STC has 20 tennis courts at 4 different locations.  The main Tennis Center is in HOA1 at the end of Saddlebrooke Blvd. Courts 1-8 are located there.The address is 64335 SaddleBrooke Blvd.

The Mountain View courts are on Mountain View Blvd in HOA2.  Courts 9-13 are there. The address is 38759 Mountain View Blvd.

The Desert View courts are on Clubhouse Drive in HOA2.  Courts 14-17 are there.  The address is 39900 S. Clubhouse Dr. Note that courts 18 and 19 do not exist.

The Preserve courts are next to the Preserve Clubhouse on Catalina Hills Drive.  Courts 20-22 are there. The address is 66567 E Catalina Hills Dr.