3:00 p.m., Friday, February 1, 2008

HOA1 Arts and Crafts Room No. 3




CALL TO ORDER: By President Kacer at 3:02 p.m.


Present: Ayers, Gray, Hamilton, Kacer, and Rutstein


Twelve STC Members were present and signed the doorkeeper log.



 a. Results of the proposed patio extension vote


Yes: 123, No: 159


b. Sue Ayers has been designated the STC BOD liaison to the HOA #2 Tennis Committee. Karen Gray will serve as the alternate.


 c. Tennis Center hours will change starting Friday, February 1, 2008.


            The Tennis Center will open at 7:15 a.m. and Close at 12:15 p.m.



 a. Approve Minutes of JAN 2, 2008 BOD Meeting


Motion by: Hamilton, Second by: Ayers to approve the minutes of January 2, 2008.

            Discussion: None

            Yeas: All

            Motion carried.




As of January 31, 2008

Dues Received: $36, 360

            Expense to date: $2,709.46

            Total Membership: 462


            January 31, 2007 Comparison:

            Expenses to date: $2,763.04

            January 31, 2006 Comparison:

            Expenses to date: $2,774.55








 a. Robson Cup: BOD to decide subsidy for Robson Cup snacks.


Motion by Ayers, and seconded by Rutstein to subsidize the Robson Cup Tournament in the amount of $100.


Discussion: Members of the Board discussed and agreed that the Robson Cub Tournament is, and always has been open to all SB HOA residents; it is also a showcase event for our communities, and supporting it in its time of need is appropriate. President Kacer recognized several members in the audience who offered clarification to a number of questions by Board members.


            Yeas: All

            Motion carried.


 b. Discuss and decide need for additional file storage, and possible purchase of new files.


Discussion: The issue of appropriate file storage was tabled pending cleaning out of the files by Ayers and Hamilton by discarding old records that serve no useful purpose.


c. Web Bridge Option: Record vote tally in minutes, and BOD decision regarding go live.


A ballot proposal vote was conducted between OCT 1 and OCT 14, 2007 (paper and electronic ballots were cast by the membership).


The Ballot Proposal read as follows:


At the November 2006 Membership Meeting, members voted to spend $1000 on a feasibility study of possible computer upgrades, including online sign-up for Organized Play.  The study group analyzed various options and concluded that a “web bridge” option would be the most cost effective.  This means a “bridge” between the scheduling program on the STC computer and a new sign-up program on a new STC website will be created in order to enable STC members to sign-up for Organized Play via the Internet.  To date, a working prototype has been developed and is being tested.  In addition, a new website has been secured for this use.  The cost to complete this project has been determined to be no more than an additional $3900.


The results were Yeas, 127 and Nays, 28. The ballot proposal passed.


2. Motion by Kacer, seconded by Gray to end the trial and go live with the Web Bridge Option.


Discussion: John Holmes answered questions from President Kacer concerning the state of readiness of the Web Bridge Option. Kacer will inform the STC Coordinators and publish a ‘Communiqué’ to the STC membership.


Yeas: All

Motion carried.


 d. BOD to discuss and submit recommendations to the Bylaws Committee for proposed changes.

[Bylaws Committee Members present: Leane, Case, Ray, MacPherson]


Discussion: The Board reviewed Article and Clause revisions with the committee members from a draft revision document prepared by Board of Directors, Gray and Hamilton with prior input from Ayers, Kacer, and Rutstein. The committee received the draft in advance. Many revisions were of a housekeeping nature for clarity, and others were revisions/deletions/additions to the contents.



President Kacer opened the floor to give the membership an opportunity to address the Board, and several members offered their comments and insights into various areas of their personal/Club interests. The Board thanked the members for their comments.


a. John Holmes expressed a need for the Board to re-visit and formalize the terms and conditions of the Web Bridge Option; discussion ensued, and the Board, through President Kacer will refer the matter to the Computer Committee for the deliberation and recommendation.


b. The Board, through President Kacer, will also refer to the Computer Committee the feasibility of changing to a different general communications STC E-mail system, such as a “List Server” offered by Google, as an example.



Motion made to adjourn by Rutstein, Seconded by Gray.

Discussion: none

Yeas: All

Motion carried and meeting adjourned at 4:56 p.m.



Respectfully Submitted,

Dick Hamilton

Secretary STC BOD


By: R. Hamilton

Date: February 7, 2008

Date Expires: Archive