WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 4, 2006


The Board meeting was called to order at 3 pm by President, Dick Partridge, and proceeded with the following agenda:


MINUTES OF THE THE NOVEMBER/DECEMBER BOARD MEETING – The minutes of the November 28, 2005 Transition Board Meeting had been posted to the STC website and at the Tennis Center without need for correction.  Minutes accepted.


Bylaws Committee Report RE: Open Meetings Issue – Steve Leane, By Laws chairman reported that the committee recommended that the STC Board decide this issue.  He stated that since the STC is a non profit organization that it is not required to have open meetings and that the Robert's Rules of Order says that committees may have closed meetings.  Treasurer, Riley Jackson, proposed that the STC have an open meeting policy and closed meetings available at the request of committee chairs.  The discussion was then open to the floor where many pros and cons were expounded.  Al Grodsky said that open meetings are not feasible in many cases due to time constraints and burdensome paper issues.  Bruce Nissenbaum felt that all meetings should be open with exceptions made as in workshops where no agenda or notes need to be taken.  Dick Fleming felt that in open meeting meetings sensitive issues will not be raised and acted upon.  Due to the above discussion, Riley withdrew his motion.


Orientation Committee Update – Linda DePew informed us that the orientation materials will now have two types:  for those who have played club tennis in the past; and for those who are fresh out of Tennis 1-2-3 and never played before.  The committee has prepared a one-page paper for the HOA s to place in their new residents’ packages.  Dick Partridge suggested that this sheet also be offered to all the real estate companies that sell homes in SaddleBrooke so that these folks know about the STC also.  Linda also explained that there would be a Newcomers Tournament on January 11th with 32 people involved.


2005 Club Championship Review – Chair, Al Grodsky, reported on the committees recommendations for the 2006 event with the following suggestions raised:  Continue with entry fee and consider raising fee by $1.00 to cover all costs so that the event could be totally self-supported; continue utilizing the NTRP ratings for entry purposes; that entry be limited to one level due to conflicts and scheduling difficulties; suggestions for play dates between March 13th and April 15th (the Board will confirm the actual play dates via a workshop meeting); maintain the format of each event; continue with the consolation round and that new balls would also be used; importance of entrée to adhere to his commitment, and that request for avoidances shall still be allowed; website postings should still be made each day,  award should be kept within the realm of the budget for the event; continue to use the entry form format; and a recommendation that the Tournament Chair be allowed to reserve 13 courts to insure the event can progress on schedule and that once the draw is made and the court schedule is known, the chair may release courts not needed.


TOPS Committee Update – Bobbi Klapp informed us of the results of the STC Play Survey of the Fall of 2005. (See the completed results as an attachment to these minutes).  We were also told the TOPS committee should have a proposal for the Board by the of January.


Committee Chair Appointments for 2006 – The following committee chairs were approved by the Board:

     Social:                       Claudia Enea

                                      Geri Sandilands

     Capital Expenditures:  Steve Watry

     Publicity:                    Karen Gray

     Tournament:              Allan Grodsky

     Computer:                  Leon McKinzie

     Parliamentarian:         Steve Leane

     Audit:                        Carl Gronau

                                      Jerry Sandvig

Other committee chairs that were already in place are:

     Rules:                        Dick Fleming

     Orientation:                Kathy Ramaker

     Maintenance:              Erich Kruck

Only one chair remains open and that is Charity.  E-mail will be sent out asking for volunteers for this important committee head


Set Dates for Club Championships – E-mail will be sent to all STC members requesting information on any possible conflicts for this event possibly scheduled between March 13 – April 15.  The Board will then decide on the exact dates.


Sunday Court Assignment Discussion – Following much discussion between the Board and the floor and with credible information of problem needs involving court assignments for Sundays during prime time only by Head Coordinator, Nancy Frazer, the Board approved that the lottery  will be in effect during Sunday prime time beginning Sunday, January 15th with signup sheet posted on Saturday, January 7th.  The signup sheet will be posted each Saturday thereafter.


Team Tennis Scheduling – Use of SaddleBrooke courts for Intraclub switched Wednesdays, January 11th and February 8th from 2 pm and now to noon to facilitate members/players attendance at the STC General Membership Meetings at 3 pm on those dates was suggested by league coordinator, Greg Hlushko.  Board agreed.

Also the drop-in groups who had previously played at 2 pm at the SB facility and now have to play at either Dview or Mview due to Intraclub using all eight courts at SB, will now be asked if they prefer to play at noon at SaddleBrooke if courts are available during that prime time on those days.


Catalina Community Services Shoe Collection – The Board approved the CCS request for SB tennis players to donate their used tennis shoes.  A special marked container will be placed next to the ball collection container at the Tennis Center.  The shoes will be picked up weekly and taken to CCS.  A Board E-mail to all members will be sent advising them of this.


Special Event for 2005 Ladies National Championship – President, Dick Partridge, explained that both teams involved are in favor of donating the $100 received from Robson for their accomplishments to further tennis in SWS and the Junior Tennis Program. Board agreed.  Ed Robson will be notified of the productive way in which his funds are being utilized.


Policies & Procedures Update – Rules committee chairman, Dick Fleming, explained that it is time for another general review and update of the P & Ps since a number of significant events have transpired in the past three years.  Board members had already provided the Rules Committee with their areas of concerns and the Rules Committee had also gather some.  The Rules Committee will address these issues in their meeting and notify the General Membership of a workshop meeting where additional issues may be raised.  The Board will also be scheduling a workshop in the near future so that the STC may adhere to the foreword stated in the STC’s P & P manual, “The SaddleBrooke Tennis Club (STC) is charged with administering an effective and equitable court reservation system for the benefit of all SaddleBrooke residents.”




Meeting adjourned at 5:35 pm.


Respectfully submitted.                             Marje Valenti, STC Secretary







                       STC ORGANIZED PLAY SURVEY


                                                   FALL  2005


       A total of 253 members responded to the Organized Play Survey (151 men and 102 women  - 46 from A players, 89 from B’s, 60 from C+’s, 49 from C’s and 9 from D’s).  The results are summarized as follows:


Would you be willing to report scores each time you participated in organized play?


                              Men responding  YES :                  66%

                                     Women responding  YES:              47%

                              Total responding  YES:                 58%



Would you be willing to report scores for a specified period during the year, for example:  three consecutive weeks, twice a year?


                               Men responding  YES:                  77%

                               Women responding  YES:             61 %

                               Total responding  YES:                 71 %



In lieu of scorekeeping, would you be willing to increase dues (for example to $100 per year per member) in order to hire a tennis professional to assist in rating players?


                               Men responding  YES:                  19%

                               Women responding  YES:             23%

                               Total responding  YES:                 20%



Rather than the current two pronged systems of arranging matches (STAMP for competition/Social for organized play) would you prefer that organized play utilize one system for arranging play?


                               Men responding  YES:                  50%

                               Women responding  YES:             49%

                               Total responding  YES:                 50%



Would you recommend additional categories of play be added to the current five?


                               Men responding  YES:                 33%

                               Women responding  YES:            40%

                               Total responding  YES:                36%



Should the players who have USTA ratings use those for Organized Play?


                               Men responding  YES:                 77%

                               Women responding  YES:            58%

                               Total responding  YES:                70%



For those with no USTA rating should self-rating be validated by reporting scores:


                               Men responding  YES:                 77%

                               Women responding  YES:            58%

                               Total responding  YES:                70%



Allan Grodsky and Bobbie Klapp