WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 1, 2006



CALL TO ORDER:  STC President, Dick Partridge, called the meeting to order at 3 pm in the HOA#1, Arts & Crafts Room #4.  Board Directors present were:  Partridge, Larkin, Valenti and Jackson.




Status report of Court/Res System implementation:  John Holmes explained that the Court/Res System is on hold at this point with all his efforts directed toward the B+ level designation implementation.

Approve expenditure for implementing B+ category into the computer system:  Motion passed to accept John Holmes’ proposal of the B+ category at a cost of no more than $350.

Discuss rules issues with HOA#1 and HOA#2:  Dick Fleming, Chairman of the Rules Committee, enlightened all present concerning our HOA tennis rules being under attack by the HOA#1 and HOA#2 Boards.  A major concern involves the continuation of the reciprocal agreement that all residents may use the courts and that the STC is to administer the use of said courts.  At the October 23rd HOA#1 Board Meeting, two residents brought issue against HOA#1 Tennis Rules Section 10.1., M involving nonmember reservation of courts during prime time.  This rule had been made to insure that nonmembers have two courts available for their use without interference of member use. The result was that the HOA#1 Board decided to defer action on the acceptance of our Tennis Rules and George Sallaberry is establishing an investigative committee to analyze all STC rules.  Also, the HOA#2 Board President and President-elect had given their approval to our rules, but the RCC (Rules Compliance Committee), which incidentally is composed of non-tennis playing members, overruled them without contact with the HOA#2 Tennis Committee.  Dick Fleming passionately explained that, in his opinion, the RCC has proposed a set of tennis rules which would put the continued operation of the SaddleBrooke Tennis Club  in jeopardy. A motion was made that the STC appoint an ad hoc committee for November and December, called the Rules Task Force, to coordinate STC efforts to obtain approval of consistent 2006 tennis rules by both HOA Boards.  This Rules Task Force would consist of the following:

    Dick Partridge         President, STC

    Bob Rutstein           Chair, HOA#1 Tennis Committee

   Allan Grodsky        Vice-chair, HOA#2 Tennis Committee

   Steve Leane            Chair, STC Bylaws Committee

   Dick Fleming         Chair, STC Rules Committee

A discussion ensued with Riley Jackson feeling the Board needed more input and that he agreed that Letter “M” should be deleted and with HOA#2 rules changes.  The contrasting view was that the Rules Task Force would bring continuity to the game plan and protect the rights and integrity of the STC.  The motion passed 3 - 1 with Jackson voting against.

Overview of proposed computer court scheduling:  Dick Fleming explained the Computer System Proposal for the STC’s Master Tennis Schedule.  He enlightened us on the four integrated components of this system: organized play with Internet signup; open play with Internet signup; organized play; and open play utilizing Court Res.  Three people would be working with John Holmes to create a practical design.  This plan is dependent upon the upcoming capital expenditure member voting decision and would be a five-year project.

Review self-rating system:  President Partridge handed out information of actual numbers of players since this system has now been operational for 2 ½ weeks.  He emphasized that this information was not being disseminated to question anyone’s self-rating, but to make everyone aware of the process’ development.  An e-mail of this update will be sent to all members.

Act on general liability and directors and officer’s liability policy renewals:  President Partridge stated the quote given for these policies.  The general liability policy cost would be $774 and the directors and officer’s liability policy would be that of $1,074.  Motion passed to accept and act on these quotes.  These policies are up for renewal each November.

Set date for capital expenditure special membership meeting and related 2007 dues question:  The adjourned membership meeting to consider recommendations from the Capital Expenditure Committee, including action on 2007 STC dues is scheduled for Wednesday, November 29th, at 3 pm in the Coyote N & S in the SaddleBrooke Clubhouse.

Discuss 2007 Robson Cup participation:  Sun Lakes has informed us of a 2007 Robson Cup Planning Committee Meeting on Tuesday, November 7th.  The Robson Cup will be a one-day tournament at four sites.  The STC is searching for STC representation at his planning meeting.  The 2007 Robson Cup is scheduled for February 24th.

Preparation for bylaws discussion, procedure and vote:  Bylaws Committee Chair, Steve Leane, stated that all recommended bylaws changes will be discussed and voted upon at the November 8th Membership Meeting.  A 2/3 vote will be needed to effect changes.  The complete STC Bylaws and proposed changes are available for viewing at the Tennis Center and on the STC website.

Report on 2007 membership meetings time changes:  STC Secretary, Marje Valenti, explained that she had been notified by Pattie Abbott that there would be a need to change either the meeting place or the time of the membership meetings due to difficulty in room setup prior to our meetings in the Vermillion Room.  Rather than change the room venue to accommodate our large group needs to the Coyote Rooms for all 2007 Membership Meetings, the decision was made to change the starting time of all these meetings from 3 pm to 3:30 pm and to remain in the very acceptable Vermillion Room, a.k.a., the Dance Floor.

Discuss USTA Membership:  President Partridge told us that the STC has not been a member of the USTA since May of 2005 because we apparently were not billed.  The cost of club membership is $45.  A discussion ensued on the cost/benefit ratio.  No decision was made at this time as to join or not.


New Business:


Sun City use of umpire chair:  Sun City has asked to borrow our umpire chair for a one-day event and that they would assume responsibility.  Motion passed for the chair’s usage.

Singles (non-married) Resident Tennis Social:  A member had inquired about the possibility of a tennis social for non-married tennis players.  Marje Valenti will speak with the member inquiring and discover the interest level for this event.

Pets on Patio:  An e-mail will be sent out to the membership that pets are not allowed at the Tennis Center, in the building or on the patio when food is present.  This has been an ongoing issue.

Board Transition Meeting:  There will be a scheduled 2006/2007 Board Transition Meeting during the first week in December.  An exact date will be forthcoming.



Meeting adjourned at 4:35 pm.                                Respectfully submitted.  Marje Valenti, STC Secretary