June 11, 2022
Ball Machine procedure
Instructions for the monthly replacement of balls by the assigned person
1. Ball machines hold approx. 300 balls
2. Ball machine in HOA 1
a. Replace balls at the end of the month.
b. Check ball machine again mid month and remove any visually worn balls.
3. Ball machine in HOA 2
a. Replace balls mid month.
b. Check ball machine again at the beginning of the month and remove any visually worn balls.
4. If there is a problem with the ball machine or ball mower or issues with equipment or tools for the courts call or text Bob Stocks at 520-850-8661.
5. Replacement balls for the ball machine are collected from the “recycle boxes” between courts 1 and 2, 3 and 4, 5 and 6, 7 and 8.
6. The “Ball Person” for HOA 1 is assigned to empty the “Recycle Containers” on HOA 1 courts at the end of each month.
7. All balls from the court “Recycle Containers” and the Tennis building veranda “Recycle Container are placed in the “Holding Container” in the HOA 1 Shed near Court 1.
8. When it’s time to replace the balls in the ball machines, use the balls from the “Holding Container”. Please test the balls by squeezing them to make sure you minimize the number of dead balls that are being used in the ball machine, place the bad balls in the Green recycle box. When the “Recycle box is full close and seal it by closing the lid. Someone will bring it to the HOA 1 Admin building for UPS pick-up.
9. If the balls are acceptable place the balls in the laundry bag with the inner mesh removable bag. When you have enough good balls, use the mesh bag to carry them to the ball machine.
 Return the mesh bag to the shed.
If balls are disappearing from the ball machines please let me know. Ron Bouchard 503-949-4955
If you are leaving on vacation during the time that balls are to be replaced please let the office know so a sub can be assigned.

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