The meeting was called to order at 4 pm by 2005 STC Board President, Frank Farrell.  Present were Frank Farrell, Dick Partridge, Marje Valenti,Tom Larkin, Riley Jackson, Steve Watry, Nancy Frazer, Bob Rutstein, Wayne Kennedy and Joel Wyner. This meeting was primarily for the orientation and briefing of the new 2006 STC Board and included the following agenda items:


MULTI-COURT SIGNUP POLICY REVIEW – The assembled group was briefed by Nancy Frazer of the problems pertaining to court availability due to recurring groups requesting multiple court use with the major problem being Sunday a.m. The issue needs to be taken under advisory consideration. The consensus of the majority of 2005 and 2006 Board members is to defer to our Supervising Coordinator’s discretion to accommodate these group multi-court assignments for the balance of 2005. A resolution decision will be announced at the January 4, 2006, STC Board Meeting. This decision will be subject to the advice/counsel of the HOA#1 and #2 Tennis Committees.


ORGANIZED PLAY SCHEDULE-SUBSTITUTES/ALTERNATES POSTING – Nancy Frazer also discussed the alternates’ list for organized play.  An e-mail was also sent to all STC members acquainting members of the availability of possible substitutes, if needed, for each organized play date.  This list will offer the option of the member calling a substitute when that member needs to cancel play at the last minute.  The alternate’s name, phone number and rating level will be listed to assist members.


TENNIS SCHEDULE LOTTERY IMPLEMENTATION – UPDATE – Effective January 1st, 2006, all court assignments for prime time courts  outside of organized play will be implemented via a lottery.  Call-ins will be allowed from 15 minutes after the Tennis Center daily closing  and until the opening of the Tennis Center the following morning.  This revision in policy will benefit all STC members and SaddleBrooke residents to have an equal opportunity to obtain court reservations without call-in difficulties or from being on court at the time of opening of signups as was found in the past.


TENNIS BACKBOARD AT THE PRESERVE – Steve Watry explained the Robson Corporation agreement to cover $7,000.00 of the cost of the tennis backboard and its installation at the Preserve middle tennis court.  It will be ordered in January with its probable installation in February of 2006.  There was no recommendation, at this time, by the Board to pay any overage of the amount stated.


HOLIDAY GALA – Frank Farrell informed the Board and those present that the Holiday Gala scheduled for December 1st will be well attended with 180 attendees in place.


ROBSON MAGAZINE ARTICLE – Robson plans to utilize the winning ways of the 2004 3.5 Ladies Super Seniors and the 2005 3.0 Ladies Super Seniors National Champs from the STC in a Robson Magazine article scheduled for January or February of 2006.  A $100 check has already been received by the STC to congratulate the two SaddleBrooke teams.


RULES & POLICIES REVIEW FOR 2006 BOARD – Since not all of the new 2006 STC Board could be present and since there are needed updates to the STC Policies and Procedures,  Dick Fleming will work on needed changes, along with Dick Partridge, and present the updated Policies and Procedure and answer any concerns or questions of the 2006 STC Board at their regular January Board meeting scheduled for January 4th.


COORDINATOR SALARY INCREASES AND CHRISTMAS BONUSES – President Farrell closed the Board meeting to 2005/2006 Board members only so as to discuss these private matters.  Decisions were made to award modest Holiday bonuses.

Also coordinator salary increases were discussed and Board approved with recommendations to the HOA#1 General Manager, John Price, to increase salaries accordingly.


VACANT COMMITTEE CHAIRS – A short discussion of needed committee chairs ensued with Dick Partridge suggesting an e-mail from the STC seeking volunteers for these positions




Meeting adjourned at 5:38 p.m.


Respectfully submitted.           

Marje Valenti, STC Secretary