WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 8, 2006


CALL TO ORDER – President, Dick Partridge, called the meeting to order at 3:03 PM.


INTRODUCTIONS – No new members were present.


ANNOUNCEMENTS – President Partridge announced that the STC board voted to not participate in the Robson Cup which had been scheduled for April 1, 2006. He called on Bruce Nissenbaum, Robson Cup Committee chairperson, to reiterate some of the information he had gathered at his meeting with the coordinators of the Robson Cup.  Bruce said that this was now to be a one day versus the usual two day event.  Our players would be expected to start play at 9 AM, and to continue for possibly three hours without any breakfast or lunch service provided.  The number of players was to be very small (36). Additionally, there was a conflict with our scheduled Club Championships. After his report, the members present agreed with the board’s decision to cancel our involvement for this year.  President Partridge said that when he contacted the coordinators at Sun Lakes he was informed that the event will be canceled for this year.  He recommended to the Robson Committee at Sun Lakes that they consider the dates of our Club Championships when they set the date for 2007.  Dick Partridge mentioned Special Meetings:


Dick stated that the board would review and discuss the proposal, and then discussion would be open to the general membership.  The proposal will be available to all members for review before the meeting.


The board will meet with the committee to discuss the rules under review


The board and coordinators will meet


If there are only minor changes to the proposal at the revision discussion meeting on 2/13, then the general membership will have an opportunity to vote at this time.

President Partridge stated that the aforementioned meetings were to be open to all.

Nominating Committee – The board will appoint two members.  In addition, the board seeks three volunteers in order that five members complete the committee. If more than three members choose to volunteer then three will be selected in a lottery draw.  

Charity Committee – Al Majer agreed to chair.  More details follow later when the committee reports.


MINUTES OF JANUARY 2006 GENERAL MEMBERSHIP MEETING – The minutes of the January 11, 2006 General Membership Meeting were posted to the STC web site and at the Tennis Center with no need for correction.  Minutes were accepted.


TREASURE’S REPORT – Treasurer, Riley Jackson, stated that as of 2/2/06 there was $39,000 in the bank.  Riley said that the board was considering the placement of some of the money into a high interest yielding savings account.  The STC currently has 463 members consisting of 250 men and 213 women compared to 480 total members at the same time last year.  However, by November 2005 the STC had 522 total members. 


BOARD OF DIRECTORS’ REPORTS – Riley reported that paper copies of an updated STC member phone directory would be available soon.  They are currently at the printer, and Al Kacer will deliver them to the Tennis Center.  The font is larger, and thus easier to read.  There is a copy on the STC web site, but Bruce Nissenbaum informed the board that it is not legible.  Riley will change the format. 



HOA #1 – Bob Rutstein.  No report.

HOA # 2 – Steve Watry.  Steve stated that the installation of the backboard at The Preserve would be completed soon but would not be available until the facilities are opened at a future date.  RCI, the developer, is considering different colors for the court surface of the three tennis courts at that site.  Under consideration are purple and blue.  Steve and Don Stull are meeting with contractors to consider repairing or resurfacing of the courts at MountainView. They are weighing cost, durability, maintenance, ease of play, etc., in their consideration of resurfacing the courts, when that occurs.   A color change is possible if any of the courts are resurfaced.  Steve hopes to have the recommendations to the HOA #2, for budget purposes, by March 1. 

CLUB CHAMPIONSHIPS – Dick listed the dates of the Club Championships:

3/13-3/18, Women’s & Men’s singles

3/27-4/1, Women’s & Mens’s double

4/3-4/8,  Mixed doubles

The entry fee will be $6.00 per person.  Entry forms will be available within the next week or so.  A member questioned, “what rating would apply?”  Vice President, Tom Larkin, explained that USTA ratings would apply as they did last year.  For those who do not have current USTA ratings, a rating guideline will be available and people from the championship committee will assist them with assessing their level of play for the tournament. A member notified the board that the web site had incorrect dates.  The site will be updated.


ORIENTATION – Dick reported for Kathy Ramaker.  More than 30 of Bob Lewis’ 123 graduates played tennis and attended a social.  Socials will be held at the end of each 123 session.  Both Linda Depew and Kathy will conduct orientation meetings for all new STC members each month.  If you know of any new member please contact either Kathy or Linda.


CAPITAL EXPENDITURE – Steve Watry reported.  Steve is looking for someone who is able to draw architectural pictures.  Anyone who is willing to volunteer would be welcome, even a non STC member. Dick Partridge mentioned that the board would like to encourage the membership to suggest ideas to this committee regarding spending our capital.


CHARITY – Al Majer reported.  Al informed us that this is to be the fifth annual charity event.  In 2005, 71 sponsors donated more than $14,000.  The introduction of the silent auction netted more than $5,000.  The entry fees from the SaddleBrooke participants, and  the sale of T-shirts, all contributed to the check that the charity received.  There are plans to expand the clinics this year.  Al is eager to improve the luncheon fare.  He asked that members solicit merchants from whom they are to purchase big ticket items. Al encouraged members to suggest a small, local charity, not supported by The United Fund, that would welcome our donation. A decision needs to be reached by April.  Al seeks volunteers for this event.  He is seeking both Sponsor and Events chairpersons.  He encouraged people to use the bins provided for used tennis balls.  Steve Watry mentioned that Dick Fleming produced several CDs highlighting last year’s charity event.  They are available for check out at the Tennis Center.  The exact date of the Charity event has not been set but it is typically the end of October.


SOCIAL – Dick Partridge reported for Claudia Enea.  The rooms and entertainment for both the December 7 Holiday Dinner/Dance and the New Year’s Eve party have been reserved.   The exact date for the Annual Awards Dinner has not been set but it should be some time in May. The social committee will be setting out snacks during the Club Championship finals.


PUBLICITY – No report.


TOPS – Dick reported for Allan Grodsky.  If there are no major changes to the new rating proposal, the general membership will have the opportunity to vote on February 27.  A clarification was made that the general members were permitted to ask questions.






NEW BUSINESS – Bruce Nissenbaum complimented Riley on his updates to the web site.


ADJOURNMENT -- Meeting was adjourned at 3:38 PM.  The next General Membership Meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, March 8, at 3 PM in the MountainView Ballroom West.



Respectfully submitted.  Connie Kacer, STC Director-at-Large