OCTOBER 4, 2006


Call To Order:  The Board Meeting was called to order at 3 pm by President, Dick Partridge.




Social Committee Guideline Discussion:  Social Committee chair, Claudia Enea offered two committee reports to the Board.  One involved the job description for the Social Committee, which included her understanding that one responsibility of this committee is to handle the draw during a social that also involves tennis play.  The other, contained suggestions made by Claudia and her committee for future events and directives/plans of action for these events.  Following Board suggestions, Claudia plans to update these reports and submit to the Board.


Charity Event Update:  Chairman, Al Majer, informed us that presently there is almost $15,000 accumulated for the choice charity.  He continued that some former big donors have not submitted their checks so that there is still more time to raise the charity dollars from the sponsor portion. Lucy Kalinske, STC member and a rep for Cookie Lee Fashion Jewelry, is sponsoring a charity fundraiser at her home and the Charity Event will receive 25% of sales.  Al continued that the committee has signed a contract with HOA#1 for a lunch to be served at the Tennis Center on the day of the Charity Event, which will include barbequed chick and beef sandwiches, potato salad and coleslaw with the cost of $10 per plate.  Food stores in the area will be donating water, snacks and breakfast basics.  Costco cakes will also be added to the luncheon delights.  The best price received so far for sponsor flyers is from Kinko’s/FedEx for $510 for 5,000 flyers.  STC Secretary, Marje Valenti, volunteered to coordinate flyer distribution and will solicit member participation at the upcoming October 11th Membership Meeting.


Consider Greg Hlushko’s Request for Endorsement of 2007 Team Tennis:  HOA#1 and HOA#2 Tennis Committees have already approved SaddleBrooke Team Tennis for 2007.  It is scheduled to begin in January.  The Board also agreed that it has no objection to Greg’s program as it was presented last year.


Organized Play Discussion:

A.    Discuss Membership Meeting Presentation:  A lengthy discussion ensued as to the best order, wording and manner to present the two proposals.  It was finalized that there will be two separate proposals presented by the Board for member approval at the October 11th Membership Meeting.  The first proposal will be related to ladies only and the 2nd proposal to men only.  President Partridge will be sending an e-mail to the membership, prior to the October 11th meeting, of the proposals for the purpose of member perusal to assist in their voting decisions.

B.    Discuss Organized Play Match Makeup:  STC Vice President, Tom Larkin, directed a discussion with Board members and Head Coordinator, Nancy Frazer, and coordinator, Kay Koontz.  This discussion revolved around whether the Organized Play sign up procedure should be retained as a “first come, first served” or to be changed to a lottery.  After a lengthy discourse, the decision was to retain the current method of sign up and court assignment.


Insurance Policy Renewal Information:  President Partridge related that he has received a renewal notice at the identical cost of last year for Officers and Directors but has not yet received a renewal for the General Liability.  Both policies expire on November 15th with a combined cost of approximately $1,900.


By Laws Consideration As Follow-up to 9/29/06 Special Board Meeting:  By laws Committee chair, Steve Leane, stated that his committee is in agreement with recommendations for by laws proposed changes in conjunction with the STC Board.  The proposed changes will be placed on the STC website and will be formally presented to the membership at the November 8th meeting for member approval.


2007 Robson Cup November Meeting:  President Partridge has received an e-mail for an upcoming informational meeting scheduled for November 7th at noon at Sun Lakes in regard to the 2007 Robson Cup.  Bruce Nissenbaum, our delegated member from last year, will be asked to attend again this year.  Since he will be on STC business, the Board decided that he should receive compensation in the form of mileage.


New Business:

A.    Capital Expenditures Committee:  Steve Watry, chair of this committee has requested a set date to meet with the Board for the purpose of presenting the committee’s suggestions.  It was decided that this Special Board Meeting would take place on Tuesday, October 24th at 4 pm at the tennis center.

B.    Need for Mini Bios from Candidates:  Marje Valenti requested that she be allowed, at the October 11th Membership Meeting, to inform 2007 Board candidates that she will need mini biographies from each candidate.  The posting of the mini bios is a requirement of the STC By laws.


Meeting adjourned at 4:48 pm.                             Respectfully submitted.  Marje Valenti, STC Secretary