Wednesday and Sunday are open play days, which means that any SaddleBrooke resident (not just STC members) can reserve courts during Prime Time. Courts can be requested via the STC website up to 13 days in advance. You can request no more than 4 courts; if there are more requests than courts, requests will be filled using a random lottery. Each court request is a single entry in the lottery, so if you request 3 courts you have 3 entries in the lottery.

To enter a request, go to the STC website HOME page and click on WEDNESDAY LOTTERY or SUNDAY LOTTERY in the main menu. If the screen asks for a password, enter wedsun (NOT your STC password). The page that comes up will tell you what date you are requesting courts for. Enter the requested information and click SAVE. You will be presented with a request ID on a popup; write it down in case you need to modify your request later.

To modify or delete your request, enter the request ID in the Request ID  field and click LOOKUP. The screen will show your request and allow you to change or delete it. If you don’t know your request ID you will have to call the Tennis Center coordinator.

On Tuesday morning the coordinator will run the lottery and assign courts for the following Sunday. At that point the date for which you can request courts will be advanced one week. So, for instance, if today is Tuesday the 1st, the coordinator will run the lottery for Sunday the 6th, and the signup screen will show Sunday the 13th. On Tuesday the 8th the coordinator will run the lottery for Sunday the 13th and the signup screen will show Sunday the 20th. This same process will take place on Thursdays for Wednesday Open Play.