THURSDAY, MARCH 3, 2005     3:30 PM

                         (CORRECTED VERSION)


CALL TO ORDER AND ANNOUNCEMENTS -  Quorum not present so no voting can take place per bylaws.

A.     STC Telephone Directory – President, Frank Farrell, stated that members must be registered and dues paid by March 15th or there names will not be included in the new STC phone directory.

B.     Tennis Center Renovation – Sink relocation in the Tennis Center should be completed this week.

C.     Patio Extension Study – Riley Jackson reported that an architect’s conceptual drawing of the proposed patio extension is posted on the bulletin board at the Tennis Center.  The next step in the process will be to discuss the project during the next General Membership Meeting.

D.     Sun City Social – The Sun City Social has been cancelled due to poor participation by Sun City.  Many of their members are in the midst of rescheduling USTA team rain-out matches and would not be available to participate.  It was a mutual agreement to cancel per Bruce Nissenbaum.




MINUTES OF JANUARY 5TH MEETING – Secretary, Marje Valenti, explained that the minutes of the last General Membership Meeting had been posted on the STC website and at the Tennis Center without additions or corrections.  Minutes were approved.


TREASURER’S REPORT – Treasurer, Dave Feder, reported that as of 2/28 the STC has 464 permanent (full time) members and 20 temporary members.  His projection is that if the membership doesn’t grow, we will be lucky to break even at the end of the fiscal year.  He added that the treasury stands at $34,242.28, at the present.  Dave stated that the STC has been contacted by the IRS for failure to file tax returns for 2001, 2002 and 2003.  He replied to the IRS that we didn’t have to file in 2001 and that somehow having two TIN numbers has caused confusion in the latter two year filings.  Dave feels that this will be an ongoing battle with the IRS.




B.     MEMBER AT LARGE – KATHY MARTIN – Kathy explained that there will be an Awards Barbeque Dinner to honor the winners of the Club Championship and to honor the teams going to Sectionals on May 4th.  A flyer will be posted at the Tennis Center.



A.     CLUB CHAMPIONSHIP – Chairman, Al Grodsky, explained that entry forms were placed at the Tennis Center on February 28th and that there has been response already.  Information about self rating  or USTA ratings and general information can be found on the bulletin boards athe Tennis Cener and at MountainView.  Singles will begin the week 3/28, Ladies and Mens Doubles the week of 4/11 and Mixed Doubles the week beginning of 4/18 with the Finals on the Saturdays following each event.  Entry will be closed seven days prior to each event.  Initial draws  and daily results will be reported the STC website.  The entry fee will be $5.00 per person, per event.  Al Majer asked if there was a method established for obtaining partners and Al answered that there would be a list of those looking for partners at the Tennis Center.

B.     HOA #1 Tennis Committee – Chairman, Bob Rutstein, reported that the new tennis screens for courts 7 & 8 will be delivered next week.  Volunteers will be needed to install them.

C.     HOA #2 Tennis Committee – Chairman, Joel Weiner, informed us that HOA #2 General Manager, Chuck agnew, has resigned with his last day as March 21st.  Chuck had been very accessible to the Tennis Committee and will be missed.  A farewell party is in the works.  Joel gave us the lasted information on the new theater complex…there was a contest for the name and the winning entry was The DesertView, so that the theater will be entitled , The DesertView Performing Arts Center.  The theater will conist of 480 seats.  Further info given by Joel was that there will be 4 four asphalt tennis courts and 3 concrete mixture courts at the Preserve. There will be new wind screens  and resurfacing on three MountainView courts.  No alcohol is allowed at the MV courts or ramada.  Joel  has submitted  a petition to the H)A #2 Rules and Regualations Committee, but he doesn’t know if any changes will be made in the near future.

D.     COMMUNICATIONS – Dick Quigg is asking for more information from the tennis ladies for publication.

E.      CHARITY – Chairman, Al Majer, stated that the Charity Event Committee has just begun to organize and that its next meeting is Monday, March 14th at 4 pm at the Tennis Center.  He added that Sarah Smith will not be organizing the sponsor portion this year.  The committee is considering its designated charity this year as Youth On Their Own which began in 1986 for kids who literally, “on their own”.  The committee is still open to any other worthy charities that members may offer as they continue in their research choice.



A.     BYLAWS REVISIONS, PROPOSED - Bylaws Committee chairman, Steve Leane, informed us that the committee is still working on the final draft and hope to offer the tentative draft to the Board soon with some considerations in the structure of the Board, tenure of the Board and changes in dues structure.  Steve said the bylaws revisions may be presented at a special April 6th General Membership Meeting.  Dave Feder stated his concern with the tentative dues changes in that there then may be a time when the STC will not be able to pay its coordinators’ wages.  He continued that he felt that a single rate schedule is the only fare dues schedule for all homeowners.


The STC board selections for the Nominating Committee are Claudia Enea and Bob Rutstein. The names of the remaining volunteers, Stuart Watkins, Connie Kacer, Jim Fabio, Marv Klapp and Dick Quigg were pulled in a lottery fashion.  The three names chosen were Stuart Watkins, Connie Kacer and Dick Quigg.


1.      SPECIAL OLYMPICS – Steve Leane informed us that a Special Olympics chairman are 15 volunteers are needed for 4/2 and 4/16 at TRC.  A flyer will be posted to the STC website and Tennis Center bulletin board.

2.      COPPER BOWL TOURNAMENT – The vote by the general membership as to whether the STC wanted to allow this tournament to use our facilities over the New Years’ weekend was not voted upon due to lack of quorum present.

3.     TENNIS DRESS CODE – Lack of quorum disallowed a vote on allowing men to wear capped sleeve “t” shirts on the courts.


ADJOURNMENT – The meeting was adjourned at 4:20 pm.  The next General Membership Meeting will be held at 3:30 pm tentatively on Wednesday, April 6, 2005. (pending Bylaws Revisions Proposals requiring a minimum 30 days advance posting for membership consideration)



Respectively submitted.         Marje Valenti, Secretary