WEDNESDAY, MARCH 1, 2006



The Board Meeting was called to order by President, Dick Partridge, at 3 pm and proceeded with the following agenda:


Minutes of the February 1st, 15th, and 20th 2006 Board Meetings – The minutes of these three meetings in February had been posted to the STC website and at the Tennis Center without need for revisions.  Minutes approved.


Treasurer’s Report – Treasurer, Riley Jackson, informed us that there is presently $39,000 + in the treasury.  He has also submitted an application for an interest bearing savings account with check cashing privileges through Capital One.


Audit Report – Carl Gronau has audited the financial statements of STC and STC Charities for the year ending December 31, 2005.  He read the letter that he has submitted to the STC Board of Directors in which he explains that the financial statements are the responsibility of the Board and more specifically, the

task of the Treasurer.  In his opinion, the financial statements present fairly, in all respects, the financial position of STC and STC Charities.  He personally commended the 2005 STC Treasurer, David Feder, for the excellent manner in which he prepared the statements and kept the financial records for both organizations


Capital Expenditure Committee Update – Committee chairman, Steve Watry, said his committee is composed of Linda DePew, Bob Rutstein, Bruce Nissenbaum, Kay Sullivan and possibly Greg Hlushko.  He expounded upon the committee’s initial ideas for capital improvement and the possible enlistment of HOA#1 and HOA#2 for needed improvements in pathways, court replacements, etc.  The committee needs to develop cost information from venders and contractors, funding sources and projections of budget and then present possibilities to the Board for review and possible recommendation to the members.  He plans to solicit ideas from the general membership at the May meeting.  The searching and planning will be ongoing after the May meeting with the STC providing info to all members during the summer via STC e-mails.  Connie Kacer asked if the STC, a nonprofit organization, accept donations.  David Feder answered that if the STC did, it would lose its nonprofit status…only STC Charities may accept donations. Steve

Leane commented that the HOA#1 Long –Range Planning Committee is in financial chaos now and probably would not want to get involved in assisting the STC due to their financial and just completed an assessment to all HOA#1 homeowners.


Nominating Committee Discussion – President Partridge announced those who had volunteered for this committee as Jim Fabio, Cindy McAlbin, Frank Farrell, Sue Bixler, Betty Edwards, John Bartels, Diane Ray and Allan Grodsky. He explained that at the completion of the regular Board Meeting there would be a motion to enter into executive session where the Board would appoint two candidates.  The remaining volunteers would be placed into a lottery along with any floor volunteers at the next General Membership Meeting.  The Nominating Committee Directives were read by President Partridge as: 1.) Though not prohibited, we ask that you make every effort to select nominees from outside the committee membership. 2.) If any committee member has to resign his/her position, please make the Board aware so a replacement can be selected. 3.) Your report is to be submitted at the October 2006 General Membership Meeting.  The idea that this committee be encouraged to seek as many nominees for each office as possible was struck down because our bylaws say that there can be no more than one candidate selected by this committee for the slate.  Other candidates may be nominated from the floor at the October Meeting.  Steve Leane suggested that the Bylaws Committee be reformed due to concerns about its wording and formulation.


TOPS Proposal Vote Discussion – A discussion ensued as to how the vote will be taken for this proposal at the March 8th GM Meeting: by ballot, by hand count, by voice vote or stand up voting.  It was decided that the stand up for voting would be the best method.  Four members at the Meeting will be chosen to count these standing voters.


Club Championships – Singles registrations have been slow but are pick up recently.  The deadline for Singles registration will be extended a few days past March 6th.  Allan Grodsky, committee chairman, will send an e-mail concerning the extension to all members.


Tennis Ball Distribution for Ball Machines – It was stated by Joel Wyner that the HOA#2 Tennis Committee has lost funding for tennis balls from HOA#2.  The Board agreed that the tennis balls from events would be distributed fairly to both the HOA#1 and HOA#2 tennis court ball machines.


Absentee Ballot Discussion – The absentee ballot will not be utilized for voting for the TOPS proposal.  The proposal will be presented as a motion from the TOPS Committee at the March 8th Meeting and then a vote will be taken to approve or reject the proposal.  The Bylaws Committee will check into this issue for future reference.


Other Business – Riley Jackson stated that the STC should establish a policy that the Board first must approve any signs posted at the Tennis Center.  Board approved this motion.  He also suggested that there needs to be more interchange between the Lead Coordinator and the Board.  Possibly Nancy would be required to be present at the beginning of each Board Meeting for interchange of ideas and concerns.


Motion for Executive Session – The Board went into executive session for private discussion of the qualifications of the candidates for the Nominating Committee.  The Board, as according to directive from the Bylaws, was to appoint two candidates. Following discussion, the Board returned to open meeting and named Jim Fabio and Sue Bixler to those two positions, with the remaining volunteers going into the lottery, if they so choose.





Meeting adjourned at 4:25 pm.                                                           Respectfully submitted,  Marje Valenti,  STC Secretary