CALL TO ORDER AND ANNOUNCENTS - President, Frank Farrell, called the meeting to order at 1 pm.

Introduction of New Members – One new member, Midge Miller, was present.

Fall Frolic – There has been a Board Meeting review of the Fall Frolic but need members to support it and also a chairman.  Speak with Frank Farrell if you would like to volunteer.

Charity Event – Scheduled for October 29th.

Holiday Party – Scheduled for December 1st.

Copper Bowl – Will be taking place here New Year’s week end.  We don’t know the age group at this time.

Robson Cup – There has been an inquiry from Sun Lakes to reinstate the Robson Cup in April.  The 2006 STC Board will evaluate.

October General Membership Meeting – Nominations for 2006 Board will take place at this important meeting.

Bylaws Revision Proposals – These will be presented and voted upon at the November General Membership Meeting.

New STC E-mail Volunteers – President Farrell introduced the volunteers in charge of STC e-mails, Ernie Ciarrocchi and Don stull.


MINUTES OF JUNE 1ST MEETING - Secretary, Marje Valenti, explained that the minutes of the last General Membership Meeting had been posted to the STC website and at the Tennis Center without need for correction.  Minutes were approved.


TREASURER’S REPORT - Treasurer, Dave Feder, announced that the IRS has accepted all of Dave’s proposals for STC tax returns. He also reported that we now have 507 member of which 278 are male and 229 are female. As of August 31, there is $23,958.08 in the treasury and that the projected end-of-the –year balance is $15,000.00.



Vice President, Dick Partridge – No Report.

Member at Large and Social Chairman, Kathy Martin – Kathy thanked Claudia Enea and her team for their assistance at the Labor Day Social to help make it a success.  She also informed the membership of the Holiday Gala scheduled for December 1st in the MountainView Ballroom.



Bylaws – Bylaws revisions proposal is postponed due to Bylaws Committee chairman, Steve Lean’s absence.  Need 30 days notice for presentation.  The proposed revisions will be posted on the STC website.

Charity – Charity Event chairman, George Ray, announced that the Charity Event will take place on October 29th. There will be four more additional courts available for participation by members, two tennis pros to assist members and an exhibition round to view.  The committee has raised $6,000 thus far and $2,000 worth of merchandise for the silent auction that will take place under canopies jointly purchased by the Charity Committee and the STC.  Al Majer, Sarah Smith and Steve Watry are asking for further volunteers.  Diane Ray informed us that entry forms for the event will be available at the Tennis Center on Monday, September 26th.  She also stated that 1,500 universal health kits have been assembled for the hurrican Katrina victims.  Karen Gray informed us that Bash’s program is still available to STC members utilizing our club number 29100.

Communications – Dick Quigg requested any tennis information to publish.

Computer – Riley Jackson stated that members should be aware that the STC has a new website hosting company and that there can always be problems as happened over the Labor Day Weekend.  President Farrell thanked Riley for his many behind the scenes jobs well done.

HOA #1 Tennis Committee – No report.

HOA#2 Tennis Committee – Joel Wyner, chairman, told us  DesertView opens with four new asphalt surface courts 14 – 17 on Monday, September 12th and will be placed into the pool of available courts and that one specific court could be assigned to nonmembers in Joel’s opinion.  Due to excessive vandalism on the softball field, Joel is asking members to call the patrol if anything seems unusual at the tennis courts.  New rollers are in place and please hang up after use. Courts are set in twos and walkways (paths) were put in following the addition of two more doors….please don’t drag  dirt onto the courts.  Benches are also available on these courts.  Joel added that courts 11, 12 and 13 will be resurface beginning September 19th and that sleeveless t-shirts are now legal in HOA#2.

STC coordinators – No report.



