3 P.M., WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 2, 2008



                      OFFICIAL MINUTES



CALL TO ORDER: By President Kacer: Time: 3:02 p.m.


Present:  Ayers, Gray, Hamilton, Kacer

Absent:  Rutstein



          A. Welcome current BOD members S. Ayers and R. Hamilton,

        and thank outgoing directors Don Stull and Riley Jackson



           A. Approve Minutes from DEC 5, 2007

        Motion to Approve: by Kacer, Second by: Gray

        Discussion: Revisions & Corrections? None


        Motion Call: Yeas: Ayers, Gray, Kacer, Abstain: Hamilton

        Motion Carried.



                   a. December 31, 2007 ending account balance: $18, 810.46

                   b. 2008 Dues received as of January 2, 2008:     29, 040.00

                   c. Current Balance, January 2, 2008:                  $47,850.46


No actual expenses reported and no encumbered expenses reported.

Dues receipts appear to be ahead of the same time last year (2007).




A. Discuss conduct guidelines and member participation at meetings

     President Kacer read from a prepared statement concerning the guidelines that she intends to use

     as they pertain to the conduct and the participation of the audience in regular STC Board of Director meetings

     and regular STC Membership meetings.


     Secretary Hamilton presented concerns for the lack of respect for STC members

     and STC Board members as it pertains to abusive behavior.

     Such behavior must be addressed forth-rightly when and if it occurs during a Board of Directors or Membership meeting,

     and that Executive Session should be used to assess disciplinary action upon the offending party when it is warranted.

     It was suggested by a member that consideration be given to appointing a Sergeant of Arms for future meetings

     if abusive behavior becomes an over-riding problem.


B. Member's request for refund of 2007 dues--decide on action:

    Motion to: Deny a refund of dues as requested by a 2007 STC member.

    Motion By: Gray, Second by: Hamilton


    Discussion: Subject 2007 member paid dues, but after playing in organized play was injured

    and could not play the remainder of the year and in a letter to President Kacer, requested a refund.


    Motion Call: Yeas: All

    Motion carried.

    [President Kacer will write a letter to the subject member]


C. USTA--vote on whether to renew STC’s membership

     Motion to: Renew USTA membership for the SaddleBrooke Tennis Club for 2008,

     and pay the relevant fee required for membership when due.

     Motion by: Hamilton , Second by:  Gray

     Discussion: USTA is an integral part of tennis activities in our locale, The STC has enjoyed its relationship with the USTA,

     and seeks to have a greater voice in the future plans of the USTA Southwest Section.


     Motion Call: Yeas: All

     Motion Carried.


C- 1.0: President Kacer without objection from Board members approved Marv Klapp

     to be the 2008 STC Liaison to the Southwest Section of the USTA.


D. Discuss update regarding web sign-up trial, & vote on extension request

     Motion to: Extend the trial period of the new STC Web sign-up system through February 1, 2008.


     Motion by: Hamilton, Second by: Gray

     Discussion: Various


     Motion Call: Yeas: All

     Motion Carried


E. Assign insurance policies review to director

    Assigned to Sue Ayers with a report back by [?]: To be determined.


F. Update club's contact information for HOA #1


    Completed by Hamilton on December 31, 2007. Record is kept in General Manger’s Office complex.

    [Copy to be sent to President Kacer]


G. Discuss PT Tennis Pro's interaction during Organized Play.


    President Kacer will review the Club’s desired protocol with the tennis pro with regard to on-court interaction

    with members during organized play.


H. Discuss recommendations for proposed bylaws changes


     Discussion: President Kacer reviewed various STC Bylaws revisions to be considered,

     and requested the same from Board members. Hamilton briefly explained rationale for some changes proposed

     in an earlier draft communication, and requested that Board members reply to him as to their understanding of the merits of them. 


     The objective of this discussion was to initiate a consensus process as to revisions to the Bylaws

     that the 2008 Board will present to the 2008 Bylaws Committee Chairperson at a later date.


I.  Motion to Enter Executive Session to discuss Committee Chairperson appointments:


    Motion by: Ayers, Second by: Gray

    Motion Call:  Yeas: All

    Motion Carried.


Convene to Executive Session at: Time: 4:28 p.m.

    Subject: Personnel matters of committee appointment.


Reconvene to Open Session at: Time: 5:12 p.m.


J.  Other Business:



Motion to Adjourn Regular Meeting at: Time:  5:15 p.m.


     Motion by: Kacer, Second by: Gray

     Motion Call:  Yeas: All

     Motion Carried.


Respectfully Submitted,

Richard L. Hamilton, Secretary

2008 STC BOD