Call to Order:  STC Board President, Connie Kacer, called the meeting to order at 3:00 PM.  Board Directors present were President: Connie Kacer, Vice President: Bob Rutstein, Secretary: Don Stull, Treasurer: Riley Jackson, and Director at Large: Karen Gray. 




*  STC Rules Approval:  The revised STC Tennis Rules were approved at the special board meeting held on January 26th, after some minor wording changes were agreed on by the BOD and the Rules Committee.


*  Computer Chairperson Appointment:  Al Kacer has been appointed as Chair of the Computer Committee.  Members will be Bill Lunquist and Ray Kump.


*  Orientation Committee’s invitation to BOD to attend social:  The Orientation Committee will be holding an open house and social for new and past tennis players at the Tennis Center on February 18th at 3 PM.   Board members have been invited to attend. 


*  Update on court repairs:  The facilities maintenance managers of both HOAs have been made aware of problems at MountainView, DesertView, and SaddleBrooke and are in contact with the relevant contractors.  Court 5 is closed due to poor condition.  Court 11 will be brought to the attention of the HOA-2 facilities maintenance manager for possible closure due to a large ripple in the court.


Reading and Approval of Minutes:  Secretary Stull said the minutes for the Board meetings on January 3rd and a special meeting on January 26th had been posted on the STC website, and the Tennis Center with no requests for changes.  The minutes were approved by acclamation.



Treasurer’s report:  Treasurer Riley Jackson reports $52,235.85 in savings; $3,783.37 in checking for a total of $56,019.22.  Current members are 471 including 20 associate members.  Also, Riley was notified by the STC auditor that he is not authorized to transfer money between the checking and savings accounts.  A motion was made to allow the Treasurer to make such transfers as necessary to accomplish the financial business of the STC and it was passed unanimously. 







Capital Expenditure---Steve Watry:


*   Part time Tennis Pro:  Steve Watry has a final “Professional Services Agreement” with a description of services, plus an ad for the Daily Star.  HOA-1, as contracting agency, will handle the placing of the ad and collection of proposals.  The BOD will interview and select the pro.


*  DesertView canopy:  Meet with Joel Wyner and Tim Fudge, HOA-2 Facilities Manager.  Tim will be supervising the contract with Sun Sports, the vendor.  Sun Sports will be hiring a company to do a utility locate.  The design for the canopy is being changed to incorporate and extra pole in the center to support the bulletin board.  Bulletin boards will be 3x3 feet.  Any larger size may be a problem in high winds.  It is anticipated that HOA-2 will be responsible for any maintenance of the canopy (like canvas replacement) once they have assumed ownership of it.  Tim Fudge’s staff will get information to be posted by e-mail and will post on the bulletin boards, thus saving travel time for STC Tennis Coordinators. 


*  Clocks:  Will be big with temperature like the homeowners bought for the Preserve.  These clocks are $20 more than the ones voted for by the membership, but the saving in bulletin boards should make up the difference. 


*  Pathway at DesertView:  Tim Fudge is in favor of this project and is looking into the possibility of concrete stepping stones.


*  Emergency telephones:  Steve met with the HOA-2 Facilities Committee and is optimistic regarding placement of telephones at all three locations.


*  AEDs (Automatic External Defibrillators):  We need to maximize training of STC members to help justify purchase and placement of AEDs at all tennis facilities.





*  Internet Sign-Up System for Organized Play and Court Reservations:  The Capital Expenditure Committee recommends approval of $1000 for development of these programs following their meeting with the vendors to address issues related a revised proposal the vendors produced in response to questions from the Board.  In a discussion with the vendors, there was some concern expressed regarding the need for volunteer players to score their matches for use in validating a scoring option for TennisDoubles/Gamss V1.3.1.  It was suggested that perhaps existing scores from the intraclub matches could be used.  Also, the vendors stressed the scoring program would be “turned off” in regard to social play (which is currently self rating).  Following a feasibility study (with updated costs), the vendors are requesting a 2/3 vote of approval of STC members before proceeding with the projects.   A motion was made to approve $1000 in two $500 increments for the two feasibility studies in the Fleming/Holmes proposal.  John Holmes assured the board that if the first feasibility study indicates the project is not feasible, he will stop and the second $500 will not be spent.  Treasurer Jackson preferred that the studies be funded sequentially by the Board.  The motion was passed 4-1. 


*  Capital Expenditure Committee’s request to approve items presented by its chair

 (Individual items under $1,000):   Sufficient funds were approved at last BOD meeting.  No additional funds are needed because savings on the cost of bulletin boards should cover the added cost for the bigger clocks.





*  The Board approved submissions from committee chairpersons in regard to goals and committee members.


*  Member Diane Ray proposed that the STC Board consider that the STC renew its membership in (the) USTA, and that a liaison be appointed by the club.  The Board approved unanimously the expenditure of $95 for the STC to join the USTA.  Marv Klapp will act as liaison for the club.


*  The Board considered a proposal to change Bylaw Article VIII, Section 4, paragraph B from November to January.  Treasurer Jackson feels there is insufficient knowledge of dues amounts and employee expenses to make a projection for the following year in November.  Others felt a reasonable projection is needed in November in order to decide whether or not to raise dues for the following year.  An updated projection will still be needed in January or February.  A motion was made to postpone further discussion on this matter until latter in the year.  The motion passed 4-1.


*  The Board discussed whether a serious illness warrants a return of dues to a member who never played in 2007.  There is nothing in the by-laws concerning this.  For this case only, the Board decided to refund dues.  This action was put on hold pending further research on whether or not a membership vote was taken on this issue on late 2005.  The Board discussed whether or not to enact a policy in regard to refunds of dues.  It was decided further research is needed on this issue and the previous vote was rescinded pending further study.  (Research latter revealed the topic was discussed in a November 2005 membership meeting, but a decision was left up to the 2006 Board.  In April of 2006, that Board decided they would not allow refunds.)


*  The Board discussed a members’ request to remove some of the wind screens at SB courts so that spectators have a better view of the matches.  The discussion included how would the trial be evaluated?  Pros and cons to removing the windscreens were discussed.  There was concern that players would be distracted by the audience.  A motion was made and approved that the windscreens would not be removed.


*  A new member has volunteered for the Charity Committee but is unavailable during the summer.  Consequently, there would be a need to hold off on the Charity event until spring of 2008.  Al Majer has volunteered to help with clinics and Sarah Smith has volunteered to help with fund raising.  Steve Watry thought it would be a mistake to go to every other year events.  Bruce Nissenbaum thought people who are here for the summer could work on securing donations.  Also, the chair could possibly maintain communications by e-mail.  It was decided that if the proposed chair is back in SaddleBrooke in time to produce an event no later than early November and is comfortable communicating with committee members by e-mail during the summer, the appointment will be approved.


*  Since Al Kacer has volunteered for the Computer Committee Chair, he is stepping down as maintenance person for the club and Vic Martin will be taking over.


*  Frank Farrell thinks there are too many men moving themselves into the upper level in the self rating system.  He would like the Board to consider options to help alleviate this problem.  The Board took this under advisement for further study and consideration. 



The Board was adjourned at 5:15 PM.



Respectfully submitted,

Don Stull, STC Secretary