CALL TO ORDER AND ANNOUNCEMENTS – President, Frank Farrell, called the meeting to order at 3 pm.

George Ray, chairman of STC charities, introduced Roger Barton, spokesman and board member of YOTO (Youth On Their Own).  YOTO is the chosen charity for the STC for 2005.  Mr. Barton thanked the STC for choosing YOTO and proceeded to explain that YOTO is a non-profit organization that specializes in school dropout prevention for homeless and near homeless youth ages 8 – 12.  The program was begun in 1986 at the Amphitheater school district and now has spread throughout all the districts in Pima County and the Cit of Tucson.  YOTO’s Mission Statement is “Youth On Their Own is dedicated to supporting the high school graduation of homeless youth by providing financial assistance, basic human needs and guidance.” George Ray announced that the Charity Committee needs STC volunteers to solicit sponsors for this project.

Sarah Smith and Al Majer will lead the sponsor solicitation and Steve Watry will chair the committee as last year.




MINUTES OF MARCH 3RD MEETING – Secretary, Marje Valenti, explained that the minutes of the last General Membership Meeting were posted on the STC website and at the tennis center with one correction.  Minutes were approved.  She then stated that a few members were concerned about the lead-time on notification of both General Membership and Board meetings.

She emphasized three ways to insure member awareness of these meetings:  read your e-mails that are sent to every members several days prior to meetings, check the STC bulletin for the latest meeting minutes and future meetings that are posted from 5 – 10 days in advance and, if all else fails…contact her and she will provide the necessary info.


TREASURER’S REPORT – Treasurer, Dave Feder, reported that the STC bank account contains $28,655.78.  There are presently 493 members….271 male and 222 female. Dave continued that membership has not decreased for the memberships in 2002 was 462, 2003 was 496 and 2004 was 501.  His membership projection for 2005 is 515.



Member at Large & Social Chairman – Kathy Martin

Kathy thanked Cindy McAlbin’s Adult Team for assisting her in the Memorial Day Social.  The social was a great success.  She announced that Carole Farrell will handle the July 4th Social.




Bylaws – Steve Leane

Steve stated that the Bylaws revision is just about wrapped up and will probably be presented at the STC General Membership Meeting in September

HOA #1 Tennis Committee – Tom Larkin/Steve Leane

Steve mentioned that the HOA #1 Board approved sleeveless and capped “t” shirts to be worn on the tennis courts.

HOA #2 Tennis Committee – Joel Wyner

Joel informed us that the HOA #2 Tennis Committee also approved use of the capped “t” shirts and assured us that the HOA #2 Board would further approve them in September.  He also reported on happenings at DesertView which should be in operation in late July. Back doors to the four tennis courts will have to be added due to builder error.  Robson also planted the dirtiest of trees (palo verde, eucalyptus, pine) around courts and Joel wrote a letter of complaint but doesn’t feel that they will be changed.  Zeroscape is also needed around the courts.  The Preserve’s three courts are expected to be completed in the 2nd quarter of 2006.

Allan Grodsky, who handles the maintenance of MountainView courts, informed us the new fencing will cost $4,300, the windscreens on court #9 will be going in soon and that the resurfacing dates of courts 11, 12 and 13 have not been finalized.

Communications – Dick Quigg

Dick requested members for information for articles or suggestions for articles during the summer months.

Maintenance – Erich Kruck

President Farrell thanked Erich for volunteering to handle maintenance at the tennis center.

Nominating Committee – Connie Kacer

Connie was not present but had asked President Farrell to inform the membership that at this time no members had volunteered to be candidates for the Board for 2006.  Claudia Enea, also on the committee, stated the same message.

Orientation Committee – Kathy Ramaker

Kathy could not be present and asked President Farrell to announce that there is a planned new orientation meeting scheduled at the tennis center for June 8th at 11 am.

Organized Play Committee – Cathy Hill

Cathy Hill, member of the OPC presented the Social Program Proposal.  Cathy divided this proposal into two parts for voting of the membership present.  In part one, Cathy explained that this proposal would not affect STAMP and that it was “a back to the basics” approach  where members would self-rate according to the skill level criteria of the National Tennis Rating Program (NTRP).  There would be six categories ranging from a high of 4.0 to an entry skill level of 1.5.  There would be a 3 month window for members to test if their self-rating level and their corresponding skill levels were appropriate.  After three months, members could lower their rating or up their rating accordingly.  Any member may lower their level at any time by informing a coordinator but raising levels would be done on an annual basis.  A discussion ensued about the merits/negatives of part one of this proposal. Bud Steele asked where members who were previously rated at a 3.3 skill level would go and Cathy answered that these members could self-rate at 3.0 or 3.5. Greg Hlushko asked if John Holmes’ software could handle the new 1.5 skill level since it wasn’t previously part of the software and Cathy responded that John said it could be handled by pre-assignment and if a greater number of 1.5 skill level members appeared then he would change the software accordingly.  A motion was offered to accept part one and the motion carried.  Part two of  this proposal  pertained to dealing with a player who may have inappropriately self-rated.  A member may file a complaint about the skill level of another member not being appropriate for that member’s self-rating level.  If 5 different complaints in a rolling 12 months occurs, the member has the option of moving down a skill level or of performing a validation of that skill level.  The said member has the right to know, if asked, who filed the complaints. A motion was entered to accept part two of the proposal, a discussion of the proposal ensued and the motion was carried.




Copper Bowl Proposal

Steve Leane explained that the Copper Bowl is the largest junior tennis tournament.  In the past it has been hosted in Tucson at El Con, Westward Look, Sun City, etc.  The HOA #1 Board did not want to make a decision at this time.  Joel Wyner stated that the HOA #2 Tennis Committee supported the proposal but is requiring property damage to be covered by the Copper Bowl.  The Copper Bowl said they would pay liability insurance.  The level to be played here at SaddleBrooke would be Girls 16 and Under. The tournament is scheduled for January 1 – 3, 2006, and that only courts 1 – 8 would be involved.  Diane Ray mentioned that the STC should be more involved and recognized for supporting tennis in Tucson. A motion was made to support the Copper Bowl Proposal.  Motion carried.




President Farrell thanked everyone for his/her support during this meeting.  Next meeting is scheduled for the first Wednesday in September.  Meeting adjourned at 4:30 pm.



Respectively submitted.        Marje Valenti, STC Secretary