WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 5, 2005


CALL TO ORDER:  President, Frank Farrell, called the meeting to order at 3:30 and thanked the 2004 Board of Directors for their dedicated service.  He then introduced the 2005 Board of Directors via short biographies which explained their past experience and expertise which should benefit them on deciding on member issues throughout the year. He then covered several reminders of interest to members as:  annual dues of $60 required by end of January; STC phone directories will out by mid February; need of chairman for the Club Championship

Tournament; Sun City Social is scheduled for either Saturday, March 12 or Sunday, March 13 (to be announced); Senior Olympics booklets are available in the Tennis Center; no shows have increased during organized play and are detrimental to others on courts.


MINUTES OF NOVEMBER 2004 MEETING:  Secretary, Marje Valenti, stated that the November minutes had been recorded by 2004 Board Secretary, Mary Hlushko, and had been posted on the STC Web page and at Tennis Center bulletin board with one correction and no additions.  Minutes were approved.

TREASURER’S REPORT:  Treasure, Dave Feder, reported on the STC 2004 Financial Statement.  He explained how spending is out of control and is outweighing income.  His analysis divulged a Net Loss of $3,096.59 (23.47%) for the year beginning 1/1/04 with a Starting Balance of $13,195.69 and an Ending Cash Flow of $10,099.10 on 12/31/04.  He elaborated on some of the major areas of loss, such as, cost of phone directories, cost of socials and events, sales of tennis balls, free coffee, photos, increase in wages,etc. He suggested that if we don’t curb our spending there will be no surplus in 2 ˝ years.  A discussion ensued about how to deal with this issue.  Betsy Harrigan rationalized that we need to prioritize what are our needs before spending. Bruce Nissenbaum suggested that we must analyze inflow and outflow to see where we can positively improve our spending. Bonnie Nissenbaum stated that we should charge a nominal amount for socials.  Jim Fabio stated we should have a “membership polling” on spending for events. Al Kacer said we need a committee to analyze our cash flow and needs. A straw vote was taken as to whether members should “pay as you go” for socials and the vote was unanimous that we should. Steve Leane suggested that an e-mail should be sent to all members about the issues to be discussed at the next general membership meeting scheduled for early February.

REPORTS OF THE OFFICERS:  Vice President, Dick Partridge had no report.  Members at Large, Kathy Martin, wants members to know that the Board will work on means to cut costs.


A. Organized Play Committee – Chairman, Dave Lamb, explained that his first principle is don’t worry about things that don’t exist and don’t make existing problems worse. Dave volunteered his e-mail as:  His committee is composed of 14 members: Claudea Enea, Barb Lefebvre, Karen Lippe, Cathy Hill, Linda Triboulet, Karen Lippe, Sylvia Wilson, Riley Jackson, George Collins, Jerry Edgerton,Fred Fahlbusch, Marv Klapp, Steve Pennerand Dave Hilton. The first meeting is scheduled for Monday, January 17th from 2 – 4 pm in the North Coyote room in the SB Club House.

B. Rules – Dick Flemming   No report.

C. Tournaments – Greg Hlushko   No report.

D. HOA # 1 Tennis Committee -  No report.

E. HOA # 2 Tennis Committee – Joel Wyner reported that the south section will have four new courts, grouped by twos to be completed possibly in July with additional room for two additional courts.  Rumor is that The Preserve will have three tennis courts. Courts 11,12 and 13 are scheduled to be resurfaced.  There is a planned ball machine class in February to be instructed by Bob Lewis and Charlie Chaffee. Sign up sheets are at the tennis center.

F. Social – Diane Ray and Geri Sandilands – Diane reported that two major events have been booked:  the Holiday Ball for December 1st and the New Year’s Eve Party for December 31st.  Both Diane and Geri are asking for new volunteers for their positions.  Geri Sandilands mentioned that they will be glad to mentor any volunteers.

G. Communications – Dick Quigg – No report.

H. Maintenance – Al Kacer informed us that there is a new blower and vacuum with attachments in the shed at the tennis center.  The shed combination number is 2505. The white-wheeled squeegees attached to the fences on the courts work as well as a wet vac.  Please return them after use.

I. Orientation – Kathy Ramaker told us the final orientation of new members had been performed on November 30th. One new member, as well as any additional new members, will be orientated prior to the end of the month. 

J. Charity – George Ray reiterated the Charity Event’s results of raising $22,150 for the Children’s Advocacy Center and that there is $600 in the kitty for this year for he believe that this should be an annual event for a charity of our choice. He stated that we need a new chairman for the Charity Committee and need to choose a designated charity for 2005. George also expounded on the defibrillator that HOA #1 approved to be installed at the tennis center. He and Jim VanBrocklin will be training STC members for proper use of the defibrillator.  Sign up sheets are at the tennis center and we need to prove to HOA #1 that we do have the interest for this item.

K. Computer Training – Riley Jackson explained that set score reporting is still being developed with the earliest date of completion in March.

L. Coordinators – Nancy Frazer – Jon Chase stated that an e-mail needs to be sent to members about the tennis center’s extension of hours for January through March. The hours are now 7:45 am –1:45 pm. Members need to call the tennis center after 2 pm to reserve courts for the following week.

M. ByLaws Committee – President Farrell stated that Steve Leane has agreed to remain on the committee. Vice President, Dick Partridge,and Bobbi and Marv Klapp will also be on the committee.  Al Kacer and Bud Steele volunteered as members of the committee.



ADJOURNMENT:  The meeting was adjourned at 4:45 pm.  The next General Membership Meeting will be held at 4 pm on Wednesday, February 2, 2005.


Respectfully submitted.       Marje Valenti, Secretary