FEBRUARY 13, 2006



A combined STC Board Meeting with the OPC Committee was called to order by STC Board President, Dick Partridge, at 2:30 pm.  The purpose of this special meeting was for Board, general membership and OPC discussion of the revised TOPS proposal.  President Partridge explained the proposed meeting process as opening with Board members questioning various parts of the proposal and/or asking for clarifications. Following that the floor would be open for general membership input as to opinions, questions and clarifications.


Board members in random order asked questions about various areas of the proposal involving the seven proposed levels, the procedures for moving up or down and the placement of new members.  It was mentioned that there needed to be a development of a structure for monitoring the up and down movement of present members and new members. Various areas were discussed as: the “complaint” procedure, the 50% of games needed in the validation process, the self-rating process for new members, possible utilization of the “dynamic rating” system, the implementation process, equitable treatment of NTRP and non-NTRP players, definition of current NTRP rating, etc.  When Board comments were exhausted, the discussion was open from the floor.


The membership at the meeting asked the TOPS Committee various questions, wanted clarifications on various proposal points and expounded upon their individual opinions

on areas of the proposal.  Major issues centered around the issues of  the “member complaint” process, how often rebalancing of levels would have to occur, continuous monitoring of levels and of the validation procedure, an objective system might be more meaningful, starting up front without exceptions, the USTA definition of competitive play as 40% of games won and not the 50% as proposed by the committee, possible use of a STAMP method for short period of time each year as a means of rebalancing the levels, concern over nonactive USTA members retaining levels, etc.


At the completion of this two-hour meeting, it was decided by Board agreement that the Board would meet to discuss all of the input from the Board, TOPS committee and the membership and vote issue by issue at a Special Board Meeting planned for Wednesday, February 15th.  All outcomes of this meeting, following discussion of all issues and weighing all opinions, will be transmitted to the TOPS committee and the Board will decide what will be presented for a vote by the general membership. A scheduled Special General Membership Meeting for February 27th has been announced at which the revised proposal will be presented for either acceptance or rejection by the membership present.




Meeting Adjourned at 4:30 pm.                           Respectfully submitted.    STC Secretary, Marje Valenti