WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 6, 2006




CALL TO ORDER:  The meeting was called to order at 3 pm by President, Dick Partridge.  All Board Directors were present.


COPPER BOWL STATUS:  Steve Leane reported that John Price had received an agreement from Dickinson Sports, LLC regarding SaddleBrooke Homeowner’s Association involvement in the Copper Bowl scheduled for January 2 – 4, 2007.  Dickinson Sports, LLC will pay SaddleBrooke Homeowner’s Association $250.00 per day for rental of eight courts from 8 am – 6 pm on those days, donate one case of tennis balls, provide liability insurance and that Sylvia Wilson will be the designated tournament referee at the SaddleBrooke site.  This information will be presented at the STC next General Membership Meeting for member approval.


DISCUSSION OF POSSIBLE CHANGES TO CURRENT ORGANIZED PLAY SYSTEM:  A lengthy discussion ensued based on views expressed by STC lady members at two STC Board Workshops on August 12th and September 4th relating to their dissatisfaction of the present Organized Play System.  Vice President, Tom Larkin, introduced a motion to implement changes to the Women’s Organized Play System to reassign women to their previous rating level prior to April 17th with complete self-rating, without scoring mechanisms and without provisionals.and with the new system to be implemented Monday, October 2nd.  Further discussion followed with Director-At-Large, Connie Kacer, expressing her concern that there should be some restrictions set within the self-rating.  The motion passed 4 – 1.  The Board reached this decision due to the small number of women presently involved in OP and with the hope, that with the change to self rating, more women will return to OP.  Due to this decision, the women will return to letter ratings (A,B,C+,C,D,E and F) that existed prior to the implementation of the current system. Women, new to the STC since the current system was initiated, will be placed in accordance with their current initial self-rating. Guidelines are being prepared for those women with questions regarding their appropriate level.  This new system will continue to be monitored to determine what, if any, changes may be needed.  Men will also return to letter ratings because the computer system cannot support different rating methods for different genders. 


CHARITY COMMITTEE UPDATE:  Chairman, Al Majer, was not present so no report was given.  President Partridge will contact Al to request that the “designated charity” representative will be present at the September 13th General Membership Meeting to speak to the members.


CAPITAL EXPENDITURE COMMITTEE UPDATE:  Committee member, Bruce Nissenbaum, informed us that the Committee has solicited suggestions. Thoughts and recommendations from the STC membership resulted with the Committee’s initial report having been mailed to the members from the STC Board.  The Committee is now actively securing cost estimates for projects.  Meetings are being scheduled with both HOA#1 and HOA#2 appropriate personnel to inform them of the Committee actions and soliciting from them recommended contractors for cost estimates.  An updated report will be presented to the Board in October with a list of recommended improvements and the associated costs.  There will be a presentation, given by the Capital Expenditure Committee, during the November General Membership Meeting.


CONSIDERATION OF JOHN HOLMES COMPUTER SCHEDULING AGREEMENT:  The Board voted to approve John Holmes to install, test and lease his operation of his software system, CourtRes, with compensation to John of $250.00 for this one-year lease.  This automated system should provide convenience for members.


STATUS REPORT ON MAINTENANCE REQUESTS:  Connie Kacer reported for Al Kacer, Chairman of the Maintenance Committee, that of the 12 work orders written since July, that six have been completed at this time.  One request, concrete work, has been postponed until 2007.  Two requests have been postponed at the Tennis Center until the HOA#1 Clubhouse work has been completed:  painting and landscaping where mesquite trees were removed.  Two work orders have have been rewritten as pruning request, one work order written for a water cooler leak between courts 3 and 4 and one incident report written to inspect cover between courts 7 and 8 for replacing ties on windscreen.


CONSIDERATION OF MEMORIAL PLAQUE ON UMPIRE’S CHAIR:  The board voted to place a memorial plaque in honor of Hal Monsor on the Tennis Center’s umpire chair.  Hal had built the chair for the use of the STC.


SET DATE FOR MEETING WITH THE BY-LAWS COMMITTEE:  The Board will meet with the By-laws Committee on Friday, September 29th at 2 pm at the Tennis Center.


ASSIGN DUTY FOR SEEKING BIDS ON INSURANCE RENEWALS:  President Partridge will follow up on bids for the STC general liability policy, as well as the STC board’s directors and officers liability policy.  The policy will expire in November and needs to be renewed on an annual basis.


OTHER BUSINESS:  STC Secretary, Marje Valenti, informed the Board that she had obtained all room contracts for the STC Board Meetings and General Membership Meetings for the 2007 fiscal year.




Meeting Adjourned at 4:30 pm.                                                           Respectfully submitted.      Marje Valenti, STC Secretary