CALL TO ORDER:  STC President, Connie Kacer, called the meeting to order at 2:30 PM.  Board Directors present were President Connie Kacer, Vice President Bob Rutstein, Secretary Don Stull, Treasurer Riley Jackson, and Director-At-Large Karen Gray. 



MINUTES:   BOD Minutes from OCT 24, 2007 were approved.



TREASURER’S REPORT:  Treasurer Jackson gave a brief update to his 2008 Projection.  He projects something between a “best case” of a $29,284 surplus and a “worst case” of $25,299 surplus.  This is if dues remain the same at $80 and the current surplus is carried over.  Some of the variables which could affect the amount of surplus include the final cost of the Web Bridge Option; number of members; whether or not the contract with the PT Pro is extended for another year; and a possible increase in Coordinator salaries.



COMMITTEE REPORTS:  HOA #1 Tennis Committee Update—Bob Rutstein reported HOA-1 will fund a new printer for the STC.  In addition, it is in the budget (not yet approved) to allow $1,000 for maintenance of the STC tennis matchmaking and court reservation software (John Holmes vendor). 



UNFINISHED BUSINESS:   A motion was made and seconded that the Board recommend to the members that dues remain at the current $80 per year for 2008.  Discussion centered on the likelihood of the CEC recommended patio extension being approved.  The results of the recent Straw Poll regarding willingness to spend dues money on capital improvements or tennis social functions indicates a reasonable likelihood that the CEC recommendations could be approved by members.  The BOD unanimously approved the motion. 



NEW BUSINESS:  The BOD voted unanimously to consider the recommendations from the Capital Expenditure Committee regarding a patio extension as an “item of special importance” under the STC By-Laws, Article IX, Sec 5. 



ADJOURNMENT:  The meeting was adjourned at 3:00 PM



Respectfully submitted,

Don Stull, STC Secretary