OP stands for Organized Play.  It has #1 priority for court availability during Prime Time.  Prime Time is three sessions of two hours each—7 a.m. to 1 p.m. in the summer and 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. in the winter.  OP is in effect every day of the week except Wednesday and Sunday.  Wednesday and Sunday are Open Play days.

OP was designed for players to be able to play with players of like ability.  

Any STC member can sign up for OP or POP OP.  You will need a separate login ID for each. The coordinators can help you with this.  Once you have your login ID, go to the website and follow the prompts for “Sign Up for Organized Play”.

OP for women is on Monday and Friday.  OP for men is on Tuesday and Thursday.  OP for mixed is on Saturday.

The OP program selects players of like ratings, in the order of sign-up.  Players are assigned to a court with 3 other players.(OP is designed for Doubles only.)  

Two players can ‘link’ with each other if they want to play together.  If two players link together, the one in the highest position will be dropped to the signup position immediately below the player they linked with.  For example, if #1 links with #12, #1 will be dropped to #13.  Four players cannot link together. If a player decides to unlink, both players will return to their original positions on the sign up list.  You should always confirm with the other player before you link.

The OP program forms foursomes at each rating level.  If there are not enough players at any given rating to form a foursome, the program sets aside the extra players.  So, for example, if there are 11 3.5 players, 2 doubles matches will be created, and 3 players will be set aside.  

The program combines players of equal ratings in order of sign up.  If 4 3.5 players sign up and they are #1, #6, #7, and #25 out of the 25 who sign up, they will all be put together.  Since 25 sign ups is not divisible by 4, someone who signed up before #25, but is a different rating, will not play.

The program combines players in order of sign-up and will break a link if needed.  If players #1 through #5 are the same rating (let’s say 4.0), and they are the only 4.0 players to sign up, and #4 and #5 are linked the program will break the link, create a match with #1 through #4, and set #5 aside.  So be sure to ask before you link with someone.

A player can link with a player of a lower or higher rating.  The program will fill out the court with players of the lower rating. So, again, be sure to ask before you link.

Once all possible foursomes of all ratings have been completed, the program provides the matches and the extra players to the coordinator.  The coordinator can then create matches from the extra players so they too can play.  They may put 2 3.5’s and 2 4.0’s on one court, or 3 3.0’s and 1 3.5, and so forth.  They will try to keep the matches as balanced as possible.  They do not put ratings that are two levels apart together—for example a 2.5 and 3.5’s.  If there are still extra players after the coordinators complete their pairings, these players will be listed as Alternates.

You can sign up for OP up to the “start of business” the day before play.  If you sign up for OP, and then are unable to play, the deadline for withdrawing (scratching) is “start of business” the day before play.  (For Monday OP this would be Saturday—Sunday is not counted.)**   Check the website for office hours, as they change during the year.

If there is a last minute change due to a player issue, the OP matches may have to change AFTER being posted.  The schedule is not final until the morning shift ends – be sure to check so you go to the correct court.  

If you need to cancel after the matches have been posted, you are responsible for finding a sub.  You can start with the  listed Alternates.  If you are unable to find a sub you need to notify the other 3 players in the match.

**Because a player can withdraw from OP the day before play, and OP has priority over everything else for court availability—except the courts STC is required to allot to Resident Non-Members per the HOAs—STC Members can only request a court reservation during Prime Time two days in advance.