JUNE 20, 2006


CALL TO ORDER:  STC President, Dick Partridge, called the Special Board Meeting to order at 3 pm.  All Board Directors were present.


ORGANIZED PLAY UPDATE:  President Partridge read an OPC update as prepared by OPC Chair, Allan Grodsky.  Allan had expressed that of eight women who had completed provisionals, eight were successful and moved up one level.  One woman member played one match and withdrew.  Of the thirteen men who completed provisionals, all thirteen achieved success and were raised one level.  One male member withdrew after a few matches.  The OPC plans to continue to meet and discuss possible changes such as, downward movement, the number of members playing at specific times and the possibility of raising the minimal achievement level from 45% to 50% of all games won to insure a member being moved up one level.  Also presented was a petition signed by 54 STC members in favor of the resumption of provisional matches. The discussion on this issue developed upon the following opinions:  Tom Larkin presented a log of the average participation of men and women during Organized Play at the early and late sessions from May 2nd through June 20th showing low participation at most levels with the conclusion that a legitimate representation of member players at individual levels needs to be at least eight players so as to achieve a true test of a provisional member’s skill level; possibly specific levels each organized play day and time will have to be decided selectively by the amount of players signed up for those levels to achieve a true test of skill levels of the provisional players; will the system be compromised by a provisional player playing only the same players again and again.  Discussion was opened to members present.  Leon McKenzie, originator of the petition, spoke in favor of his petition stating his opinion that the Board is being a roadblock and by freezing provisional matches until October will only cause more dissention. A motion was made by Riley Jackson to reinstate the provisionals.  The motion was passed 3 – 2.  The provisional signups will be reinstated on June 22nd   with provisional matches resumed on Monday, June 26th.


BYLAWS COMMITTEE UPDATE:  President Partridge read a statement from Steve Leane, Bylaws Chairman, stating that this committee had met twice thus far and would be meeting again on June 29th to consider proposed bylaws changes recommended by the Board.


2006 CHARITY EVENT RENAMING CONSIDERATION:  The Board discussed the possibility of renaming the Charity Event as the Don Martin Memorial Charity Event as long as this is acceptable to his wife, Kathy Martin.  Don had originated the Charity Event four years ago and has had strong involvement in its continued success. A motion was made by Marje Valenti to rename the event.  Motion unanimously approved.


DISCUSSION OF ORIENTATION COMMITTEE CONCERNS:  Chair, Linda DePew, offered each Board Director a copy of the packet given to all new members. A packet is now given to new homeowners at the SB Sales Center. Linda related her concern that no new members are joining from the 1-2-3 class, which graduated in April.

She had asked Bob Lewis for names of his students but he failed to do so.  The decision was that the Board needs to enlist Bob Lewis’ assistance so as to encourage his help.  Possibly the Orientation Committee should be allowed, with Bob’s approval, to attend the next 1-2-3 graduation class banquet so as to acquaint those present of the benefits of the STC for them.  Tom Larkin volunteered to speak with Bob.


SOCIAL COMMITTEE:  A discussion progressed as to our need for a purchase of a grill and other related items for socials.  It was determined that we would make no decision at this time, especially due to the undetermined changes to Section 9.7 of the HOA#1 rules and regulations about food and beverages in common facilities.  Also there continued a discussion of the July 4th social whether a truck from El Molinito should be allowed to deliver food for this social.  It was agreed that a truck could be at the Tennis Center only for delivery purposes.  Connie Kacer will inform Social Chairman, Claudia Enea that she should enlist a bid from HOA#1 Food & Beverage to see if they are competitive in price for this event and could accommodate us.


CONSIDERATION TO INCLUDE WEDNESDAY AND SUNDAY LOTTERY PROCESS ON COMPUTER:  President Partridge mentioned that he had received an e-mail from John Holmes which said that a computer system was feasible which would provide the feature that members could go on line to register for the Wednesday and/or Sunday lotteries.  The Board needs more information on this matter and no decision was made at this time.


DISCUSS TENNIS CENTER CABINET KEY NEEDS:  Connie Kacer stated that Head Coordinator, Nancy Frazer, had contacted her about the need for three new-keyed areas regarding three cabinets at the tennis center.  The preference is for one key for all three cabinets as a convenience feature.  Connie will contact Tri Community Locksmith for a bid.  A discussion occurred also about twenty keys that members have for the tennis center doors.  The thought is that we need to tighten up on members who really presently have no need for these keys.  Dick will request these members to return their keys.


LEAVE OF ABSENCE:  Nancy Frazer has requested a leave of absence beginning July 1st to assist her mother.  The Board granted her request.  Connie Sherman will handle Nancy’s administrative duties and the remaining coordinators will be contacted to acquire more hours until Nancy returns.




Meeting adjourned at 4:35 pm.                           Respectfully submitted.  Marje Valenti, STC Secretary