President initiated a discussion on a possible “straw vote” of members as to their interest in the Tennis Center Patio Extension.  Bob Rutstein, HOA#1 Tennis Committee chairman, stated that in order to get into the 5 or 10 –year plan of the HOA#1, the STC would need to show support for it and help finance the project.  He said the HOA#1 tends to view this project as just for STC use and not for all homeowners although the patio has been utilized by the STC and unit parties.  Bob said the HOA#1 Tennis Committee will place the project in their Long Range Plan. Bruce Nissenbaum said that a “straw vote” is contingent upon the mode of financing and since the STC cannot get loans for financing then we must have upfront money such as in a Capital Spending Account or possible increase in annual dues and not an assessment of members.  He continued that we should initiate a STC Long Range Planning Committee.  Riley Jackson stated that we should have a concrete proposal presented at the October General Membership Meeting.  Betsy Harrigan said we should be looking more seriously into a computerized sign up system, such as the Chelsea System.



Treasurer’s Proposal and Membership Consideration of Katrina Disaster Aid Contribution – Treasurer, David Feder proposed that the STC donate funds for the worst catastrophe in U.S. history and asked what the membership thought about this.  Judy Nordby stated that the money needs to go to Habitat for Humanity so as to rebuild.  Steve Penner moved that the STC send $2.00 per member for these victims.  The discussion of this motion included Cathy Hill clarifying that the STC treasury money can only legally be used for tennis activities, but that the STC could collect money on the side, such as, Katrina Relief can placement at the Tennis Center.  Ernie Ciarrocchi amended Steve Penner’s motion to $4.00 per member.  This motion passed  with 50 members in agreement and 44 opposed.  President Farrell said that the Board will take this under advisement due to the very close vote and because of possible legal challenges.

Option of Retaining Self-Rating Program or Rescind and Revert to the A-B-C+-C-D Social Program in Effect Prior to June 1st  Bob Rutstein moved to rescind to the former Social Play Program and not to use NTRP ratings of the  USTA and instead, use ability ability levels of A through D for STC members, including a C+.  He further explained that the elimination of the C+ level (25% of membership) caused confusion and problems.  Discussion:  Bonnie Nissenbaum agreed bu that we also need a means to move up and down in ability levels.  Riley Jackson and Ernie Ciarocchi stated that we should give the present Social Play its three month trial period.  Alice Guy said how can you tell when some players are dissatisfied?  Al kacer added that if a member wants competitive play then there is STAMP and if a member desires compatible play there should be Social.  Cathy Hill moved that the rescind motion made by Bob Rutstein have the portion dealing with ladies’ play be referred to a ladies’ committee to handle their needs with Linda Depew as chairperson. Discussion:  Steve Penner said that this organization is not a two separate gender club and that we need to have a new committee which represents all play categories and not to segregate the club.  Dick Partridge said that he supports the main motion and has lived here eight years and wants to play tennis and that the present Social Play system has too many complications.  He continued that we need to either return to the old Social Play prior to June 1st or stay with the new Social Play and that we need a new committee with equal male/ female representation.  Dick also stated that Roberts Rules in a assembly is not to evaluate parliamentary procedure nor to intimidate or embarrass members due to its utilization.  Sy Efron added that Cathy Hill’s motion would only split the club.  The vote was taken and the Hill motion failed. Dick Partridge continued discussion of Bob Rutstein’s motion to rescind  and stated that there is nothing in STC Bylaws about the time needed to inform members of an item on the agenda for a STC General Membership Meeting and that the e-mail to all members at 9am on September 2nd was adequate time and that we should return to the A through D rating  and matchmaking process.  Tom Larkin said we should go ahead and that he agreed with Rutstein’s proposal.  Claudia Enea added that a member can use STAMP if he/she wants to move up in rating level.  Karen Gray stated that we will never have new members if the rumor of our turmoil spreads.  George Ray called the question.  Motion to rescind passed 60 – 31.  President Farrell disclosed that the this Social Play change should go into effect by Monday, September 19th.  Al Kacer appealed to the assembly to  just play tennis and have fun.



Meeting adjourned at 2:40 pm.



Respectfully submitted.        Marje Valenti, STC Secretary