Wednesday, October 26, 2005


CALL TO ORDER – President, Frank Farrell, called the meeting to order at 3 pm.  The minutes of the last Board meeting were accepted without reading.




MEETING ROOM RESERVATIONS – President Farrell stated that it has come to his attention that some meeting rooms have been reserved in the name of the STC, but without its its knowledge.  All room reservations must be made by members for STC

Sanctioned meetings.


TENNIS CENTER ENTRY RUGS – Bob Rutstein has been looking into the cost of new rugs for the patio.  Its surface has been marred by incorrectly utilized rugs.  He will check further into the costs.  The company who had performed the resurfacing was contacted and informed Bob that the cost of a resurfacing would be $1,200.  The initial resurfacing had cost $2,400.  Bob will check if the “redo” is in the HOA #1 budget.


ELECTION NOV 2ND, ABSENTEE BALLOTS – Absentees ballots for the November 2nd STC Board Election will be available through October 31st.  However, members do need to vote, as well as, attend this important General Membership Meeting.  Important issues will be discussed at the Meeting.  At the Meeting, the ballot box will be closed fifteen minutes after the Call To Order.


BYLAWS REVISIONS PROPOSALS – Steve Leane, Chairman of the Bylaws Committee, related the important issues found in the Bylaws Revisions Proposals that will be read and explained and voted on at the November 2nd Meeting.  A 2/3 acceptance vote of members present is needed for changes.


LADIES SUPER SENIOR 3.0 NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP -  The Ladies 3.0 National Championship banner will be displayed at the Tennis Center, awaiting a work order to install.  Robson had promised a $100 donation to the STC for the 2004 3.5 Ladies National Championship winners.  President Farrell contacted Robson … and the check is in the mail.  Board approved a patio mixer to congratulate both teams with a probable date in November for the two teams and all members.  A Robson magazine article will mention both SaddleBrooke Ladies USTA Championships.


TOPS MEETING – The first TOPS meeting will occur immediately following this Board Meeting with chairman, Allan Grodsky, presiding.




TOPS COMMITTEE APPOINTMENTS – Dick Partridge explained that the TOPS Committee has not been completely formed and the complete list will be presented when available.  Additional organized play proposals were to be presented but none came forward today. Dick read the STC Board directives to the TOPS Committee.  They are as follows:

1.     Determine what does and does not need to be fixed with the current system of play.  Seek input from the various play levels and genders.

2.     Develop a system for movement up and down within social play categories realizing there are those who are not interested in any score keeping system.

3.     Develop a plan for placing new STC members into the play categories.

4.     If a need is determined that requires different proposals for men’s and women’s organized play, don’t feel you are required to submit only one proposal.  However, what is submitted should be proposed by the entire committee.

5.     Submit recommendations on the above by the January 2006 STC Board Meeting at the earliest, but no later, than the February 2006 Board Meeting.

6.     Allow 30 days between presentation to the Board and a membership vote on the proposal during which time informational meetings are to be held to explain the proposal.  The General Membership vote will be no later then the March 2006 General Membership Meeting, and if approved, the committee will help with immediate implementation.

7.     Upon completion of the above, meet to discuss any further issues the committee sees as necessary to improve the Tennis Organized Play System (TOPS).

Betsy Harrigan asked how many proposals have been submitted and how many TOPS meetings will be needed.  Allan Grodsky, chairman, plans once a week meetings and is “cautiously optimistic”.  He said he can accept the Board directives and may be able to defer STAMP or put two programs into one.


ORGANIZED PLAY SIGN UP PROBLEMS – Dick Partridge made us aware of continuing court reservation problems and need a more fair system for everyone to have a chance to obtain open courts.  He mentioned that possibly a lottery with a two hour window for calling in.  Dave Feder commented that then non members should also receive an equal chance for these open courts.  If this lottery comes to fruition then publicity is needed so that all homeowners are aware of the new process that should begin January 1st.  Motion passed.

Riley Jackson inquired about tracking four player names, such as in the present Wednesday lottery.  Frank Farrell mentioned that this hasn’t been a problem in the past.


ANNUAL DUES REVISION – Treasurer, David Feder, wondered if there is a need for dues revision.  He believes that a $10,000 - $20,000 surplus is necessary in the treasury for tennis operational needs and unexpected needs that may arise.  The Board recommends that dues remain @ $60 annually per member.  This recommendation will be presented to the members at the November 2, 2005 General Membership Meeting for their approval.


Employee Christmas Gifts – Last year the STC donated 6 tennis ball cans filled with a $50 donation to the STC employees in a drawing, but his year Dave Feder and Dick Partridge agreed that we should, instead, doanate these cans of $50 to the STC employees as a show of support for what they do for us.  This was tabled until the next Board meeting so as to research the exact number of employees who should be recipients.




INTRACLUB TEAM TENNIS – Greg Hlushko presented his and Jim Fabio’s plan for the STT (SaddleBrooke Tennis Teams).  This is a proposed team league within SaddleBrooke that would allow players at all skill levels to participate.  The format is intended to promote new friendships and interactions.  The Board passed the motion allowing the posting of this new concept.



Motion to adjourn.                    Board  Meeting adjourned at 3:45 pm

Respectfully submitted.             Marje Valenti,  STC Secretary