– This is a modified version of the March 2012 STC Rules, created by the HOA1 Rules Committee in April 2013.The changes were minor and involved mostly nomenclature for HOA1 (SaddleBrooke One). This version in its entirety, along with some explanatory verbiage, is included in the official HOA1 (SaddleBrooke One) Rules and Regulations document, published in April 2013 and available on the HOA1 website These rules are also referenced in the official HOA2 Rules and Regulations available on the HOA2 website These rules are not complete unless taken in context with the official HOA1 and HOA2 Rules and Regulations.


Provisional Oversight Committee (POC)

The POC committee will help administer the Provisional Process by aiding the player using the process to move to a higher level or a new member’s process of determining their STC level. The POC Committee will assist the coordinators in the match pairing process to ensure that provisional players are matched with players at the mid-range of the next higher rank. The committee will aid the coordinators in keeping track of each player’s progress.  All information is confidential.

The committee shall consist of three men and three women and ideally will include three different levels of 3.0, 3.5, and 4.0.  Staggered term limits of members will be one year with an optional second year on the POC. No POC member is eligible for using the Provisional Process during their term in office.

STC Board of Directors,  April, 2018