3:00 P.M., WEDNESDAY, APRIL 2, 2008





CALL TO ORDER by President Kacer at 3:05 p.m.

Present: Ayers, Gray [3:10], Hamilton, Kacer, and Rutstein

Member & Guest registry (Frank Farrell recorder): Seventeen [17] attendees.



a. 2007 IRS forms submitted

b. Procedure at BOD meetings for opening floor for members' comments & questions



a. Approve Minutes from FEB 1, 2008 BOD meeting

Motion to approve by:Hamilton, Seconded by: Ayers,

Discussion: none

Yeas: All, Motion carried



Account balance:

STC†† ††††††††††† $50,529.00

STA Charity††† $ 1,567.56

STC Members by March 28, 2008: 495



A. BOD to discuss and decide on purchase of printer with fax capability.


Motion by: Rutstein, Seconded by: Ayers to approve the purchase of a fax machine for the Preserve at a cost not to exceed $100 to support posting of STC Organized Play schedules.

Yeas:All, Motion carried


B. Web site Turnover--transition and additions---BOD discussion with vendor, with input

††††† from the Computer Committee.BOD decision.


Motion by: Hamilton , Second by: Rutstein to accept and approve the Web site turnover, transition and additions in accordance with the March 18, 2008 document [attached].


Yeas: All, Motion carried


C. Charity--no Event Chair--BOD to decide on options.

Karen Gray has secured potential Co-Chairpersons, but no Chairperson has volunteered. Karen will compose new STC E-Mail request seeking volunteer.


D. Robson Cup--BOD to discuss and decide where to deposit excess income.

Discussion: Board reached consensus that the funds will remain in the STC general fund without special designation at this time.


E. Treasury--discuss and decide what process to utilize regarding the "surplus"

Discussion: Tabled for later 2008 date when more financial data is available.


F. Interclub Event with Sunflower--discuss and decide

Motion by: Kacer, Seconded by: Ayers to deny the interclub event with Sunflower.


Yeas: All, Motion carried




A. Court 17 Status.

Joel Wyner reported that he spoke to Tim Fudge who assured him that Court 17 would be repaired by Monday, April 7, 2008 and that the STC Coordinators would be informed. 




Motion by: Rutstein, Seconded by: Gray†† to Adjourn at 4:50 p.m.

Discussion: none

Yeas: All, Motion carried.


Respectfully submitted,

Richard L. Hamilton

Secretary, STCBOD

[1] Attachment: March 18, 2008 Web site turnover document.






Date: April 8, 2008

By: Dick Hamilton, Secretary STCBOD

Expires: Archives













WEB SITE TURNOVER [Document dated March 18, 2008]


July is the goal to complete any improvements set for the Web Bridge Option (WBO).This coincides with the lease for the new TennisDoubles V2 program used for the trial. July should be considered the target deadline for securing a Web Person to assume responsibility for the web uploads. The search should be concurrent with other efforts to finalize the Web Site turnover.


To reiterate the current agreements regarding the programs provided for Club use, the following shows the current terms.





The following completed events are anticipated as part of the turnover process. Club person(s) or committees responsible for the following Club events should be appointed and identified.


  1. A Club Web Person is fully operational.


  1. The Web Enrollment responsibility is fully assumed by coordinators. Includes maintaining the supplied Enrollments Database. Includes maintaining web site Enrollments Web Mail.


  1. Vendor completion of required basic Web Anchor Pages with the currently vendor identified necessary content. Other and new content to be done by the new Web Person.


  1. Vendor completion of vendor identified necessary immediate WBO Incremental Improvements.

Other vendor incremental improvements will be on going.

  1. Club assumes responsibility for the Domain Name and itís renewal.


  1. Club assumes responsibility for the Web Site Hosting and itís renewal.


  1. Club makes payment for the WBO Web Site and programming.


  1. Web Site Poll Place and Ballot Box functions will be considered by vendor, and separately priced, if they are ever approved in a timely fashion and allowed by the Bylaws. No target date has been set for these functions.


  1. Club commences search to line up a Professional Vendor for future major web site changes.


  1. Vendor has provided folder containing complete Old Web Site content. This to be used for any harvesting need, such as archives, allowing Old Web Site hosting to be cancelled.