CALL TO ORDER:  STC Board President, Connie Kacer, called the meeting to order at 1:00 PM.  Board Directors present were President Connie Kacer, Secretary Don Stull, Treasurer Riley Jackson, and Director at Large Karen Gray.  Attending were By-Laws Committee Chair Steve Leane and By-Laws Committee members Craig McPherson and Dick Partridge.


The Board discussed with the By-Laws Committee wording of proposed changes to the SaddleBrooke Tennis Club Constitution and By-Laws (last revised as of November 8, 2006).  These proposed changes were prepared in response to requests from the Board for a revised schedule of Membership Meetings; a change in the required number for a quorum at such meetings; and adding the ability of the Board to conduct electronic and absentee balloting for membership voting.


The Board discussed a proposed reduced number of Membership Meetings (from seven to four).  It was decided to add October and delete September due to a greater number of members available in October due to the return of “snowbirds.”


A reduction of members required for a quorum from 50 to 25 is proposed due the lack of a quorum all year.  Robert’s Rules of Order state:  “The quorum should be as large a number of members as can reasonably be depended on to be present at any meeting….”


The wording of and pros and cons of special voting procedures, such as electronic and absentee voting, was discussed with the Committee.  The proposed By-Law changes require, for “items of special importance,” approval of 2/3 of the Board for absentee balloting (which may include e-mail or other forms of electronic voting).  Treasurer Riley Jackson envisioned all questions being decided this way and opposed the 2/3 vote of the Board requirement.  Other Board members agreed with the By-laws Committee that this procedure is appropriate only for issues of special importance.  It was pointed out that some of the difficulties with absentee and electronic voting include providing for adequate discussion of the issue to be voted upon; providing an adequate written explanation of the issue to be voted on; the inability of members to propose amendments; the complexity of the process; and the significantly greater amount of time to conclude a vote. 


The Board also discussed a suggestion by a member that for important issues the Board should be able to determine that a simple majority is not adequate and require a higher level of approval, such as 2/3 of respondents.  The Committee felt this would allow a minority of members to block actions the majority favored and therefore they could not support this proposal.  The Board agreed to not pursue this concept at this time.


The Board requested the Committee provide proposed language to the By-Laws that would codify the current practice of specifying that items which are brought up as New Business in a membership meeting cannot be voted on until the next membership meeting in order to provide members adequate time to learn about the issue.


The Board plans to refer these By-Law revisions to the membership for a vote at the Membership Meeting on September 12, 2007.


The meeting was adjourned at 2:23 PM.



Respectfully submitted,

Don Stull, STC Secretary