WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 1, 2006


The Board Meeting was called to order by President, Dick Partridge, at 3 pm and immediately proceeded with the following agenda:


Minutes of the January 4, 2006 Board Meeting – The minutes of this last regularly scheduled Board Meeting had been posted to the STC website and at the Tennis Center without the need for revision.  Minutes stand.


Discuss TOPS Committee Proposal and Initial Meeting – President Partridge quickly mentioned the Special Board Meeting of January 27th and stated that the TOPS Committee has met and will meet again to discuss Board recommendations for minor changes to their Organized Play proposal.  Additional meeting times and dates will be mentioned later in these minutes.


Riley Jackson:  Investment Proposal – STC Treasurer, Riley Jackson decided to tackle an investment possibility.  He stated that instead of allowing our income to sit in a minimum interest account, why not invest $25,000 in a certificate of deposit with better interest that would come due in September 2006 and garnish the interest accrued difference?  Tom Larkin, STC Vice President, suggested an even better interest rate via GE Interest Plus, a checking account with interest.  This is a money market fund, which allows writing of checks, if needed, and the STC would be immediately acceptable without penalty for withdrawal and need for follow up. Riley agreed to look into this possibility.  Motion passed by the Board to invest up to $25,000 in an appropriate fund.


Riley Jackson:  Tennis Center Network Installation Cleanup – Riley initiated discussion on the need for the STC network cleanup at the Tennis Center.  The need for a professional appearance without wires hanging loosely everywhere is messy and a hazard.  Board motion passed to obtain an estimate and spend  a maximum of $100 for the clean up operation.


Connie Kacer:  Lottery Info on Website and in STC Telephone Directory – Connie Kacer, STC Director-at Large suggested that the STC lottery information be added to the STC website and in the 2006 STC Phone Directory.  Board members agreed that the lottery info will be added to the STC website and posted at the Tennis Center but is not needed in the Telephone Directory.


Connie Kacer:  Non STC Member Status – Connie Kacer stated that former members who have not paid dues as of January 15th should not only have their membership rights taken away, but also incur late fees when, and if, they do pay dues. A discussion took place on this matter involving all Board members.  The consensus was that taking away former members rights to court time during Organized Play, not being allowed to participate in any STC events and nonparticipation rights (i.e., commenting or voting) at STC Board meetings, General Membership meetings and involvement in various committees are enough penalties.  Tom Larkin also felt that there should be an administrative change in the Bylaws to reflect that January 1st of each year to be the delinquent date for paid dues. Steve Leane stated that this could be done first, by Board recommendation and then by a vote of the general membership.  It was also emphasized that nonmembers may attend meetings but not be allowed to participate.


2006 Club Championship Fees – 2005 Club Championship Committee had recommended that there is a need for the 2006 Club Championship fee to be raised from $5.00 per individual, per event, to $6.00.  The reason is to make this annual event totally self-supporting as to trophies, balls for each match and consolation matches, printing and possibly treats on the three Saturday finals.  Motion passed.  The dates of the Club Championships have been decided upon:

3/13 – 3/18:  Women’s and Men’s Singles

3/27 – 4/01:  Women’s and Men’s Doubles

4/03 – 4/08:  Mixed Doubles

Information regarding entry forms will be issued shortly. Allan Grodsky, chair of this event, informed us that he has already received a good number of volunteers at this time.


New STC Phone Book Authorization – The 2006 STC Phone Directory has been completed, reflecting all members in good standing as of 01/30/06.  A discussion ensued on the cost to print and the company to use to print the directory.  Board approved a maximum cost of 5 cents per page.  Al Kacer will handle the hunt for the best cost, with 200 copies to begin. The directory will be available on the STC website on 2/2 per Riley. At the present time there are approximately 460 members and the telephone directory will be updated on the STC website on a monthly basis.


Discuss Associate Member Dues Structure – Treasurer, Riley Jackson, stated that he didn’t understand why associate members are charged $30 in dues, even though they may be here for tennis for three weeks or so.  This decision had been made by the 2005 STC Board for several reasons:  to halt month-to-month dues, short term injury dues reimbursement, discourage short-term renter participation in the Club Championships, and for the convenience of the STC Treasurer.  The Board decision was to leave the associate member structure as is.


Scheduling of Future Special Meetings – The following meeting dates were approved by the STC Board:

02/13 – 2:30 – 4:30, MountainView Ballroom…TOPS Committee, STC Board and general membership.  Discussion of revised Organized Play proposal.  Intraclub Tennis has been moved from 2 pm to Noon so that players may attend this meeting.  If the proposal is approved by the Board for presentation to the membership, an informational meeting will be scheduled sometime during the week of February 20th and a Special General Membership Meeting will be held February 27th at 4:30 – 6:30 pm in the SaddleBrooke Clubhouse Coyote Rooms North and South.


02/16 – 4 pm, Tennis Center…STC Board Workshop…Policy and Procedure Discussion.


02/21 – 3 – 4:30 pm, SaddleBrooke Clubhouse, Coyote Room…STC Board and coordinators joint meeting.


Appoint Chair of Charity Committee – Al Majer has been appointed the chair of the 2006 Chair Committee.


Maintenance Discussion – A Board discussion began on the needed process for member concern of maintenance needs.  The decision was for members to bring needs for maintenance work to the attention of the coordinator who would fill out the necessary work order and pass on to Erich Kruck or the HOA#1 maintenance.  Tom Larkin will also check into more stable locks and doors of posting boards on the patio of the Tennis Center.


Preliminary Discussion of Nominating Committee -  President Partridge explained that the Board would appoint two regular members to this committee and then solicits members to volunteer for the three remaining slots on this committee.  An e-mail to this effect will be sent on this matter.


Robson Cup and Any Necessary Action:  Bruce Nissenbaum attended  the preliminary Robson Cup planning meeting.  Bruce explained that this event was to have been only a one-day event, where as in the past, it had been a two-day event.  Thirty-six STC members would be needed.  The date planned by the Oakwood  people was Saturday, April 1st.  The Board decided to deny STC entry into the Robson Cup due to the rushing of this one-day event, its inconvenient event date in the midst of our Club Championships, and the unreasonable and restrictive conditions demonstrated by the Cottonwood committee.


New Business – Riley said he has received a bill from HOA#1 for 709 copies run on their copy machine, supposedly for STC business. No one could account for all of these copies so a new code will be initiated for this machine. 

Tom Larkin stated that we need a new lock for the storage shed at the Tennis Center.

A short discussion began concerning that only members may serve on STC committees.  The only exception would be if certain skilled activities were needed and a STC member was not available.

Allan Grodsky suggested a current level listing is needed for members so as to assist the  Club Championship Committee in their activities.

A suggestion came forward to eliminate non-STC members from receiving STC e-mails.

Riley Jackson said that this would be difficult.  President Partridge said he would have members Don Stull and Ernie Ciarrocchi check into this.


Meeting adjourned at 4:33 pm.                            Respectfully submitted,  Marje Valenti, STC Secretary.