CALL TO ORDER – President, Dick Partridge, called the meeting to order at 3:08 pm.


INTRODUCTIONS – No new members were present.


ANNOUNCEMENTS – President Partridge encouraged members to inform other members to attend the General Membership Meetings so that voting decisions will have a greater impact due to greater membership involvement.  He also mentioned that condolences sent by cards would be sufficient at this time for Kathy and Don Martin regarding their son.  They plan a memorial fund in their son’s honor and information on this matter will be included soon in an STC e-mail.

2006 Committee chairs – the Board approved the following committee chairs:

         Social:                             Claudia Enea

                                                 Geri Sandilands

         Capital Expenditures:      Steve Watry

         Publicity:                         Karen Gray

         Tournament:                    Allan Grodsky

         Computer:                        Leon McKinzie

         Parliamentarian:              Steve Leane

         Audit:                              Carl Gronau

                                                 Jerry Sandvig

Other chairs already in place for 2006 are:

         Rules:                              Dick Fleming

         Orientation:                     Kathy Ramaker

         Maintenance:                  Erich Kruck

Dick mentioned that only one chair remains vacant and that is for the very important chairmanship of Charity.  Contact Dick Partridge if you are interested.

Sunday Court Lottery – Sunday court assignments during prime time utilizing the lottery

similar to the Wednesday lottery was approved by the STC Board at their January 4th Board

Meeting.The Sunday lottery will be initiated on Sunday, January 15th.  Sign up sheets will be posted Saturday of the previous week.

Team Tennis – Board approved changing the time for the use of the SaddleBrooke courts for Intraclub from their regular play scheduled time of 2 pm to that of 12 noon for three Wednesdays, January 11th, January 25th and February 8th to facilitate members/players attendance at the STC General Membership Meetings.  This change was also made to assist the drop-in groups who had previously played at 2 pm on the SB courts and now have to play at either DesertView or MountainView.  They can now, if desired, request courts at noon at SaddleBrooke if courts are available during that prime time for these three dates.  Betsy Harrigan announced the good status of Team Tennis at this time.  There are 200 plus players, including 8 men and women’s teams. The key idea  was to encourage interaction of players of all rating levels.  Six weeks of play is planned with an additional two weeks of playoffs.

Shoe Collection – The Board approved, at their January meeting, the Catalina Community Services request for SB tennis players to donate their used, but still in good condition, tennis shoes. There will be a specially marked container at the Tennis Center near the ball collection container for this purpose.  Thirty pairs of shoes have already been donated.

Ladies National Champ Donation – The two captains of the National winning teams have agreed to donate the $100 received from Robson for their accomplishments to the SE Arizona

Summer Scholarship Program for children in need.

Sunshine Program – Judy Schlak is now in charge of sending cards to STC members who are ill/in need of cheering up.  If you know anyone who would benefit from her services, please contact Judy.

Used Tennis Balls – Carl Gronau continues as our master distributor of  used tennis balls.  Tennis balls garnished over $1,000 for STC  charities this past year.  The tennis ball container can be found on the patio at the Tennis Center.

Robson Cup – President Partridge just received notice that the Robson Cup will be played this year at the Oakwood Country Club, Sun Lakes.  It will be a one-day affair held on April 1st.

We will need a member to volunteer to coordinate our portion of the event.


MINUTES OF NOVEMBER 2005 GENERAL MEMBERSHIP MEETING – The minutes of the November 2, 2005, General Membership Meeting were posted to the STC website and at the Tennis Center with one correction made.  Minutes were accepted.


TREASURER’S REPORT – Treasurer, Riley Jackson, stated that the STC began this fiscal year with approximately $15,000 and with dues coming in now our bank balance is $34,000.  If receipts and expenditures are similar to last year, our year-end balance should be about $20,000.  He also informed us that as of Wednesday, approximately 250 checks have been received.


BOARD OF DIRECTORS’ REPORTS -  No reports at this time.



HOA#1 – Bob Rutstein.  No report.

HOA#2 -  Joel Wyner informed us that adjustments have been made to the seating areas on the courts at DesertView .  Courts 15 and 17 erosion problems have been corrected. Lights and fences are in place, and there will be a backboard at the Preserve tennis courts; they should be ready for play during the end of the second quarter.  The backboard project was spearheaded by Steve Watry.  Any questions about HOA#2 tennis, contact Joel.

Policies & Procedures –Dick Fleming, chairman of the Rules Committee, explained that it has been three years since the P & Ps have been updated.  Since there have been a number of significant events in that time period, the Board has requested that the Rules Committee update the P & Ps.  The Rules Committee will address these issues in their meeting and notify the General Membership of an open workshop meeting where members may address additional issues.

Bylaws – Bylaws chairman, Steve Leane reported that the committee recommends that the STC Board decide the issue of open or closed committee meetings.  He continued that since the STC is not a governmental agency and is a non-profit organization that it is not required to have open meetings.  Also the Roberts Rules of Order states that committees may have closed meetings.  The Board at their January 4th Board Meeting decided to take no action and defaulted to Roberts Rules of Order on this matter.  He further stated that RRs also says that the general membership has a right to vote on such issues.  He added that the committee felt that this issue should not be part of the STC bylaws.  He also stated that John Price, General Manager of HOA#1, stated that our committee meetings are not required by Arizona law to be open meetings.

