TUESDAY, MARCH 28, 2006


CALL TO ORDER- The meeting was called to order at 4 pm.


TOPS UPDATE – As Board liaison to the TOPS Committee, STC Secretary Marje Valenti, read the Minutes she had taken at the 3/21 TOPS Workshop.  The major items discussed at this meeting were those of the update on the appeal process for the newly enacted Organized Play system and a lengthy sharing of thoughts of methods to achieve downward movement of levels.  The Committee recommended to the Board that since there have been few or no complaints about moving down in Levels 4 – 6, that these levels should be left alone for members to just enjoy social tennis.  The use of end-of-the-year USTA NTRP ratings is also recommended by the TOPS Committee for those members with rating in Levels 1 – 3 to either move up or down.  Also for those members in Levels 1 – 3 who do not have current NTRP ratings (as defined by the USTA), a revalidation would be needed to stay in their respective levels each year.  Also recommended was that no self-rating was utilized in the initial balancing of levels, those members who had only self-rating NTRP rating at the time balancing would only be able to move up/down one level at a time when computer generated NTRP rating are given at the end of the year and that, in fact, any member may only move ONE level at a time.  At the completion of the reading of these Minutes, Steve Leane, the TOPS Committee member who has been handling all appeals of members of initial balancing, stated that as of this date sixteen appeals have been filed resulting in six approved and ten not approved.  The Board requested that the TOPS Committee discuss the following concerns in their next meeting regarding upward/downward movement: 1.) A timeframe for completion of revalidations for those members without NTRP ratings in Levels 1 – 3, i.e., three months, six months, etc. 2.) If a member without a NTRP in Levels 1 – 3 has achieved a successful provisional during that same year, would that provisional count toward a possible need for revalidation? 3.) For members in Levels 1 – 3, should only the same year of USTA play be considered for qualification at end-of –the-year rating time and if that member had not participated in USTA play then that member would need to revalidate to remain at that same level.


STAMP – A Board discussion ensued on the issue of STAMP and whether to continue with its modified form of scoring or nonscoring dependent upon agreement of the four players on the court or its original concept of dynamic scoring where scoring is mandatory.  The Board approved the motion that effective immediately non-scoring is no longer an option and that scoring is mandatory.  Those wanting to participate in STAMP during organized play are to report their scores upon completion of their match.  Non-scoring matches are provided in the social organized play system.


SUCCESS LEVELS IN PROVISIONAL MATCHES – The Board is suggesting that the TOPS Committee tracks the achievement level of provisional matches on a monthly basis.  The objective would be to determine if adjustments are needed in the percentage levels.


COMPUTER ISSUES – Director-at –Large, Connie Kacer, stated that John Holmes changed all references from letter levels to Levels 1 – 7.  The coordinators requested to use original member list web page, which listed all members by, levels and then automatically update.  A suggestion by Treasurer, Riley Jackson, is to have the member list generated by gender and level.  Provisional results will be entered manually, at this time.


COORDINATOR UPDATE – Connie Kacer reported that there would be two provisional worksheets utilized for each provisional player (a tally sheet and a master copy). She continued that another lock was needed to secure STC documents.  Nancy Frazer will get quotes on cost.  Connie stated that the STC phone system needed hands free earpieces for the coordinator flexibility.  She stated also that the bulletin board inside the Tennis Center is working well for coordinator questions to each other and for info on club events.  Vice president, Tom Larkin, will work on new locks for the patio bulletin boards.


CHARITY COMMITTEE – The 2006 Charity Committee chairman, informed us that only one member showed up for its initial meeting on Monday, March 20th.  He needs a full compliment of committee members to fulfill the Charity Committee planning and functioning.  He explained that this year’s event would be a modified Fall Frolic with final matches on the day of the charity event.  All activities would occur at the Tennis Center with a Silent Auction, appetizers, exhibitions, etc.   Three different charities are being considered as the target charity at this time with the evaluation of need and low overhead as major considerations for final choice.  Al needs new members to become involved to achieve the task of the Charity Committee.  E-mail will be sent to all members to contact Al if they desire to become involve in this worthy event.  The next Charity Committee meeting date TBA.


BYLAWS DISCUSSION- A Board discussion began of the possible need for change of the STC Bylaws with special consideration given to Article III, Section 3, in regard to “nonpayment of dues results in being dropped from the membership and denied participation in STC activities” and Article VI, Section 3, which reads, “The Board appoints the chairpersons of the various committees…who are responsible for inviting a sufficient number of other members to carry out the assigned responsibilities of the committee.”  A discussion ensued with a motion passed stating that with the exception of the Nominating Committee, committee chairpersons may invite non-voting resource persons who are not members of the STC to lend their expertise to these committees.  The Bylaws Committee was assigned to work on the verbiage of these articles.


RULES DISCUSSION- Discussion tabled to a future Board meeting.


TENNIS CENTER MICROWAVE – There are two microwaves in the Tennis Center with the suggestion to donate one to the employee break room at the SaddleBrooke Clubhouse


OTHER BUSINESS – Margaret, our assigned cleaning help, said to simply notify her and she will gladly clean before and after STC Events.  A motion passed for the STC payment of $30.00 for a new sign for the ball machine cage.  Also Allan Grodsky, Club Championship chairman, reminded us that the used balls from the Club Championships would be divided equally for use in the HOA#1 and HOA#2 ball machines.


Meeting adjourned at 6:15 pm.  Next Special Board meeting scheduled for Tuesday, April 18th at 4 pm.



Respectfully submitted.      Marje Valenti, STC Secretary