Call To Order: President, Dick Partridge, called the Special Board Meeting to order at 4 pm. Board members present were: Partridge, Larkin, Jackson and Valenti.


TOPS Committee Report on Provisional Play Signups: Chairman, Allan Grodsky, reported that the

Initial signup ended on 4/14 for the lottery. He further stated that twelve men had signed up for the lottery and that nine had signed for the initial schedule on Tuesday. The coordinators were able to accommodate eight of the nine, which was dependent upon member signup per play level and per play session. Ten ladies have signed up for the lottery and nine had signed up for Monday play. Eight of the nine players were accommodated. Steve Leane added that one new member had joined the club and now signed up for provisional play. There have been some complaints by member about unlinking, but this was needed so as to provide for provisional matches. If there are any questions from members which pertain to the Organized Play Program, please contact Allan Grodsky and secondly, Steve Leane.


Discussion of Bylaw Issues:

  1. Nominating Committee Directives: Board discussion ensued with directive to the Bylaws Committee to clarify the present bylaw wording and to present a recommendation to the Board.
  2. Referendum Style Voting by Membership: Board discussion of change in bylaws to reflect absentee ballot on issues. The Board position is that the Bylaws Committee review this issue and to return with their recommendation.
  3. Dues Refund Request: Board discussion on whether dues refund requests by members should be honored. Treasurer, Riley Jackson, expressed his view that the club should allow a prorated refund of dues to anyone who resigns from the club and requests a refund. 3-1 vote by Board against dues refund.
  4. Non STC Member Committee Participation: A lengthy discussion took place as to whether a nonmember will be allowed to participate in STC activities. Also discussed was how members are appointed to chair committees. Vice President, Tom Larkin, expressed his view that if there are not sufficient members volunteering for a specific committee or event, then cancel/disband that committee and/or cancel the specific event. Steve Leane pointed out that in RRO there is a section stating that non-members may be on committees or even chair committees. The Board voted on a motion that non-STC members may not serve as committee members but could assist in committee functions, if needed. The motion passed 3 1. The Bylaws Committee will address the wording of this entire issue.
  5. Treasurer Tax Return Preparation: Topic withdrawn from consideration of bylaws change in policy by Treasurer, Riley Jackson.


Charity Committee Status Report: The Charity Committee has considered three charities in its deliberations for the charity of choice as recipient of our donation. They are Arts Express, Arizona Youth Participation and Hospitality House of Tucson. Thus far the committee has determined that the most deserving charity choice is the Hospitality House of Tucson. The Charity Committee will further their choice quest by visitations to observe the need for our club assistance. Discussion also was pursued as to the need for more Charity Committee members to continue this worthwhile effort.


Consideration of Member Request for Placement of AZ Taxpayer Revolt Petition at the Tennis Center: Secretary, Marje Valenti, expressed her opinion that the STC is a social club and should not involve itself in political issues. The decision is to allow posting of only tennis related issues at the Tennis Center.


Tennis Center Microwave Decision: The extra microwave at the Tennis Center will be donated to the HOA#1 employee break room.


Tennis Center Handsfree Phone Update: Tom Larkin informed us that the coordinators felt the handsfree phone was too cumbersome for use.


STC Regulation Discussion: President Partridge reported that the Rules Committee chairman, Dick Fleming, told him that his committee has finalized the update of the STC Rules and a presentation procedure to the Board is being worked out. It was requested that all members of the Board receive the entire proposal for their perusal prior to the presentation. A volunteer for collating all procedures for documentation purposes will be sought with the current document entitled STC Policies and Procedures to be changed to STC Rules.


Other Business: It was suggested that the bike rack be moved from in front of the Tennis Center for esthetic purposes. It has now been moved to the court t# 1 ramada area.



Meeting adjourned at 5:18 pm.






Respectfully submitted. Marje Valenti, STC Secretary