Ball Machine Info

Reminders For Reserving and Using Ball Machines

There is a ball machine at the SB Tennis Center and one at the MV courts.The Tennis Center machine may be used on court 4 or court 5, and the MV machine may be used on court 13 only.
Call the Tennis Center (825-0255) to reserve either machine. If the Center is closed, check Court Reservations to see if any one of the three courts is available.

Ball Machines may not be used on Court #4 or #5 during Prime Time, Organized Play, League Matches, or Club Events.

Ball Machine Codes

These Codes May Change During The Year – Check before you go.

Month MV TC
Jan 2475 4799
Feb 4816 4799
Mar 1802 4799
Apr 3212 4799
May 1595 4799
Jun 1802 4799
Jul 2910 4799
Aug 4509 4799
Sept 6302 4799
Oct 2101 4799
Nov 1881 4799
Dec 9912 4799

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