dues.

Charity Committee:Al Majer, Charity Committee Event chairman, presented the 2006 Charity Event choice as the Giving Tree Outreach Program of Tucson with the specific target as that of the Grace Home.The Giving Tree Outreach is a long-standing and well-respected Tucson area non-profit charity dedicated to to assisting abused, neglected and homeless children, between the ages of birth and 18.Funds raised by the STC will be designated for approved playground equipment and security fencing.Al emphasized that the first step was choosing the charity and the second step is securing members to help in this worthwhile endeavor.The event is scheduled for Saturday, October 28th.

Bylaws:Bylaws chairman, Steve Leane, said that the Board has asked this committee to be reconstituted.His committee is composed of Marv Klapp, Craig MacPherson, Diane Ray and Dick Fleming.

Rules:Dick Fleming said his committee would be meeting on Friday, May 12th.

TOPS:Steve Leane reported that it has been four weeks since the initiation of the new Organized Play Program.All members are now in proper level and provisional matches are taking place.The menísí portion is moving smoothly however, the ladiesí portion is not moving so well because many women are opting for obtaining their own courts and not signing up for organized play resulting in a smaller pool available for provisional matches.It appears that 7 of 8 ladies will have positive results in provisionals and 6 of 12 of the men will achieve the 45% required to move up one level.

Social:Social Committee chair, Clauia Enea, reported that the Awards Dinner that took place on April 28th had only 70 people in attendance compared to 148 attending the previous year.She suggested that a possible other format is needed.Claudia also told us about the summer socials with the Memorial Day Social next in line.Her committee is composed of her co-chair, Geri Sandilands, Bev and Dick Reeder and Lennie and Greg Good for this event.Player sign up on the players list before May 20th and on the food list for a donation to the potluck buffet with the event scheduled for Monday, May 29th.

The draw for posting will be posted 4 Ė 5 days in advance of the event.The cost is $3.00 per person for players and non-playing attendees.

Publicity:Publicity chair, Karen Gray, asked for input from members.She is requesting that USTA team captains provide info to her also.Her e-mail address is posted at the Tennis Center.Please contact her at kgrayinaz@yahoo.com.


UNFINISHED BUSINESS:The STC has been informed by Sun Lakes that the Robson Cup is scheduled for a one-day event on February 24, 2007.There will be a meeting at Sun Lakes in the fall.


NEW BUSINESS:Steve Leane presented a motion by the TOPS committee that the provisional time frame be reduced from eight weeks to six weeks.A discussion began on the merits of the six-week or the present eight-week provisional time period.The motion was defeated and the time frame will remain at eight weeks.





Meeting adjourned at 4:20†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Respectfully submitted.Marje Valenti, STC Secretary