MONDAY, DECEMBER 4, 2006



CALL TO ORDER:  2006 STC Board President, Dick Partridge, called this special meeting to order at 3 pm.  The 2006 Board of Directors were present and all of the newly elected 2007 Board of Directors were also present and will take their official positions on January 1st.  The 2007 STC Board is composed of President, Connie Kacer; Vice President, Bob Rutstein; Secretary, Don Stull; Treasurer, Riley Jackson; and Director-At- Large, Karen Gray.  President Partridge welcomed the new Board and explained that a major purpose today was their orientation, briefing and procedures of meetings.


HOA #1 AND #2 RULES ISSUE UPDATE:  STC Rules Committee Chair, Dick Fleming, enlightened us on the latest information relating to our mission on approval of the HOA’s Tennis Rules in accordance with the STC needs and expectations.  Dick happily informed us that on November 28th during the Regular Meeting of the HOA#1 Board of Directors, the Board approved the rules basically as we had suggested.  Dick continued that on December 6th, the HOA#2 RCC would be meeting with the STC Rules Task Force and will consider the revised tennis rules.  Dick felt confident that the HOA#2 Tennis Rules would be accepted by this committee in our favor.  He also said that on December 11th, the HOA#2 Board would meet with his hope that our rules will pass there smoothly. The Rules Task Force will be present to encourage the Rules safe passage. He continued that an important rule passed by HOA#1 and hopefully HOA#2 also is that USTA teams here in SaddleBrooke must be composed of SaddleBrooke residents only.  Also, team captains need to give their team rosters to Nancy Frazer prior to each season.  Dick introduced the new chair of the Rules Committee, Craig MacPherson.  Craig and Dick plan to meet with the coordinators to insure that the Rules are understood.  The rewritten Rules, per HOA#1 & 2 changes, will be submitted to the STC Board.


FOLLOW UP DISCUSSION ON 11/29 CAPITAL EXPENDITURE REPORT MEETING:  Capital Expenditure Committee Chair, Steve Watry, summarized many items that need attention following the presentation of this report and vote on November 29th.  He emphasized the following as major areas of follow up:  send a copy of the report and meeting results to Tim Fudge, Acting General Manager of HOA#2; send a copy also to Ed Robson to acquaint him of the needs here in SaddleBrooke and what we are accomplishing; bulletin board review and approval process to make sure that there is awareness of court usage at DesertView; that he had checked on member questions on approved canopy expense and determined there would be a one-year warranty on the supporting structure and a ten-year warranty on the canopy; to look further into suggestions from members to view larger project emphasis; the need for committees that were suggested at the meeting for fund raising concepts; Bill Hooks, former tax consultant, has volunteered  to work on the STC tax emption question and that Bill will be asked to present his process and findings at the first STC Board meeting in January of factors which could affect our non profit status; etc.

A discussion began surrounding the recently passed new Computer System Proposal. Dick Fleming adamantly stated the necessity to go forward with this action with full Board approval.  A motion was passed by the STC Board that a memorandum of understanding be written regarding Fleming-Holmes Systems responsibilities in regard to their five-year commitment and for the 2007 Board to recommend to future boards to continue this agreement as long as all parties are satisfied. A straw vote was taken of the 2007 Board and the result was also unanimously positive.  Dick Fleming will write the first draft of this memorandum of understanding for Board perusal.

An advertisement for the STC Part-Time Pro regarding interviews and the selection process will appear in the regular column written by the STC Publicity Committee Chair.  President Partridge will contact John Price to discuss the procedure to follow in this hiring process.


2007 ROBSON CUP:  The plans to have the Robson Cup again have been announced and the date has been set for February 24th at Sun Lakes.  The number of teams from each Robson community is limited and the STC will need a volunteer coordinator to handle some type of a playoff and to lead the SaddleBrooke program.  President Partridge will be sending out a related newsletter.




Trial Program on Windscreens:  For better viewing, a test on court #7 will take place involving the removal of the windscreen facing the patio.  A concern was voiced that this act could be very disconcerting and distracting for players on said court.  Those playing on court #7 will be asked as to their opinion of this procedure.


Team Tennis:  There is a reported conflict with court availability for Team Tennis and the 1-2-3 classes on February 12th and 19th.  This  issue will be presented to the HOA#1 & 2 Tennis Committees for a decision.


Coordinator Extra Hours:  A discussion ensued about a need for additional hours for coordinators for scheduling and dues recording.  Each coordinator may put on their time sheet a maximum of one hour per day worked, if needed, for extra time needed in December to complete their duties.  Also since January through March is the Tennis Center’s busiest season, Nancy will monitor if hours need to be added.


Ball Machine Master Lock:  Tom Larkin informed us that a new master lock has been installed on the STC ball machine at the TC.  The old extra lock will be placed in the TC.


2007 Committees:  Riley Jackson would like the 2007 Board to be aware of all committees and committee chairs.  Previous chairs will be contacted as to their availability and the Board would like to meet to discuss future filling of these posts.



The meeting was adjourned. to Executive Session at 4:45 pm for discussion of 2007 coordinator salaries.



Respectfully submitted.                                                              Marje Valenti, STC Secretary