CALL TO ORDER AND INTRODUCTION OF NEW MEMBERS – President, Frank Farrell, called the meeting to order at 2 pm.  Greetings were given to new member, Mike Curtin.



Bylaws Posting for November Membership Meeting – The STC bylaws are posted on the a-frame at the Tennis center.  Also a sheet was available for members so as to simplify the proposed major changes to these bylaws.  The proposed changes will be voted on by those members present at the upcoming General Membership Meeting on November 2nd.

Farrell Statement Regarding Bylaws and Elections – President Farrell reiterated that he had informed the Bylaws Committee, immediately after his installation as president, that he would only be in office for one year, terminating officially December 31, 2005. He emphasized the importance of all working together for a better STC.

Absentee Ballots – Absentee ballots will be available at the Tennis Center from Friday, October 14th through October 31st.

Upcoming STC Meetings – The next Board Meeting (minus today’s Special Board Meeting) is scheduled for Wednesday, October 26th from 3 – 4 pm in the Coyote Room North in the SaddleBrooke Clubhouse.  The next General Membership Meeting will take place on Wednesday, November 2nd from 3 – 5 pm in the MountainView (center) Ballroom.


MINUTES OF SEPTEMBER 7TH GENERAL MEMBERSHIP MEETING – Secretary, Marje Valenti, related that the minutes from the last General Membership Meeting had been posted to the STC website and at the Tennis Center without need for correction.  Minutes were approved.


TREASURER’S REPORT – Treasurer, Dave Feder, reported that he had received a letter from Commercial Federal Bank that our documents, along with others, had been stolen from a bank truck.  Dave said that this had happened ten months ago and that he had not seen any fraudulent activity.  He felt that we were clear of problems but that the Board will decide on the issue.  He also informed us that as of September 30th, our bank account stands at $21,868.49 and that we now have 511 member, of which 282 are male and 229 are female.  When asked about year-end projection of income, he stated that it should be approximately $15,000.00.



Bylaws – Committee chairman, Steve Leane, stated that the members present had been given a synopsis of major changes to the STC Bylaws to be approved at the November 2nd meeting.

Holiday Gala – Social chairman, Kathy Martin, informed us that tickets will go on sale November 1st and that the event will take place on December 1st.  Kathy also told us that the New Year’s Eve Social will take place again this year with round robin play during the day…more to come, later.

Charity Committee – Chairman, George Ray, stated that this event which benefits YOTO, Youth On Their Own,  is an extremely worthwhile venture.  YOTO helps homeless and abandoned youngsters and encourages them to further their education to better their lives.  The entry deadline for players is October 21st and thus far, there are 58 players registered.  The event will also present a Silent Auction with over $7,000 worth of items.  To wet our interests, Dee Bartels showed us some of the items available such as, ironwork, jewelry, skin care baskets, rounds of golf, Southwest Airlines two tickets to anywhere in the U.S., etc.  The Silent Auction will be located in front of the Tennis Center under canopies.  Volunteers are still needed to assist with banners, flyers, setup, cleanup, etc.  Steve Watry said that to be certain that players also show up for the luncheon, so that we don’t have lunch dollars go to waste, that he will need volunteers to phone all players.  Diane Ray stated that the exhibition match has been planned.

HOA #1 Tennis Committee – Bob Rutstein, chairman.  No report.

HOA #2 Tennis Committee – Joel Wyner, chairman, explained that for better viewing of the DesertView tennis courts, benches have been ordered.  He suggested that since some picnic tables go unused at MountainView courts, possibly one could be borrowed.

Maintenance – President Farrell thanked all the hard work of Erich Kruck, along with the help of Al Kacer, inventorying all Tennis Center items to be ordered.

Nominating Committee -  Claudia Enea, committee member, introduced the Board slate for 2006 with President, Dick Partridge; Vice President, Tom Larkin; Treasurer, Dave Feder; Secretary, Marje Valenti; and Member-at –Large, Connie Kacer.  She also stressed the importance of members considering future nominations to inform next year’s committee so that said committee has names to work with from day one.

Orientation Committee – Chairman, Kathy Ramaker.  No report.

TOPS – Dick Partridge, temporary moderator of this committee, mentioned that there would  be a Special Board Meeting following this meeting to elect a chairman of TOPS (Tennis Organized Play System) Committee.  He explained that the committee would be represented by all playing skill levels and equal numbers of men/women members.  He said that hopefully the committee would be in working mode by the end of October and that an organized play system will be offered for acceptance by the General Membership in the first quarter of 2006.  Thus far, Dick has had 18 proposals cross his desk and feels that some new proposals are worthy of presentation at a TOPS workshop meeting following the Board Meeting on October 26th.




Rescind Katrina Contribution Vote – President Farrell explained that he had been presented with legal opinions that club funding should not be spent on activities outside of tennis activities and that legally this would not be consistent with our charter. Steve Penner argued that this would be a charitable contribution for fellowship and that a threat of a lawsuit should not enter into our decision.  Question was called and the vote was in favor of recission.

Court #1 Ramada Coke Machine Survey Request by HOA #1 – A discussion began on the benefits/drawbacks of ousting the Coke machine.  Dick Hamilton thought the machine was too noisy.  It was mentioned that a neighbor complained that the light was a bother.  The Board will take the matter under advisement.




Approval of STC Liability and Board Insurance Funding – Dick Partridge enlightened all present with the explanation of the two policies which provide protection for the STC and its Board.  The quotes for costs were $877.63 for General Liability and $1,170 for the Directors’ Policy.  The motion passed  to adopt the payment of these two necessary policies.

Floor Nominations for 2006 STC Board – The floor nominations for the 2006 STC Board were President, none; Vice President, none; Treasurer, Riley Jackson; Secretary, none; and Member-at –Large, Betsy Harrigan.  Slate nominees and floor nominees are to e-mail a mini biography to Secretary, Marje Valenti, to post at the Tennis Center to assist members in an informed vote.

STC Backboard- Steve Watry stated that the installation of a backboard is still alive and that there may be a chance to install one at the Preserve while still in the construction stage.  More to follow on this issue.




Meeting adjourned at 2:50 pm.


Respectfully submitted.              Marje Valenti, STC Secretary