WEDNESDAY, MAY 3, 2006




Call To Order:  President, Dick Partridge, called the meeting to order at 3 pm.  All Board Directors were present.  The Minutes of the Board Meeting of March 1st were approved as well as those of the Special Board Meetings of Mar ch 10th and March 28th.


Discussion of Upcoming Memorial Day Social:  Social Chairman, Claudia Enea, discussed this event scheduled for Monday, May 29th.  She said her committee was composed of Geri Sandilands, Bev and Rich Reeder and Lennie and Greg Good.  Claudia and her committee recommended the event to begin at 7am and with the final round of play to end at 11 am.  Lunch will be served beginning at 10 am.  The suggestion is a $3.00 fee per player for participation, which includes the cost of balls and food.  A sign up list will be posted at the Tennis Center within the week and also a list for members to sign up for food to bring.  The STC will also be providing fried chicken, lemonade and ice tea.  Claudia’s committee will give an update on the event and Rich Reeder will handle the publicity.  Joe Schullik and Lennie Good have volunteered to handle the draw.


Match Point 10% Discount Discussion:  Betty Edwards had informed the Board that Match Point would provide a 10% discount to STC members on store purchases if we would designate Match Point as the official SaddleBrooke tennis store.  Match Point would also want advertising at the Tennis Center.  Discussion centered on the possibility that advertisement on the tennis site might be prohibited by HOA#1.  Match Point also requested a mailing list of members.  Because of the former two items, as well as the statement, that members are already obtaining a 10% discount at the store if they mention they are from SaddleBrooke, this request was turned down.


Discuss Procedure for Recording Board Meeting Votes:  Steve Leane, Bylaws Committee chairman,

Read from section 45 of the Roberts Rules of Order on this issue.  The discussion was whether every single issue voted on needed to have each director poled.  The decision was 4 – 1 against mandated poling of individual members of the Board.


Charity Committee Report and Possible Charity Recommendation:  Charity Event Chairman, Al Majer, gave us an update on his committee’s recommendation for charity of choice for the scheduled charity event in October.  Formerly the lead contender for the event had been Hospitality House of Tucson, but another charity, The Giving Tree Outreach Program, is now in the running due to its serving of more people, the need itself, donation goes totally to the need of abused children.  A presentation will be given at the Charity Committee Meeting on Monday, May 8th at 4 pm at the Tennis Center.  The committee will give its recommendation to the Board before the General Membership Meeting scheduled for May 10th at

4 pm in the Vermillion Room at the SaddleBrooke Clubhouse.  If a charity recipient recommendation is approved by the Board, the General Membership will make the final decision by voting at the May 10th meeting.  Immediately following this decision,  Al Majer will solicit member volunteers to follow up on previous year sponsors and obtain new sponsors.


2006 Club Championship Committee Report:  Chairman, Allan Grodsky, related the committee’s initial findings from this event.  Their recommendations for next year’s event were:  a better postings of rules; a master calendar should be created to result in least amount of conflicting events; a score board is needed at the Tennis Center for ease in viewing; members should still be able to list avoidance times for play but these times should not be allowed for whole days which caused scheduling problems for this year; insure that all finals occur on each final Saturday; need better female member participation. The Board agreed to Allan’s recommendation of a $3.00 fee for all entrants, regardless if they eat and/or play in the event.   A final report will be issued to the Board in the near future.  Riley Jackson requested the present Board to appoint a 2007 Club Championship Committee in the Fall to get things rolling early and then the 2007 Board may change and/or retain that committee.  The committee needs profitability figures from Riley and the committee truly needs to know what the membership wants for this tournament.  Claudia Enea added that due to the low turnout at the Awards Banquet (71 attendees as opposed to 161 last year), that possibly changes need to be made for this event such as; cost of ticket, menu, etc.  Claudia will submit her final report on the Awards Banquet at the next Board Meeting.


Update on Organized Play System:  Chairman, Allan Grodsky, reported that presently there are eight women actively participating in the provisional process and, at this time, seven of those eight may be moving up if their present rate of success holds.  Of the eleven men participating, it appears that seven may be moving up a level.  Thus, the success rate may be fairly high.  Allan said that some members, primarily Level 2 ladies are balking or boycotting the provisional system resulting in no diversity of play on courts for the provisional player.  He also stated that some members who had complained the loudest in the past that they did not have a means to move up in skill levels still have not added their name to do a provisional.  The committee is asking the Board to reduce the time frame for completion of provisional matches from eight weeks to six weeks so as to free up the waiting list.  The policy is not to over burden a certain level with provisional matches.  The committee is now working on phase two of this program that will involve how to move down as well as up.


Discussion of Rules Committee Proposal and Set Date for Meeting with The Committee:  The Board reviewed the entire proposal, section by section, and discussed recommendations, deletions and additions to the proposal.  Bob Lewis presented his feelings on his 1-2-3 program and the need for the proposal to be changed from a 6-month approval to a 12-month approval for the 1-2-3 program.  He also would like to be allowed to get court reservations himself and not one of his SaddleBrooke resident students for private lessons and/or clinics.  There will be a tentative meeting set between the Board and the Rules Committee for Thursday, May 11th at 4 pm with a backup date of Friday, May 12th at 3 pm at the Tennis Center.




Meeting adjourned at 6:25 pm                                 Respectfully submitted, Marje Valenti, STC Secretary