FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 29, 2006




Call To Order:  President, Dick Partridge, called the meeting to order at 2 pm.  All STC Board of Directors were present, as well as, all Bylaws Committee members composed of chairman, Steve Leane, and committee members Marv Klapp, Dick Fleming, Bob Rutstein, Diane Ray, Craig MacPherson and Joel Wyner.  President Partridge explained that there were two major issues to discuss today:  Roberts Rules of Order as it pertains to the STC and, secondly, discussion of proposed changes to the STC’s bylaws.


Roberts Rules of Order:  A discussion ensued revolving around the RRO’s and its significance to the STC.  The outcome was that the RRO needs to be used as a guideline in parliamentary procedure because it can bring sanity and consistency to an organization.  The STC bylaws will take precedence over the RRO since the bylaws are a working document.  The bylaws, along with the RRO, will be the guides for the future STC Board of Directors  so as to persist in the quest for continuity and cooperation.  It was decided that officers of the Board would each receive a copy of the latest edition of RRO for reference purposes.


STC Bylaws Revisions Discussion:  Steve Leane lead the discussion of proposed changes to the bylaws.  Agreement was met between the Bylaws Committee and the STC BOD as to the recommendations for changes in the bylaws document to be presented to the membership for approval.  The Bylaws Committee plans to post the final document no later than October 9th to provide 30 days notice prior to the November 8th Membership Meeting.  The need for posting of STC Bylaws revisions for at least 30 days prior to membership voting is a requirement in the bylaws for the purpose of adequate time for membership perusal to assist in the members’ decisions to favor/oppose the proposed changes. 




Meeting adjourned at 3:45 pm.                            Respectfully submitted.   Marje Valenti, STC Secretary