CALL TO ORDER:  STC President, Connie Kacer, called the meeting to order at 1:00 PM.  Board Directors present were President Connie Kacer, Vice President Bob Rutstein, Secretary Don Stull, Treasurer Riley Jackson, and Director-At-Large Karen Gray. 



MINUTES:   Minutes from SEP 18 and SEP 24, 2007 were approved.



TREASURER’S REPORT:  Treasurer Jackson reported an anticipated surplus for the end of 2007 as $18,373.  To cover expenses and have a comfortable cushion of about $3000 at the end of the year, dues could be set at $36 (if we spent down the surplus from 2007).  If we keep dues at $80, we can expect a surplus of $25000 at the end of 2008.





a)     Room Assignments/Dates for 2008 meetings have been reserved with HOA-1.  Dates and times are as follows:  Membership Meetings:  Jan 9, 3-5; Apr 9, 3:30-5:30; Sep 17, 3-5; and Nov 12, 3-5 in the Vermilion Room.  Board of Directors Meetings:  Jan 2, 3-5; Apr 2, 3-5; Sep 10, 3-5; Oct 22, 3-5 in the Coyote North Room.  


 b) Tennis Center hours will be extended in DEC to accommodate member dues collection (7:45-1:45).  This could be continued in JAN-FEB if needed.





 a) HOA #2 Tennis Committee Update—Don Stull reported that a request from the Pickleball organization for use of a tennis court for Pickleball was withdrawn – reasons unknown.  Apparently, the Pickleballers are still working on fund raising to help pay for a multi-purpose sport court next to the DesertView Theatre. 


 b) Capital Expenditure:  Steve Watry presented information on a proposed project to extend the Tennis center patio.  Architectural plans have been prepared by Travis Walsh, a SaddleBrooke resident at no charge.  Steve thanks Travis, figuring this saved the club about 15-25 thousand dollars.  Steve discussed various options for the extension with some bids/estimates.  Steve will provide the Board with a report soon (within a week or two) complete with bids/estimates.  There is also a question of the need for permits and sign off by an Arizona licensed architect.


The CEC also updated previous projects that were not approved in 2006.  According to Steve, one of these, expanding the viewing area at Court #1, would not be supported by HOA-1 because they believe it would disturb the neighbors too much.  


 c) Computer—Al Kacer:  The BOD has already approved a memory upgrade.  What has not been approved is the request to purchase some compact discs and the backup program “Snapshot” which will permit restoring the hard drive should it go down. 


 d) Feasibility Study Group—John Holmes updated the BOD on progress to date on the Web Bridge Option.  John is enrolling volunteers in the new website for participation in a trial to begin soon.  It is thought the trial will last about 30 days. Training needs to be conducted for the Coordinators first.  It is planned that opinion polling and voting capabilities will be added in the future.





 a)  Computer Committee---Resubmits request to obtain approval for purchase discs for $10 and Snapshot for 39 Euros for a total cost of about $50-$75.  Riley wanted to know if the STC computer will write to CD.  That was unclear, but it was commented that at least the CDs can be used for writing info on other computers and reading at the Tennis Center.  The proposed purchase was approved unanimously.





a)  SCOPE—consider starting the trial for A & B+ men (and other levels, if there is sufficient interest).  John Holmes thinks we should have at least 8 sign up for SCOPE on any particular day before SCOPE matches would be put together.  There are not enough currently signed up and available to reliably accomplish this.  He would also prefer to get the Web Bridge Option (Internet sign up for organized play) established first.  Karen Gray suggested starting SCOPE after the holidays (if enough have signed up by then).  In the meanwhile, STAMP is available, if anyone wants to sign up for that. 


b)     Web Bridge Option:  The Feasibility Study Group discussed the issue of integrating Web sign-ups with bulletin board sign ups when the program is initiated.  The FSG recommends that 20% of the available slots be allotted to the bulletin board sign ups and 80% to the Web sign ups.  This is based on the fact that about 20% voted against funding the WBO, which provides an estimate of the percentage that will be using the bulletin board after the WBO is implemented.  This estimate can be adjusted later if it proves through experience to be inaccurate.   (Typically there are 68 slots available:  20 courts x 4 players = 80 – 12 for three non-member reserved courts.)  This procedure was approved by consensus of the Board.  Overtime for training of the Coordinators was approved for approximately 2 hours each.


c)  The BOD voted for insurance renewals on general ($774) and BOD liability ($1170) premiums.  Approval was unanimous. 


d)  The BOD discussed a petition signed by 56 members and submitted by Larry Gray which questions the use of dues.  According to the petition, the Board’s options are polling the members or calling a special meeting.  Pros and cons for both were discussed.  Treasurer Riley Jackson suggested the special meeting could be defined as info gathering only.  Petitioner Larry Gray first said the BOD needs to have a special meeting per the by-laws, but later said he doesn’t care if it is a poll or a meeting.  He said there are a lot of unhappy people in the club.  They want dues to fund socials and the club championship.  Charging for these functions is another form of dues.


Don Stull read draft for a straw poll of members:  “Should the STC be allowed to use dues money to pay for permanent additions or improvements to the facilities of HOA-1 or HOA-2?  (Such as buildings, structures, tennis courts and related facilities.  For example: an extension of the Tennis Center patio; or expansion of the viewing area around Court #1.)  YES or NO?”


Steve Leane:  Members have rights to set dues and decide how money is spent (over $1000).  Diane Ray: why not let members decide by voting instead of taking away a right.  Larry Gray would like to see a line item budget each year.  He also says the club needs to look at how dues are collected.


On a vote, four of five BOD members favor a poll.


Connie Kacer read a By-Laws Committee draft poll question which would basically keep the status quo for two years.  Connie asks when the poll should go out.  Diane Ray thinks we should have the vote on capital expenditure projects first.  That will determine the views of the members.  Steve Leane says we could have an electronic vote on projects when figures are available from the CEC. 


e)  BOD discussed making a dues recommendation to the members.  It was decided to wait for the CEC report with final bids. 


f)  Maintenance Committee---The BOD agreed on wording for the purpose/function of the new Maintenance Committee for the Bylaws Appendix.


g)  The BOD decided to delete Communications as a committee.  The title for the function will be Publicity.


h)  The BOD considered adding a Membership Committee.  It was decided to add the function to the Orientation Committee. It will be called the Membership/Orientation Committee. 


i)  The Board reviewed the entire Bylaws Appendix and made other changes, including deleting the Organized Play Committee; adding the responsibility for setting the draws for tournaments with the Tournament Committee; and changing the Nominating Committee date to report slate of candidates from October to September. 


j)  The BOD discussed with the Orientation Committee Chair how to guide new members with determining their rating, and also suggested changes to the current member forms.



ADJOURNMENT:  The meeting was adjourned at 4:07 PM




Respectfully submitted,

Don Stull, STC Secretary