†††††††††††††††††††††††† MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 25, 2006




Call To Order:President, Dick Partridge, called the meeting to order at 3 pm.All Board members were present.He explained that the purpose of this meeting was two-fold:To discuss the issue of the Board being in compliance with the STC bylaws and Robertís Rules of Order in regard to the Board decision to rescind provisions of the current organized play system approved by the membership at the March 8th General Membership Meeting; and to discuss including B+ classification as part of the proposed new womenís self-rating organized play system.


1st Issue:According to Robertís Rules of Order, as read to us by our STC Parliamentarian, Steve Leane, the Board can act on issues, but the action of the Board cannot conflict with previous action of the membership.The Board was not attempting to circumvent the system in their Board Meeting of September 6th, but rather to react quickly to problems presented in the club.As a result the Board unknowingly erred by rescinding the March 8th membership vote of approval of the Tops Proposal. Discussion centered on the interpretation of RRO (the governing document of the STC) and the STC bylaws. After much deliberation today, the Board decided that the ladies organized play modification as presented in the September 13th General Membership Meeting is null and void, as well as, the current provisional process allowing play in different levels, extension of the eight week completion period and diversification of opponents.The Board intends to place these identical issues on the agenda for the October 11th General Membership Meeting for member input and consideration.


2nd Issue:At two STC Board Workshop, August 8th, and September 5th, the ladies overwhelmingly expressed their need for a self-rating organized play system and their desire for including a B+ classification.The discussion today between the Board and members present revolved around the best way to accomplish this within John Holmes software system. John explained the complexities for change and the time to do this.The outcome of the discussion was that the Board and those members present were in agreement that if the proposal for the Ladies Organized Play System passes at the October membership meeting, that the B+ classification would be added but temporarily be referenced as the F category while John Holmes works to incorporate the actual B+ level into the computer system with the timeline of approximately two months for completion from his actual start date.




Meeting adjourned at 4 pm.†††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Respectfully submitted.†† Marje Valenti, STC Secretary