Court reservations are made  according to the following order:
1)  Organized Play (OP).   During Prime Time (8 a.m. – 2 p.m. in the winter, 7 a.m. -1 p.m. in the summer) on Monday (Women)
      Tuesday (Men), Thursday (Men), Friday (women), and Saturday (mixed).
2)  Non-Member Saddlebrooke residents.   Non-member residents can reserve a maximum of 3 courts in each Prime Time session per day (for a total of 9
     courts per day).   They can request a court 7 days in advance.
3)  Individual Member requests.  Requests are made by e-mail and must include all players’ names, day, time and whether a Tennis or POP court.
3)  League play.  League play includes USTA and Interclub.  Reservation requests are made for the entire season at the beginning of the season.
     Team rosters must be provided when reservations are requested.  All team members must be current STC members.
4)  STC Events.  
This order does not apply to Wednesday or Sunday.  These are Open Play days and reservations are made by Lottery.  Sign-up is on the website.
This order only applies to Prime Time hours.  If open courts are available during Prime Time, priority is given to women on Monday & Friday, Men on Tuesday
& Thursday, and to mixed doubles on Saturday.
When this order does not apply, no individual entity has priority.