Maintenance – Erik Kruck.  No report.

Orientation – Linda DePew informed us that The Newcomers Social, organized by Kathy Ramaker and Linda, originally scheduled for January 11th has been changed to Wednesday, January 25th from 3 – 5 pm.  Participants will include newcomers to the STC and graduates of 1-2-3.  There will be a social gathering following to ensure that participants have all met.  Linda encouraged members who want to participate, either as a player or a helper, to please contact Kathy or herself.

Publicity –Chair, Karen Gray, has submitted her first article and plans to post her e-mail address at the Tennis Center so that members may contact her with newsworthy info.

Social – Claudia Enea/Geri Sandilands.  No report other than Claudia has secured some dates for this year’s social events.  More to follow.

TOPS – Chair, Allan Grodsky, informed us that the committee is near completion of a proposal for Organized Play that will be presented to the Board the end of January.  If approved, there will be a 30-day period where presentations will made to the members.  The TOPS survey results will appear on the STC website and can be found in the January 4th Board minutes also on the same website.  Cathy Hill expressed her view that the TOPS committee has not represented all levels of play.  Allan countered that originally there were to be 11 members representing the various rating levels, but due to unavailability, difficulty in obtaining volunteers and also 2 resignations, that the number dropped to six.  These six are:  Marsha Weiss, Loretta Edgerton, Bobbie Klapp, Mike Curtin, Steve Leane and Allan Grodsky.  After the two resignations, Allan said he pursued the matter and contacted several members to join the committee, but either these members, could not or would not, volunteer.  He also stated this provided equal gender involvement and offered equal representation for the club. He explained that with the aggressive meeting schedule of this group that it was not productive to replace individuals and then have to “bring them up to snuff.” So, therefore, he did not fill the vacancies. This committee encouraged meaningful input from the Board, reviewed the numerous proposals presented and requested issues and views from the membership.

Coordinators – Nancy Frazer.  No report.


UNFINISHED BUSINESS – Dick Fleming proposed, “I move that the SaddleBrooke Tennis Club adopt the Open Committee Rule expressed in Robert’s Rules of Order which states ‘when a committee is to make substantive recommendations or decisions on important matter, it should give members of the society an opportunity to appear before it and present their views on the subject at a time scheduled by the committee.  During actual deliberations of the committee, only committee members have the right to be present.’”  Motion seconded. Discussion followed this motion. Bruce Nissenbaum felt that it is important for members to hear the deliberative process and that a meeting should not ever be closed. Betsy Harrigan said all committee meetings should be open.  Diane Ray stated that Organized Play and Capital Expenditure meetings should always be open.  Bill Hooks said that according to Arizona law, all meetings have to be open.  Dick Partridge disagreed and said that the AZ law refers only to governmental meetings.  Dick Partridge also said that Steve Leane spoke to John Price, HOA#1 General Manager, and John said our meetings do not have to be open. Allan Grodsky clarified that no committee makes any decisions, but brings proposals to the Board and the Board has all open meetings.  Any decision of importance then goes to the general membership for their approval.  Allan also stated that many sensitive issues are brought up at committee meetings and that committee members will feel inhibited to mention members’ names for discussion if all sessions were open and that there will be even more difficulty obtaining members to volunteer as chairpersons and as members of committees.  Bob Rutstein stated that we are a tennis playing community not a county government and he supports John Price’s saying that we can have closed meetings.  Loretta Edgerton, a TOPS committee volunteer said that TOPS had one open meeting and only three members, other than the committee members themselves, were present.

Question called.  Vote was taken and the Flemming motion passed 31 – 18.




NEW BUSINESS – President Partridge announced an upcoming Board Workshop scheduled for Thursday, January 19th in the Ocotillo Room at MountainView at which Club Championship Tournament dates will be decided.  In depth matters of changes to the STC Policies and Procedures will be addressed.  An agenda will be e-mailed to the membership also.

Melanie Murphy mentioned her concern over the new Sunday Lottery, which is only during prime time.  She said that there are two previously approved groups that are not involved in the lottery and the HOA Tennis Committees need to review this because she said is not fair. She was concerned about her group that wants to play at 10 am.  Joel Wyner answered her in that this past Sunday at 10 am there was one open court.  He stated that one of the groups that she was referring to had addressed the HOA#2 Tennis Committee and followed the correct procedures of a Registered Program under section 8.1 of Policies and Procedures and that this group was granted as an exception prior to the new Sunday Lottery.  He said the Sunday prime time would be monitored.


ADJOURNMENT – Meeting was adjourned at 4:15 pm.  The next General Membership Meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, February 8th, at 3 pm in the MountainView Ballroom West.



Respectfully submitted,

Marje Valenti, STC Secretary