If you want to reserve a court during Prime Time (8 a.m. to 2 p.m. in the winter, 7 a.m. to 1 p.m. in the summer), and you are an STC member:

Send an e-mail to the coordinators at TennisClub@saddlebrooke.org.  It must be sent after close of business.  The hours the Tennis Center is open are posted on the website and included in the STC telephone directory.   These hours change seasonally.  If your e-mail is time stamped earlier than close of business, your request will go to the bottom of the list.  DO NOT CALL.  Your request must include the names of all players on each court requested.

Reservations are for 2 hours.  You cannot make back to back reservations. (i.e. 4 hrs).

Include your name, phone #, and the day and time you are requesting.

State if you are requesting Tennis or POP, and the number of courts you want.  REMEMBER: include the names of all players for each court.  All players must be STC members.

Preference is given to women on Monday and Friday, men on Tuesday and Thursday, and Mixed on Saturday.

If you want a court on Monday.  E-mail on Friday.

If you want a court on Tuesday.  E-mail on Saturday.

If you want a court on Wednesday.  Read the  section on Wednesday & Sunday reservations.

If you want a court on Thursday.  E-mail on Tuesday. 

If you want a court on Friday.  E-mail on Wednesday.

If you want a court on Saturday.  E-mail on Thursday.

If you want a court on Sunday.  Read the section on Wednesday & Sunday reservations.


Wednesday and Sunday Reservations

Wednesday and Sunday are “open play” days.  This means any Saddlebrooke resident, not just STC members, can make reservations during ‘Prime Time’. Courts can be requested up to 13 days in advance.  Up to 4 courts can be requested.  If there are more requests than courts, requests will be filled by lottery.  Each individual court requested is one entry in the lottery.  (So if you request 3 courts you have 3 entries.)

To place a request, go to the STC website Home page.  Click on Wednesday Lottery or Sunday Lottery, depending on which day you want a court.   When the screen asks for a password, enter wedsun.  (The program holds this password for a period of time, so you may not need to input it every time.)  The page for entering your request will come up.  Be sure and check that the date (at the top) is the date you want courts for.  Enter all the requested information and press “save”.

A pop-up will give you a Request ID.  Save this in case you wish to modify your request later.  You have now completed your court request and can exit.

If you do want to modify your request, go back to the request page, enter the Request ID in the Request ID box and click on “lookup”.  Your original request will be displayed with the option to “delete” or “exit”.

If you decide your request does not require any changes, just click on “exit”.   If you do wish to change your request, click on “delete”.  Your original request will be completely deleted, and you can then enter your new request. This new request will create a new Request ID.

On the Tuesday prior to the Sunday of your court request (or the Thursday prior to the Wednesday), the coordinator will run the lottery program and assign courts.  Court assignments will be posted on the website (click on “View Court Assignments”).  If there are more requests than courts available, you may not get all the courts you requested at the time you requested.  You can then call the coordinator on duty (520-825-0255) and ask for another time when courts are available.

If you forget to make a request 13 days in advance via the lottery, and the lottery has already run, you can go to the website and see if any courts are still available.  If there are, you can send an e-mail request.

Non-Prime Time Reservations

If you are an STC Member and want to reserve a court in non-Prime Time, you can call the Tennis Center for a reservation up to 7 days in advance.

Non-member Reservations

If you are a resident of Saddlebrooke, per HOA1 and HOA2 requirements, but not a member of STC, you can call the Tennis Center up to 7 days in advance for a Prime Time or a non-Prime Time reservation.  

Resident non-members are allotted 3 courts per Prime Time session per day.  Members are NOT permitted to play on a court reserved by a non-member during Prime Time.  Call, do not send an e-mail, so the coordinator can tell you if any courts for non-members are still available.  The coordinator will need the names of all the non-member players on the court you are requesting.