CALL TO ORDER:STC President, Connie Kacer, called the meeting to order at 11:37 AM.Board Directors present were President Connie Kacer, Vice President Bob Rutstein, Secretary Don Stull, Treasurer Riley Jackson, and Director-At-Large Karen Gray.



APPROVAL OF MINUTES:The minutes from September 5, 2007 had been distributed to BOD members, reviewed and the final document posted on the STC website and the Tennis Center bulletin board with no requests for correction.The minutes were approved unanimously.



TREASURERíS REPORT:Treasurer Riley Jackson reports no change from what was reported on September 12th at the membership meeting





The Board and the part-time Tennis Pro, Terry Gibson, discussed a suggestion from members that the Pro be allowed to coach players, on the court, during Organized Play.Terry has reservations about the concept because he feels it would be like a giving a private lesson for a few and might cause resentment from others who are not getting the same coaching.Also, Terry was concerned about disruption to players on an adjacent court. Terry thinks he can be more effective watching members play during organized play and providing feedback as requested.Ideally, members who desire feedback should let Terry know before they go on the court and he will pay special attention and provide feedback afterwards.Treasurer Jackson expressed an interest in trying the suggestion.It was decided that Terry would try working with groups of four (for 30 minutes) at the next free clinic as a trial.If it works well, it could be expanded.


Terry was provided feedback from the BOD on clinics that have been provided up to this point.Some members have commented that the pace of the clinics have been too slow and the mix of ability levels too broad.Various options for improvement were discussed.


Web Bridge Option:A motion was made that the Web Bridge Option (sign up for organized play via the Internet) be designated an Item of Special Importance per the new By-Laws.It was passed unanimously.Therefore, the vote for this project will be electronic/absentee ballot.


The language for the WBO was drafted.††† The e-mail message for the informational meeting was determined.It will be a combined meeting with the WBO and SCOPE (a new competitive/scoring option for organized play) as the topics.Another e-mail will be sent out regarding SCOPE.The date and place is contingent on what room is available.


Procedures for electronic/absentee voting were discussed.It was determined each vote should have a name and date.Each active member will have one vote (if a second vote is submitted, it will be invalid). Only one vote per e-mail (two members sharing the same e-mail address should submit separate e-mail votes).Paper ballots will be at the Tennis Center for those without a computer.Results will be certified and records maintained for a year.



Maintenance:The BOD voted to make the Maintenance function a Committee.Vic Martin was appointed Chair.Vic will be working in conjunction with Tom Larkin of the HOA-1 Tennis Committee.



ADJOURNMENT:The meeting was adjourned at 1:02 PM




Respectfully submitted,

Don Stull, STC Secretary